Xperia S to get direct AOSP support from Google

by XB on 18th August 2012

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In a fascinating bit of news today it seems that Google has picked the Sony Xperia S to receive support via the Android Open Source Project.  What this means in practice is that the handset would receive vanilla Android updates much like the Nexus devices.

This is what Google’s Jean-Baptiste Queru had to say about why they picked the Xperia S in this unique experiment: “It’s a powerful current GSM device, with an unlockable bootloader, from a manufacturer that has always been very friendly to AOSP.” Makes you feel proud to be a Sony Xperia fan. Maybe there’s more to this behind the scenes though. Could a Sony Xperia Nexus device be on the horizon?

Many thanks to all that sent this in!

  • kotleta

    nexus from SONY.. I can only dream :)

  • Best news in weeks!

  • huntedsoul

    oh wow!! This is just amazing :) I’m blown away…
    Congz Sony and Xperians and Kudos to GOOGLE.

  • truthhurts

    WoW WoW WoW, thankx Google for choosing XpS :)

  • Rob Caldecott

    The rumour is there will be 5 Nexus devices this year to mark 5 years of Android. If one of these is a Sony then it’s my next phone. And imagine if there are 5 devices from 5 different manufacturers! All running stock Android and getting updates direct from Google! It could be a game-changer for the platform. Roll on November!

  • malih

    If this news is ever realized, then I take back every bad thing I ever said about Xperia S, and buy one.

  • Alex Ferdean

    I’m sorry, I don’t really understand. I own an Xperia S, should I expect Jelly Bean sooner?

  • So nice to hear Sony Xperia Nexus. I just want to be the first one to buy that phone if it will come.

  • An Xperia Nexus? Sounds too good to be true. I think Google is testing the possibility of turning “all” Android devices into Nexus devices. Maybe in the near future all Android devices will be able to run an official Vanilla ROM and due to this will have unlockable bootloaders. At the end the user is free to choose between OEM customized Android UIs like Sense, TouchWiz…or running stock Android by flashing an official vanilla ROM, which won’t void the warranty of the device.

  • rafi

    Sony makes and we believe and now its happen… the most outdated devices that troll kept saying now will shut their mouth for good…google already mention why they selected xperia s for upcoming vanilla os.

  • dude


  • AsadMulla

    That puts a smile on my face.
    Eid Mubarak

  • lovebmw

    Good job Sony, there is a reason they picked this phone.

  • M Usman

    yup the best news i’ve heard since my final iftar! Eid Mubarak to you too!

  • AKhan

    Eid Mubarak three!

  • Xlash Andraid

    SONY Xperia Nexus sounds A LOT better than Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

  • Xlash Andraid

    Indeed, as I understand it, you can expect Jelly Bean sooner, but this is the best part: NO heavy UI. Vanilla Android = Pure Android, no heavy interfaces on it (such Timescape, Sense, Touchwiz, etc.)

  • what about the acro S ?

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Achievement unlocked! : get credit from Xperia Blog. :D

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Eid mubarak. 4!

  • Dipish

    That would be one of the best news 2012!

  • weintor

    I want to know that too!!! I hope the same on acro S

  • The Sony Xperia UI is called UXP NXT, not Timescape, btw.

  • Mohammad Qawasmeh

    Wow , thanks SONY for this great device

  • M Usman

    LOL totally going off topic here but who cares ;) have a fantastic day fellow Xperians!

  • Xlash Andraid

    Ups, my bad, you’re right.

  • Good news, but when we should expect this update

  • I am the one who sent this in :)))

  • ??

    But, would it still be affected by the carrier? As currently I’m still stuck with gingerbread thanks to shitty vodafone australia :(

  • malih

    Eid Mubarak

  • Jiakushi

    Love this plan :D Good job Sony!!!
    Happy Eid Mubarak all, May Allah Bless our Muslim Brother & Sister!!!!

  • ohredhk

    Actually makes me want to get a Xperia S. Never like the Galaxy Nexus.

  • DragonClaw

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
    Asus Nexus 7
    Nexus Q
    Sony Xperia Nexus

  • Julio Spinoza

    you can debrand your phone and use the ICS firmware, there are a lots of post related, also, you can searh here, in Xperiablog how to debrand and install it, good luck!

  • RamyRamzzz

    Eid Mubarak to you too brother :)

  • Joses Lemmuela

    So… Sony Xperia Nexus S? Damn, I should’ve picked S instead of P A.A

  • Mark phillips

    probably a MOTO! as google purchased it

  • sony will work to port it i think

  • heartiest eid mubarak to all

  • bustedemotions96

    So will this make other Xperia devices updates faster?

  • Jazon

    dreams can come true:D

  • Alex Ferdean

    Thank you!

  • Great news! Sonymobile is on the right way – late, but this could be the best news for SonyMobile customers for feature!

  • Msk

    ??? ???? ??? ?????? ??? ????? ???? ???

  • ??

    I’d rather be patient and not voiding my warranty though…

  • Keon Fraites

    Great news I really like this now makes me proud to stick with Sony and be an Xperia S owner :D

  • mike


  • TjaldidTjaldid

    1. Nexus 7″ mini tablet
    2. Nexus Q Tv
    3. Phone
    4. 10″ Tablet
    5. and 1 more a Note?

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    Xloud, Walkman

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    Timescape is a widget and the Xperia X10 interface was called “Rachel”

  • i hate muslim

    fuck you man,

  • DragonClaw

    Sony’s ROM is based on AOSP. All ROMs are. Why should they port it again? Xloud, Walkman, 3D Sweep Panorama are already ported to AOSP and CM ROMs

  • DragonClaw

    Why hate Muslim? You must not. We all are humans. And we are thus, all the same. :)

  • Mohit A Human Being

    Best News On Great Festival :-)
    Eid-Ul-Fitar Mubarak To All :-)

  • Z

    What that’s mean?

  • Fraulein

    No. Rachael was the code name for X10.

  • Fraulein

    No. Timescape was a built in function, not the whole interface.

  • i agree and i live in lebanon among muslims, but is it really necessary to bring your religion to this thread that isn’t related in any way to islam?

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    no it was the code name for the ui

  • tuple

    exactly! I respect every religion but why the fuk “Eid mubarak” here ?

  • DragonClaw

    Do not people wish Merry Christmas and New Year in Xperia Blog and allover the internet?

  • chris

    Really glad I switched to x s from the g s now, what a phone the xperia s is, and this just proves I picked the wright phone

  • somethingsoniq

    Dreams come true,
    Sony makes beautiful phones with great hardware,
    only problem was slow updates, now they will fix that!
    so happy to own an xperia s :)

  • Jan

    i was born in christian family. i dont like any religion that is worldwide. i dont believe in god, any. i believe in people good wishing. im not catholic or whatever, i dont go to church, i dont pray.

    why all people cant be like this? you see that religion can be nice and helpful, but above this all, for those who believes-too-hard, try to note that multiple religions are to split people, more than they want to get us closer to each other.

    be free people, not prisoners/slaves…

    best wishes for happy xperia owners (isnt this sounds more familiar than “eid mubarak”?)(i thought that eid mubarak is man, but then i googled it)

    PS i like rasta and im going to have dreads.

  • Julio Spinoza

    Your warranty will not void, before proccess make a backup of the original firmware, use flashtool to put the new ORIGINAL ICS, and should be no problem because its original Sony firmware. If you have to send your phone to warranty, for any case, just flash again the firmware who came with your phone. This is perfectly normal, because you dont mess with the system, kernel, or root, using an original sony firmware

  • Fraulein

    I searched for it and saw that a couple of websites actually reported this incorrectly, calling the UI “rachel”. But Rachael is the code name for the phone, I can bet you my house. Sony Ericssons android version for X10 was called eSheep, the predecessor to the current eDream.

  • Tom

    Lol, phone nerds

  • Eid Mubarak dicky shit

    Get the fuck out of our houses and homes with brining your shit where it is unnecessary. You do start that shit, don’t even try to blame me

  • Eid Mubarak

    Eid Mubarak :) :) :)

  • i’ve a feeling that u are the one who is disliking all our comments…

  • The BRAVIA Engine is the thing I love the most!
    I can’t let it go…!!

  • Apple pie

    hi jan,
    can you believe that some pieces of junk had suddenly rearranged them self and built my front door,without even touching them ?……

    If you don’t then how do you believe that the whole universe with it’s wide space and ground created suddenly ……
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    Just look deeply around your self ,no matter if you was muslim or christian,your soul needs religion cause it’s basically a life strategy.
    Unfortunately religion is nowadays abused by evey kind of people who have there own wrong thoughts .
    Please don’t think that those great humans don’t have a greater god!

    With my full respect……..jan!

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  • Matt Kibble

    Good news all round! Now it’s up to the network operators alone to ruin it…

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  • jdclegendre

    guys whats vanilla update?

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