Xperia T sample pictures

by XB on 30th August 2012

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We have already seen sample images from the Sony Xperia T in its prototype form, but if you’ve been wondering if the quality has improved then check out the sample pics below from GSMArena.

They are all taken on the IFA 2012 show floor so they are all in low light but they will give you an indication on performance. You can click to enlarge each picture, which have been taken at 13MP resolution.

Xperia T Sample Pictures

[Click to enlarge]

Via GSM Arena.

  • callumshell1

    Still has that horrible compression I see. 13MP are useless with this amount of compression.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    I’m interested in the headset i saw in the T promo vid. That is wireless and uses ( if im correct ) NFC. It look Bad-Ass!

  • It’s a phone not a camera.

  • luckystar

    Is tis exmor rs? No right?

  • callumshell1

    oh really I hadn’t noticed.

    Your point is invalid when 8MP cameras on phones produce far superior pictures to this.

  • AlexBurnout

    S III is crappy crap compared to this fella, just sayin’.

  • It’s official ! James Bond will be using the new Xperia T from Sony in SKYFALL, hitting theatres this autumn. The Bond Phone is a stylish gadget keeping 007 wired to Q on his next mission.

  • AndFTW

    Sony’s sensors = Best
    Sony’s Camera processing software = Bullcrap which loves compressing

    It’s really sad the iPhone’s 8MP camera (which is also made by Sony) or any other recent smartphone with a 8MP sensor(HTC One X, Galaxy S3) can take far better pictures than this 13MP camera..

  • surethom

    All this its is a phone not a camera are irelevent, the iphone uses a Sony sensor & produces a superior picture, so please Sony, Sort It Out.

  • gilleshackwell

    I want jelly bean on my xperia s than the 12 mega pixel camera. After all I just need the 2 mp to upload photos on facebook.

  • Its not Irrelevant. It is a sony Sensor but smaller in size. The sensors used even in the *most compact camera* are bigger than the one used in the cellphone cameras so they dont capture all that detail and light. And that makes all the difference..

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