4.1.B.0.587 firmware rolling out on Xperia arc, ray and Live with Walkman

by XB on 16th August 2012

in Firmware, Xperia arc, Xperia ray

The new Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware (version number 4.1.B.0.587) that is planned for the 2011 Xperia line has started to roll out on select handsets. We’ve noticed that it appears to be available for the Sony Xperia arc, Xperia arc S, Xperia ray and Live with Walkman.

Changes include better performance with the dialler/video recording and the notification LED now seems to work for missed calls (although it is still not working for SMS). There is also a new ’77’ baseband. Hopefully, the update for other 2011 Xperia handsets will start rolling out shortly.

New firmware

New firmware

Thanks jlmcr87!

  • Very bad sony! Same kernel 2.36, Led notification still don?t work with whatsapp, the same keyboard, same old gallery……..the same old and bad music player,no way root without unlock bootloader for remove piles of crab, etc.
    No way purchase your production dead SE


    I know man, it sucks ass tbh, they could at least of thrown in the widgets and apps from the likes of the Xperia S and GX as both work fine on the Ray … What’s pissed me off more than anythig is that the LED notification still doesn’t work for messages. FFS Sony, something so simple yet you can’t even fix it, did you even test it before you pushed out a non update because that’s what it is. There isn’t one thing to warrant updating as you have provided nothing from the .431 firmware !!!

  • Raman

    Hope this should not let the phone work slow, which we r currently facing after upgradation of ICS.

  • SXperia

    Thank you SONY for the great follow up on ICS. Unlike the samsung sux to hell. It hang and hang even their old model can’t even taste ICS damn shameless. There pro and con on XPERIA 2011 upgrade to ICS. But we are delighted as we own an ICS unlike SAMMY GALAXY Ace W or so can’t even taste what is ICS.

  • Ambroos

    I’m sorry, but compare the ICS update for the Xperia’s to how your phone was when you purchased it? You received an IMMENSE amount of new features, update software and even a new theme. There is no single other phone manufacturer who has ever provided so much added functionality to a device AFTER it’s release.

    Take a look at Samsung for example. ICS on the Galaxy S2 is hardly worth updating to since everything is still just exactly the same. The only difference is the settings menu. No single updated application. Do you really want Sony to do that?

  • Justice

    Neo V Where

  • grzelny

    This update go for Live with Walkman (WT19i) too!


    What are you talking about, the ICS update is rubbish. It has a different theme and different settings and pretty much nothing else, not to mention the fact it brought a host of bugs to devices that weren’t present in Gingerbread.

    You talk about Sony being so good by updating devices when they don’t have to … Yes, this is true but the fact is that i’d have rather had no ICS for my Ray than be fobbed off with a watered down version that’s got more bugs than benefits and has even more shitty bloatware added !!!

    You clearly are impressed by it, fair enough but i’m not and i’m not alone.

  • right now not available for neo v

  • Dan

    Now when will AT&T release the much awaited Ion update? :(

  • Ambroos

    Well you can always flash Gingerbread again. Sony has made it very clear that the update is completely optional.

  • Xlash Andraid

    Your phone will still be slow thanks to UI layers and SONY bloatware embbeded in ICS. My advice? if you have enough time for reading and learning, and if you’re enough brave to experiment with your phone, try to switch to AOSP. I’m running AOSP ICS in my Xperia Ray and my phone goes pretty fast, everything is working at 100%, just a couple of little bugs that doesn’t bother me, but compared to bugs like led issue in official SONY updates, AOSP worth it.

  • Guest

    I’ll need to try that out. The original ICS release had some network issues for me.

  • Adrian

    Great. Have upgraded my Arc S now. Why doesnt Sony add new versions of the Launcher when they have newer and better versions (The GX version)?

  • rafi

    Buy youself 2012 line up.. problem solve… lol

  • M Usman

    what do these xperia blog posts have anything to do with samsung. comments such as yours are starting to get very annoying. if you have a problem with any other manufacturer, go complain on their forums or send them an email. frankly, no one gives a crap over here

  • Samuel Serafim

    Please where is ICS for Xperia U? Ty,

  • Xlash Andraid

    OK, would you give me like $650 US dollars to buy Xperia SL ? lol

  • if you know that ics for 2011 xperia have a lot of bugs ..
    then, why you update it ?
    think wisely man ..

  • blurb8

    Wtf? Sms bug still there?!

  • Jerry Berglund

    Ok, just have to ask. What bloatware? I have no bloatware in mine Xperia S. And when it comes to UI layers I really have to disagree. Sony is developing one of the better interfaces out there. And by the way, the launchers aint the problem. If you dont want SONY UI buy something els. Really.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Actually the ICS for 2011 phones is even more stable than for Xperia S that still havent gotten any bugfixes. BT-troubles when listening to music and even laggier than 2011 phones. And still SONY warned you about updating the phones, and said It could be worse. actually I think the majority think it actually got better. So yes, you might not be alone, but you aren’t a majority on this.


    That didn’t even make sense but i’ll be sure to take onboard your advice, you being so wise and all !!


    I know it’s optional but you are missing the point, the issues Sony talked about were performance related issues and tbh I don’t care about that, the performance of my device is fine thanks to rooting and deleting about 70 bits of shit Sony saw fit to bog their firmwares down with, the point is that issues like the notification should NOT be evident in this version, things like that are unacceptable as they knew about it ages ago but you seem to think it’s all good because Sony said some things might not work … You keep believing that if that suits you but the fact is that bugs like this should not be there and have not been fixed, nor do they have anything to do with performance or whether i’m rocking a Ray or a GX.

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Obviously yes. I can’t understand why they release an update with known bugs instead of fixing the other bugs as well and wait a little longer? So odd…

  • naathaanS

    Why would they put widgets from Xperia S and GX? If they’d done that, then whats the point of buying the 2012 line at all? The LED not working I’m fine with it now, and if you think it’s so simple, why don’t you fix it yourself?

  • M Usman

    agreed. arc runs slow and lags as hell. very bad

  • Xlash Andraid

    Easy there, tiger. I’m a SONY fan because their beautiful physical phone designs, phones from other companies are not match for SONY in this point (Samsung is an Apple wannabe, HTC phones are cool but built with cheapy stuff, Motorola makes the ugliest phones ever, etc). People should start to see the good and the bad sides of things. If you know what root is, root your device and install Titanium Backup. Then go to the “backup/restore” section and tell me how much software dependences you see by the name “SEMC”, “Sony” or “Sony Ericsson”. You’ll be surprised of what you’ll see. Remember that all that stuff consumes resources. YOU DON’T FIND ALL THAT STUFF IN PURE ICS. Lets give a quick example: Timescape is a big piece of… bloatware.
    Sure, your Xperia S goes fast, but with AOSP it would fly, figuratively. I just image what I could do with that powerful phone with pure Android.
    Yeah, I don’t want SONY UI, but I want a SONY phone, that’s why I switched to AOSP and I don’t think about going back to official SONY software.

  • cachanilla86

    I’m making the .ftf for flashtool (MK16a)

  • ohredhk

    I am still waiting for the new firmware for Xperia Pro………(sigh)

  • lastguru

    Well, because it is better to release firmware to fix some bugs first, then wait for everything to get fixed while all bugs are still pissing off your customers? It is a good firmware, fixing performace issues, so THANK YOU, SONY!

  • lastguru

    Finally, the performance issues went away at least a bit… Putting back stock dialer (was using exDialer for a while). THANK YOU, SONY!

  • Just updated last night as well! Will observe over the next few days for any significant changes. Right off the bat, it screwed up the thumbnails on my Gallery app (not the Xperia Gallery) so I had to delete the cache again.

  • Ibeng

    My mini pro has updated but why the 5 mp camera goes bad ?? help me please

  • sg

    i cant f**** believe that they are announcing ICS for the 2011 lin up but not for the Xperia ion! this is ridiculous

  • daniel

    what wrong with you dude.. just because most reader dislike your comment , now you acting like a spoil brats. that person just simply making comparesion between sony and samsung over ics update only. no one gives a crap? you replying his post right?if you are human… i quess.. lol

  • rafi

    why asking for sl when gx already arrive.. lol…

  • rafi

    what do you expect ics for 2011 xperia lineup will be? as good as other with better power house device? easy for you to mention not as easy it will be done. not only sony facing same ics issue for their old device. other manufacture appear to be in the same boat.

  • well u can flash lt28h rom that has ics but untick baseband!

  • Guest

    It avaliable in Norway!

  • Its avaliable in Norway!

  • pentium1061

    thats rite..the best ui is sony’s

  • Tohar Lalua

    Birather’s and sister’s of those Birather’s…let’s move on with 2011 Xperia handset and fathom the new Xperia SL…make love with the new handset <3 :D

  • JP Prasad

    I just downloaded new upgrade,, i think sony has culture to make new software more buggy n sluggish then previous one.

  • RamyRamzzz

    Thank you so freaking much Sony. The update has made my phone so smooth, infact I think it’s smoother than Gingerbread. They also fixed the Calendar widget and the Phone app is better than ever

  • RamyRamzzz

    Sony already released Xperia Ion with ICS all over the world BEFORE even releasing it on AT&T. The one responsible for this delay is the American Carrier, not Sony.

  • no updates yet for SI: 1246-9197. not even the first one. X-Arc

  • RamyRamzzz

    Connect to PC and open up Sony Companion

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Did they fix the GPS issue? I mean, I won’t update my phone every six weeks…

  • Angry Xperia Ray User :)

    Notification LED was ok for missed calls in 431. But for SMS, still not working in 587. So sad.
    Give us JB, with working LED please.

  • Ray user

    Notification LED for SMS still don’t work. Fix it please. And lags please.

  • Nexus

    @LUFC_MOT:disqus , throw away your shitty Ray, get a real android phone and STFU from complaining like a b*tch.

  • Konstantin

    Wow, Actually i haven’t noticed notification led bug on my arc.That’s just because i dont care about it=)

  • just updated my Xperia Pro minutes ago(surprised the update was already available, was actually looking for steps to root) interface does seem faster & smoother so far.. the address book & dailer still have delays when launching for the first time or after not using it for quite some time.. but doesn’t seem as bad as the first ICS update of needing about 5-6 seconds to load the addressbook and dailer+call log.. i’ve enabled some old built in apps again, most of the FBiX stuff, looks ok so far with almost all my 5 homescreens filled with widgets & icons

  • when will my live with walkman get jelly bean?

  • Carlos Manoel

    Yet in Canada, Rogers and Sony Canada won’t release the damn ICS for the Xperia S…

  • Agostino Sturaro

    What about wi-fi? Does it work fine on encrypted networks?

  • It works…. Maybe your phone is busted.. Have you wondered that????

  • Amen to that, brother!!! +++

  • M Usman

    this has nothing to do with likes or dislikes. i don’t care who likes or dislikes my comment. not like i’ll get an award for the most likes. btw i have 291 likes if it bothers you that much :P. this post was about a further ics upgrade for the xperia 2011 line. not a post to go around hating on other companies. you see this kind of bashing in every post posted by the Xperia Blog over the past couple of months. These kind of comments have nothing to do with the post at hand and it becomes very tiring reading the same thing over and over again. if SXperia had to make a point, he could have just left it at thanks for the great follow up on ICS. not go ahead involve stuff that doesn’t matter or has nothing to do with this post. it makes most of us have to filter through most of these comments to get to the useful ones and I believe Xperia Blog should do something about this.

  • pmafan

    Notification LED is still busted for SMS, Wifi has become partly broken again (not smash-my-phone-in-frustration bad but a slight annoyance bad) ,and rebooting causes Network mode to select GSM/WCDMA instead of just GSM

  • i do this every day. and it says your phone is up-to date.

  • Jasmeet Singh

    with new firmware on xperia arcs some bugs are resolved like contacts and dialer is loading pretty smoothly withing 1-2 sec.

  • Did i need to ‘lock’ or ‘re-lock’ bootloader after i unlocked it before perform the upgrading?
    Will this new “version number 4.1.B.0.587” have effected on my LWW since i already rooted it?

  • My english is bad, sorry. ^^

  • pegel

    I was Flashing my Ray use 4.1.B.0.587 firmware 1 hours ago, :D , and nice,,, more smooth than before,, lag at camera recorder gone away, but sms notification led is still there,, but solved using smsAwake :D and overall
    4.1.B.0.587 firmware is good :) good job SONY,,,

  • I already sold my Xray :(

  • 4.1.B.0.587

    More ideas that we won’t get Jelly Bean….
    At this time, SONY should roll out/give info about Jelly Bean already, but it seems that they’re keeping suspense.
    Man, I hate suspense, Its killing me

  • j3world

    I’m still using 2.3.4 on my xperia arc.
    One question to all xperia arc users.
    Is this ICS version is much better than 2.3.4?
    (please tell about video camera performence)

  • Pulkit

    Anyone having a Xperia arc who has updated to new firmware?
    Did it solve the problems or just another waste of time?

  • live wid walkman

    my name is getting displayed everytime wid red background in the centre of the screen!!!!
    plss help anyone

  • daniel

    Lol.. good job for 291likes.. I dont know how on earth you reading people opinion or you never learn to respect and you asking somebody to do it.? As you can see the statement are fact. Galaxy w dont get ics update and its 2011 line up. So entirely the statement are not making up to showed samsung week point, its a fact. When you talking about comparesion its will always involve 2 diff product or names to clearify points. And by the way this is open discussion.. so u need to open up ur mind to accept it either you like it or not.

  • PickaName

    My LED notification thingy works. Never had a problem with it ever. I wonder what’s wrong with the other people’s handsets…

  • I upgraded since 16th august; I watched closely the behavior of my arc, but I can`t see any improvement. The same old bugs… Google / Android ICS sucks big time ! Shame, Sony Xperias are wonderful, don`t blame them, the software it`s a crap !

  • Aperio

    Hi! How about your LED notif. is it also working? I am also using Xperia Pro

  • azman

    thanks guys,after months update to ICS i just realize that my arc also has the LED bug..thanks to those comment.. lol

  • alvin

    a slight improvement performance n led notification both worked for miss call or sms, I think that never been issue from last firmware in my xperia arc so I’m happy now waiting update for my xperia s :-D

  • jaggerkieth

    I updated mine yesterday, but I noticed two problems/bugs, still there’s
    no LED notification for sms. And the one that really irritates me is
    that when I set my Network Mode to GSM only (conserve battery, stable
    signal) when I turn my off my phone it’ll automatically go back to the
    default which is WCDMA (preferred)/GSM. I tried reinstalling the
    software, repair the phone, factory data reset but still it the bug is
    there. I tried updating two Xperia Pro with this update but the 3 Xperia
    pro has the same bugs/problem. Anyone with the same problem?

  • yike



  • AlanH

    have the same problem mate, i set network mode to WCDMA but it will always go back to WCDMA(preferred)/GSM. For Facebook, I dont get notification.

  • AlanH

    have the same problem mate, i set network mode to WCDMA but it will always go back to WCDMA(preferred)/GSM. For Facebook, I dont get notification.

  • AlanH

    when phone is in sleep mode then you recceive sms or email, the LED will not blink. That’s the but with .431 and now still exist with .587

  • lt18a

    PC companion still doesn’t detect an update for me

  • Xperia ray 4p

    please help
    pc companion software find new firmware for my xperia but when i want to update my xperia ray the software say that “sony update engine could not be installed”.
    i install it manually but the same problem appear.
    help me guys

  • are there any bugs in lww and does lww lags after updating to .587 ??
    plz give a review…

  • grzelny

    Now is less lags. Dialer is working much better. No problem now with HD recording (with stabilizer). In 431 I’ve got a problem with touchscreen in some games, now touchscreen working perfectly in every app and game. LwW now have new baseband 77 (in 431 was 72). And overall better performance (still lags in better 3D Ganges

  • Nenad

    Is the camera (720p) recording mono or stereo with new firmware?

  • Sadeq

    and finally on the xperia ray the exchange server is workin fine :)

  • Someone

    I still have WiFi problems, that is, my WiFi connection drops all the time, even if I have no password in my router. I had no problems with Android 2.3.4. The problem appeared after I updated my Xperia Arc S directly to Android 4.0.4. (Build numer 4.1.B.0.587). Sony Ericsson, please make a bug fix regarding wireless dropping!

  • ramy mhmood

    yas good sony xperia

  • aravinth

    my phone’s (arc s) performance was not good,particularly the battery performance…..wanna know how to improve it…..and am not getting the 4.0.4 update….right now am using 4.0.3 version…..can anyone give me suggestions to improve my phone’s performance??????

  • Olivander

    how to rooted xperia arc ics 4.0.4 ( 4.1.B.0.587 ) can any one help me plz.

  • will jelly bean be around us ?

  • Pete

    Great, Id like to see some e-mail client and vpn update cause its still worst than in GB.

  • jack

    I was just noticed to update my neo v and 360 camera isn’t work properly when open the app. I tried to reinstall the app but it still does not. Please figure it out!

  • philip gabunilas

    so u mean allot of us that still experiencing the led notification bug after this upgrade has a busted phone?? i think you are not thinking

  • SK

    can any one help me with a simple process of upgrading from 2.3.2 to latest available software for xperia arc… without loosing any data… i mean about sms, contacts, call logs, applications installed, various other settings, etc. etc…. Sony somehow has removed the feature of backup and restore… which is idiotic…

  • arya

    is it already solved about wcdma setting always back to wcdma/gprs? thanks.

  • satish

    I am using xperia ray,
    please give a update to 4.1 jelly bean

  • secret

    Please upgrade xperia ray to jelly bean :(

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