How many apps are on your Xperia smartphone?

by XB on 20th August 2012

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Over the next week, updates on Xperia Blog will be minimal due to the summer holidays. We’ll try and keep you posted on the most important developments, but they may not be as timely as you’ve come to expect. Full service will resume on 27 August.

Anyway as part of the process of going away, one of the team is taking an Xperia PLAY loaded full of apps and games and an extra capacity (3600mAh) Mugen Power battery to keep him gaming for hours. He has 87 apps/games installed and says it’s the most he’s ever had, he’s one of the minimalist types and only likes to have the most important apps installed. However, we know some people who have close to 200 installed! It got us thinking, how many apps/games on average do people have installed. Let us know your number in the comments below.

  • 77

  • wedjat

    installed by myself 7 and all together 25

  • bpresles

    I have 260 apps installed on my Xperia S.

  • klay

    63 apps.

  • jmx2012

    32 apps. didn’t count the preinstalled apps.

  • about 100

  • Lotus

    74 on Xperia arc S

  • Mohamed Gamal

    46 app. :)

  • ThilinaC


  • 106 all together on my Xperia Ray, if I want any more I have to delete others!

  • about 60

  • 180, 47 user apps (counted by TiBu).
    Xperia neo on latest stock ICS

  • Please, name 20 at least. From ARC S user to another!!

  • 48 downloaded apps, Xperia arc, latest ICS… Have a nice holiday, XperiaBlog ! :)

  • For me, I have 51 apps/games

  • AsadMulla

    about 75

  • 96 user apps 241 apps in total

  • Niklaus

    I have 71. :)

  • i have 53 apps installed on my Xperia P

  • RamyRamzzz

    37 on my Xperia Arc

  • I have 138 apps installed on my Xperia S, including the preinstalled ones.

  • JenH


  • Aokde Gharra

    I have about 42 downloaded on my lovely Arc

  • qbzee007

    I stopped counting after 100 and that was in May, four days after i got my Xperia S!

  • I have 96 apps on my XS :D

  • Cristovão Oliveira

    75 apps on xperia U

  • Evert

    I’ve got 180 apps on my Xperia Arc. I use link2SD, very handy app!

  • Frank

    81 in total and 28 user installed, how to get rid of factory installed crap? The sony update doesnt work even anymore

  • Zeke

    XPERIA X10i with 56 Play Store Applications installed.
    RAM: 384MB (119MB free)
    ROM: 396MB (199MB free)
    Internal: 487MB (222MB free)
    SD Card: 32GB (5.2GB free)
    CPU: 128MHz/1152MHz
    Battery: 1800mAh Mugen Power (1½ days battery life)

    Never stop whisking….

  • Mohammad Javad – Iran

    About 70 on Live With Walkman

  • jack

    1345 On Xperia X10 mini

  • jooli

    about 1870 on Xperia x 8

  • pedar

    about 5 on xperia acro s

  • umm?!!!!!!!!!

  • 128: 70 system apps and 58 user apps

  • donny

    84 on my arc

  • melvin

    i have only :( 24 on my arc s

  • Samuel Serafim

    146 on my shiny and new Xperia U

  • CK

    27 on Xperia P

  • owl

    <30. despite being in the know how and even capable of writing android apps, i'm a surprisingly light mobile phone user.

    oh well. hope you enjoy your summer break! hope i survive the week without updates from you.

  • wasabi

    50 apps

  • Hardened

    Maybe a different variation of this question should be asked.
    “Of all the apps you have downloaded/installed on your Xperia, how many do you use; and name them?”

    ^ many ppl install apps, try them, and forget to remove them.

  • Anthony Mullen

    414 using links2sd and a 1gb partition

  • cesar

    24 apps on my mlive with walkman :)

  • I have 83 on my Xperia Ion :)

  • pegel

    Only 48 on my Ray,, that’s was because I had upgrading my Ray to new ICS firmware :P, and I’m not have time yet to install many app, just keep the important app to use :D

  • Ant..

    I have 80 on my Xperia Neo V! I’m using link2sd on top of CM10!

  • Adam Drissi-Smaili

    377. most of them are actually almost all HD games lol. so far man my phone does not lag at all. the only slow moments are when rebooting (takes a while to load up stuff and shut them down)

  • Dan

    looks like about 147 on my Ion

  • Exodite

    Excluding Google services and other built-in applications… 5.

  • Jordan White

    When I open my app management it force closes.

  • bustedemotions96


  • Jamic

    Too many on my Xplay

    And people say that onboard memory isnt enough… What do you even do with 200 apps ?

  • only downloaded about 10~20 apps… important apps + 1 game to keep me from getting bored.

  • Arcieeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I have atleast 380 apps on my arc s runnig ICS .587 firmware, half of them are games, and the rest are google currents and some media apps :)

  • Prim`s

    about 150 apps, 30+ games, many utilities and 7 launcher
    my mini pro is new so I still searching for the best app to keep :D

  • Italo Amorim

    220 apps – LT26i

  • Dipta

    I have 34 apps installed including games.

  • gexx

    46 apps installed. many of them i use very rarely

  • Samyak

    System Installed – 20 (Approx)
    User Installed – 47

    67 Apps
    I only keep those which I use daily :)

  • Pashya

    limited by internal storage to 300mb in my xperia ray.

    Not able to install many application which require internal storage


  • Guest

    I’ve got 164 on my Xperia U :P

  • 164 on my Xperia U :P

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