Sony’s budget Android foray set to continue into 2013

by XB on 24th August 2012

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The sheer number of Android Xperia handsets already announced in 2012 has been a surprise to us, with even more expected to be announced next week at IFA 2012. Around half of these are low-end models targeted to emerging markets. There is no doubt that there is a lot of demand for cheap smartphones to replace the feature phones out there. If it has the Sony brand name on it then even better.

It’s a bit too early to tell how successful this strategy will be, but Sony Mobile is placing some big bets on it into next year. Digitimes is reporting that Sony Mobile will launch several sub $200 Xperia models (think Xperia tipo) in the first half of 2013.

Whilst Sony Mobile used ODM Foxconn to manufacture the Xperia tipo according to the report, it will use Compal and Arima to produce next year’s entry level models. However, the Taiwanese ODM’s are concerned over Sony’s aggressive shipment projections in this segment due to an overlapping product portfolio and confusing marketing efforts given the wide variety of handsets on offer.

  • tru

    What is
    ODM Foxconn and
    Compal and Arima ?

  • good luck Sony Mobile. but i hope their is less than $200 in 2013. Tipo is nice but for me it lacks some best features.

  • Sony gives premium goods at unmatchable rates. I just got my Xperia U for less then 250$, and its awesome, what else can one ask for in such a price?

  • manufactures, ODM means that the devices are made in other factories than son’ys itself, for example Apple iPhones and iPads are made at ODM Foxconn, and the macbook are made in (don’t remember but it’s a factory from Asus)

  • Quanta AFAIK.

  • boosook

    You are right: Sony must be VERY careful. It’s ok if they release many entry-level and mid-range phones, providing that they maintain a minimum level in quality (some entry level HTC are terrible phones with terrible screens and slow operation, and Sony must not do the same to keep the prices low), but they should have just ONE flagship, and this flagship must be so good that there’s no need to upgrade it for one year. Instead, they launched the xperia S which has already been superseded by the SL, and with S, Ion, GX, SX… you don’t understand which is the flagship. People want “the best phone”, that’s how Samsung could match Apple’s sales: by providing something that could be perceived as “the best (Samsung) phone”. So Sony should learn from HTC before it’s too late: only one powerful flagship, and be careful not to lower the quality too much in entry level phones (and the Tipo is probably already on the borderline between a Sony and a chinese low end phone).

  • Joaquin Padilla Rivero

    You mean that HTC which has released this year crappos like the Desire C?

  • Jan

    Sony should make best smartphones, not necessarily cheap(b)est.

  • Xperia Fan

    yup ~
    Actually for those who only mind the spec of Phone
    One V will also be a crap to them ~

  • Khiem Diep

    Only problem I find with so many devices is the support. I mean come on, a lot of these devices don’t have ICS yet. I rather have a few focused and supported phones than a bunch of phones that gets extremely slow support. Even flagship models lags big time.

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    Nowadays ‘Sony’ is synonymous to ‘confusing’, and ‘Android’ is synonymous to ‘budget’. Soon both will combine completely, finalizing the devaluation of the Sony’s brand. Good job, good job at digging your own grave, Sony.

  • Joaquin Padilla Rivero

    I don’t have a problem with companies releasing phones for all market segments. The problem comes when they are not true to their word: if you say you’re going to go for “select” devices, then by all means don’t release stuff like the Desire C, or gimp the One S.

  • Avery Navas

    Didn’t Sony get the memo from HTC… I don’t eve know wich is Sony’s flagship right now.. they should be announcing Jelly Bean Updates not lots of new devices running Gingerbread! I starting to hate it…

  • Lunkz

    You’re right, Sony needs one or two Flagship, not five of these, they need to much time to release the phone to the Market. In this time the hardware goes old.
    And there is no need for 10 mid-range and 10 low-range. max. 2 or 3 no more. Or the fall on their fuc*ing face.

  • christo

    Old ODM sonyericsson

    Arima Communications










    -Foxconn Electronics Inc.










  • Arc

    An Xperia J class phone with dual core and at least 768MB ram for under $180, that would be sweet

  • Digitimes, no thanks

  • APai

    xperia sola is available on ebay at around $240 in india, and nothing else comes close to it at that price range. xperia go/ U are all hovering around that range. sony needs to have a healthy market share and then dominate

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