Sony Xperia P wins EISA’s European Green Smart Phone 2012-2013

by XB on 16th August 2012

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Sony Mobile has a history of winning European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) awards. Back in 2010-2011 the Xperia X10 mini was named the European Mobile Phone of the year. Last year, Sony won a couple of EISA awards for the Xperia arc (European Camera Phone) and Xperia mini (European Green Smart Phone). One year on, Sony Mobile has another award to celebrate.

The Sony Xperia P has picked up the European Green Smart Phone 2012-2013 award. EISA said that the phone outperformed the competition in terms of energy performance (thanks to the WhiteMagic display) as well as picking up points for the materials used, such as a low copper content. See the EISA justifying its decision below.

  • Brapicoco

    Sad though that the xperia P is an “Underpowered Monster” good specs but suffers from low battery life..
    imagine if a 1500 or1750 mah battery will run w/ a White Magic Panel..  

  • The battery will last for as long as most other phones on the market. Havn’t had it die on me a single time in 10 weeks now. Sure, a larger battery would be welcomed, but I’d rather have it charge in the half-hour.

  • Jan

    W995 also won EISA award

  • Chiecheung25

    My favorite phone

  • Chiecheung25

    was the w995. Too bad it cannot use viber. Now i got my ray.

  • Mark dizz

    I’d rather it charge in 2 hours if it lasted 2 days like my HOX

  • jumpered

    i loved xperia neo infront of arc and arc s, at the nxt series i love xperia P infront of Xperia s, by some strange things, why are sony making the middle phone in the family a better type?
    xperia neo got front camera arc didn’t, xperia p got metal body and white magic xperia s don’t ( i know white magic cant be use on screens 4+ inch kinda why?)

  • Brapicoco

    what do you mean charge it in the half hour? you mean you charge your phone for a half hour so it lasts for a day? then if so it really has a poor backup, barely lasts for a day

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