Sony’s media applications detailed on video

by XB on 30th August 2012

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Sony Mobile has shared a couple of videos that show off its media applications (Walkman, Album and Movies). It emphasises playing, recommending, sharing and discovering media through its apps. Most of the functionality in the video already exists in the latest incarnations of these apps.

Sony also shows off its one-touch functionality where, for example, you can share photos by touching two Xperia handsets together. Or you could one-touch the phone with the Wireless speaker SRS-BTV5 or Wireless speaker SRS-BTM8 to start playing your favourite tracks. These speakers also allow you to share a call with others in the room.

Another feature shown off in the videos is the ability to ‘throw’ photos and video to a big screen TV. This ‘Throw’ feature is in the new UI for these apps as we couldn’t find it in the current versions. We imagine that you will be able to do this via Screen Mirroring which we touched on earlier.

  • DeepUnknown

    is it only for the newly released phones, or for all xperia (2011/2012) devices?!

  • don’t know, maybe they’ll have the update, maybe not

  • ThilinaC

    bah who cares everything in the videos can be ported to 2012/2011 series
    waiting for a leak of new walkman app ;)

  • Fraulein

    Great answer!

  • Ambroos

    The NFC Bluetooth pairing works with current phones too. I’ve been walking around the floor pairing my Xperia S with one single NFC tap, it’s really nice and easy!

  • AlexBurnout

    Sony is showing its fans some love!

  • Cool vids. Others should learn how

  • I throw movies to my Sony TV and no sound. I spoke with Sony and they said I need to have speakers that are connected to my network. Sucks

  • I just tried again and switched to every sound source I have and still nothing. It also does not throw as fast as the videos illustrate

  • I just tried again and switched to every sound source I have and still nothing. It also does not throw as fast as the videos illustrate

  • Can you guys (Xperiablog) find out how to throw content. Video Format, Sound Format, Can you throw from Video Unlimited, Can you throw from movies purchased or rented from VU, Amazon, Google etc… I have not seen anything on throwing a far as detailed instructions from Sony

  • What’s the model of your TV? I can play movies on my SONY Bravia


  • Anyone else hear sims 2 music :P ?

  • Username

    Anyone else notice how Sony’s been putting out some.. “normal”, understandable and helpful trailers lately? :p

  • Niruj

    Dont you think the apps are too smooth and fast in the video? but in real life it would never be like that??

  • paul4id

    No, hate the Americanisation of their recent videos zzzz, cringe. They need to bring back the camp Swedish guy with techno music in the background – much more entertaining!!!

  • what is SONY SELECT service xperia blog ? its seen in xperia v pics from ifa ?

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  • Fadi Obaya


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