Sony Mobile part of In-Location Alliance to develop indoor positioning

by XB on 26th August 2012

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Sony Mobile recently announced that it, along with 21 other global technology companies, has formed an alliance called ‘In-Location’ to further develop and promote the deployment of indoor location positioning. This is something that Google has already started working on, but the In-Location Alliance is a separate collaboration. It is formed by a wide variety of companies including chipset vendors, mobile operators, system integrators, handset manufacturers, application developers, solution vendors, and technology vendors.

The main objective of this alliance is to work towards the adoption of indoor positioning solutions and technologies through open interfaces and standards. The system will primarily be based on enhanced Bluetooth low-energy and Wi-Fi standards. For the average consumer, the concept means that you could get directions to personalised product promotions in store or real-time navigation in a public place. It seems a natural extension to the external mapping services already widely available.

  • Keon Fraites

    Seems as though Sony has jumped on the Google supportive bandwagon nice great to see this happening :D

  • Xajel

    Very nice, I just hope this will make Sony accelerate the adoption of BT4.0 +LE as they don’t have any smartphone with such feature even thought other vendors started this months ago… + Snapdragon S4 adds support for BT4.0 but it just need another small chip ( the radio part) but still Sony’s S4 based devices ( such as Xperia GX ) still only support BT3.1…

  • lovebmw


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