Xperia T and Xperia V benchmarks better the Galaxy S III

by XB on 30th August 2012

in Xperia T, Xperia V

Have a gander at the smartphone benchmarks below for the newly released Sony Xperia T, Xperia TX and Xperia V. Across each of the three benchmarks, the new Sony Xperia smartphones better the Samsung Galaxy S III with its Exynos 4 Quad (1.4GHz quad-core) chipset. Who says four cores are better than two?

Jesting aside, it’s worth noting that some of the benchmarks may not make full use of multi-core architectures. But there’s no denying that Qualcomm’s new Krait design in the MSM8260A chipset (1.5GHz dual-core processor and Adreno 225 GPU) is nothing to stiff at.

Xperia T Benchmarks

Xperia T Benchmarks

Xperia T Benchmarks

Via GSM Arena.

  • DragonClaw

    That’s should make those Sammy Fannys shut up for some time…
    Xperia T will give battery and performance…
    And you know the SIII lags when it heats up over a certain temperature. The display sucks on that phone.
    Now, I remember Xperia Blog asking readers if they regret buying the Xperia S after the SIII was released. Had someone then said that Sony sucks?

  • meld

    No wonder

  • Amit. R.

    Xperiablog, you forgot to Thank Me ;) .. Just Kidding!!

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Hell yeah!

  • Jho is coming to conquer!

  • shaddam

    So 4 cores are always better…Muhahaha

  • One S had almost the same results having the same MSM8260A of Xperia T’s. Proves that the S4 Pro is the best SoC currently running on smartphones. Only when Prime gets out would a quad-core be on top.

  • Samsung use Dual Core : Like A S**t
    Sony Use Dual Core : Super Powerful Device

    #True fact

  • Rochana

    I thinks Samsung used FAKE china Quad Core :P

  • ThilinaC

    well I was thinking about buying Xperia S next month,but after seeing all these new models and hopefully a xperia nexus me gonna wait with neo v :D

  • JM Penas

    People said the new Sony lineup was pretty much underpowered….well think again :)

  • DragonClaw

    One S runs a lower resolution, it’s expected that One S does well. However, these phones are HD, and still perform too good. Shows that it’s Sony that juiced the two cores too well

  • aj

    everything is made in China mate and its quality stuff…..dont get brain washed by the media about china products

  • borloC

    Yeah just seen a jon4lakers video the description says the device feels underpowered… hypocrits

  • lol

  • lovebmw

    finally sony beats something

  • nice to see you here ThilinaC :D

  • jxPerience

    i just bought xperia acro s last week im happy with my current mobile my next target is xperia V that will be my phone for dec-mar period haha (sony mobile makes me change my phone every after 3 months) :)

  • So this means the Xperia TX is also running S4 Krait… whitepaper says TX runs MSM8260 S3… O_O

  • ThilinaC


  • nfs2010

    Awesome! Hey XB, can you please run few more benchmarks like linpack, browsermark on these Xperias when you get a chance? It’ll also be great to see how the displays compare to SLCD2 on HOX. Sony is one of the suppliers of those SLCD2. I hope they’ll use something better on their own phones.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    uuggghhhh… still hard to get a perfect Xperia phone so I had never upgraded from my x8 at the beginning of the year it was because Xperia P had WhiteMagic (so I can read on the phone outside) and not the S and none of the NXT series had a removable battery I want my phone to last, then this ARC 2.0 series came out and the V is the only one who has Bravia Engine 2, HDR video (I think?) and Clearaudio+ but no camera button and it has a more powerful processor using the same battery as the Xperia S, I just can’t settle on a smartphone

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    which reminds me didn’t one of the leaked smartphones have the WhiteMagic technology?

  • nfs2010

    I wish Sony could release these phones 2/3 months earlier. These would have sold better than GS3.

  • You why I don’t bother wif all this dual core quad core stuff……its still 1gig of ram trust me it will lag wen u install apps… my xperia s my memory is 200kb left :-) some see freezing

  • why I don’t bother wif all this dual core quad core stuff……its still 1gig of ram trust me it will lag wen u install apps… my xperia s my memory is 200kb left :-) come see freezing

  • But not everything maded there is good, on the contrary, most of china maded stuff is crap..

  • Loya

    How many elecronic gadgets do you have that is not China made?

  • Vast majority of electronic gadgets are made in China, because its cheaper for companys to make them there..they are not made in China by Chinese companys..What i am trying to say is, there are some gadgets that originate from China, by cheap companys, like most of the dual-sim phones that cary a brand many people have not heard before..But many companys that are not chinese, including Sony, make gadgets there only to take advantage of things like cheap labour..They are not designed in china but made in china, i believe there is a difference, and that was what Rochana was trying to say..I am not saying Chinese companies are cheap, but most of the electronic gadgets that are designed/originated in China tend to be of inferior quality, at least the ones i know..

  • I just wish they kept the NXT design on at least one of the phones..They are still sexy and Xperia T looks very sexy, and expensive also, but i might still prefer my Xperia S’s design..only if they introduced Xperia SL with Xperia T specs..

  • AlexBurnout

    Take THAT, Samsung.

  • i.have.a.point.there…

    Finally? The arc beats everything in terms of design.

  • SaintAry

    doesnt it prove that xperia v is the real sony’s flagship?

  • rency0722

    Xperia V also beats the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, with a Quadrant score of 6000+, whereas Note II scores only 5916 only. BOOOOM!

  • They did keep nxt design on xperia j :P

  • Inuds

    Your bench sucks and you are idiots, you didn’t use latest firmware thats boosts One X perfs by 25%.

  • DragonClaw

    All XDA people with Sony Mobiles are found here… :D

  • aeV

    We’ll see

  • arco

    Xperia T and V use same QC platform: QC 8960. I dont know where the wrong information comes from. The difference is that V has an LTE modem

  • To be honest I was disappointed and also thought they were underpowered at first but now Sony proved me wrong….

  • The LTE version of Xperia T uses 8960, but the V and the T (3G) uses 8260-A, as stated in the whitepapers

  • DragonClaw

    I bet that the latest Software was optimized for the specific benchmarks that showed a 25% boost. LOL

  • arco

    Lol.. White paper is wrong.. Xperia T is in fact 8960 based what ever white paper says

  • wow, you know better than sony!

  • arco

    Let’s settle on that I know better than the white paper. I dont want to tell why. The white paper is wrong

  • Steve

    the question is: these Sony will exit in late 2013, S3 was out from may…it’s normal that Sony goes better (dual o quad core, no matter)

  • Steve

    So these Xperia will be better than Xperia S..what a notice! It’s normal that these xperia will be faster than a S3: Samsung was out from may, sony will exit in late 2012. Is the progress, baby.

  • True, i have a HTC one X and its benchmarks have improved after the latest update. However comparing the new numbers of HOX with the new phone shows that it is in par , that too given that it is just a dual core!

  • jz

    xperia rox…good bye samsung

  • APai

    Xperia T looks like a swell device. now , the bummer is no gorilla glass. aside from that – T looks solid!

  • this proves MULTI-CORE processing is not the only way to boost cpu or even the whole system performance

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