2013 Sony Xperia prototypes uncovered [Update]

by XB on 31st August 2012

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Some leaked images of upcoming Sony Xperia handsets have appeared from IFA 2012. We do not believe these are working handsets, but they are probably dummy models shown to Sony Mobile’s partners about what to expect in 2013. The designs do not look radically different to the latest Xperia smartphones announced, although one of these models is believed to use aluminium. Ceramic could also be used, but we may be missing something in the translation.

There’s a chance these prototypes never make the light of day, however what they do show is the current design philosophy will carry on into next year if these photos are anything to go by.

Update: We have been informed that these are not any upcoming models. They are simply design concepts for the current line of Xperia handsets. [Thanks @AmbroosV!]

2013 Sony Xperia prototypes uncovered

2013 Sony Xperia prototypes uncovered

2013 Sony Xperia prototypes uncovered

Via @playd [Via mobiltelefon.ru]

Thanks @Alexander14934!

  • Jerry Berglund

    I am getting a lil confused. How many phones have Sony Ericsson developed really? This one seems still to be able to get this liquid-logo. I really wish Sony would keep the logo. Its more classy. maybe they could change colour or something to blue or something. And make it more flat than a bulb it is now. :-)

  • ProWeirdo

    Dude, they are making projects for 2 years forward, projects only.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Hmm…. ok. was just thinking anyway. :-)

  • fRzzy

    why sony ericsson again? Does anyone know how many concepts from SE haven’t released yet???

  • sidneylopsides

    I believe that thee are actually design prototypes of the current arc design phones, not something for the future. Just showing the design process.

  • Xperia Family 2013 : Quad Core

  • good

  • Ethan

    now thats what I call xperia duo

  • Xperia Nexus anyone?? if yes, this will put the other android phones to SHAME.. i mean Look at that curve!! it is elegant as HELL!! OMFG, Sony really knows how to design a phone!

  • thorsten

    You can also see it in this design video

    at 0.11

  • make this the galaxy nexus, with vanilla android and latest updates and u can have my money now!!

  • this is….. XPERIAAAA!!!

  • this is…….. XPERIAAAA!!!

  • Galaxy nexus, are you f***king kidding me ?

  • ahomad hosin

    the last picture shows strangely good looking phone, really nice

  • This is…… XPERIAAAAA!!!

  • I Think It’s iPhone Clone Please Prove Me Wrong :(

  • ?????? ?? ?????

    ?? ??? ? ????? ???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ???

  • angry xperia user

    sony can’t stop.. they want to release a new phone every week -.- instead of concentrating on a few phones that people already bought!!

  • S4 pro!! :)

  • k

    awsomenessssssssssss over load :) SOny for Life :-*

  • nine

    its XPERIA!!!!!!!!

  • sorrry XPERIA NEXUS!!

  • DragonClaw

    iPhone clone?

  • kurt hinds

    That 2 tone xperia is a sexy device. This could definitely be an xperia nexus :-)

  • That looks gorgeous! I hope they do release an upgrade for the Xperia ray or Xperia P…

  • surethom

    I am hopping for one phone & nothing Else, but Will it ever be produced.

    An Android phone with Xenon flash & large image sensor Like what Nokia is about to release on Windows phone with pureview (not the 41 megapixel one) & a with a battery larger than 3000 mAH

  • DragonClaw

    Not until you have the next version of Android. Android still can not use the power of a quad core effectively. Jellybean was expected to change that, but it did not.
    And the Cortex A15 dual cores will surely be a huge step ahead when it comes to performance. So perhaps, quad cores from Sony have still got a long time to see the light.

  • Loz

    The last one is beautiful, might mod my S3 for that design!! beautiful!!

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    well it takes more or less a year to create a smartphone

  • Please, Sony come back with the design of Xperia series NXT.

    Xperia S, Xperia P and Xperia U are so cool!!

  • ThilinaC

    3rd one is damn sexy,how come these are not made and only concepts? o.O
    if Xperia Nexus is gonna look like that 3rd one damn I am gonna buy that no matter what,shut up and take my money xD

  • Are you crazy ??

  • Nabil

    The rear (and only the rear) looks like the one of the iPhone five, indead. But they still have the Sony ERICSSON logo on it, so that’s pretty old, no way they took that from Apple. I’d say it’s rather the opposite :)

  • Xlash Andraid

    I got my hands busy watchin’ this and a Scarlett Johansson pic at the same time (if you know what I mean)

  • qhyqhy
  • Keon Fraites

    Nope and if it did apple.stole.that design from.Sony originally

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  • i’m GAMER

    where is our xperia play 2 ???????????/

  • rickiking

    Gorgeous! Can I pre-book now?

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  • spatch

    Definitely a possibility we’ll be seeing an Xperia Nexus some time soon. I think I will now stay away from the Xperia T or V, and wait to see what Sony reveals at CES & MWC 2013. In the meantime, I continue to love my Xperia S, and most if not all of the Xperia T functionality will be available for the Xperia S & in-built NFC soon.

  • Danny

    the picture is only showing the “prototype” design of the Xperia T.

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  • Sander Puus

    first pic is extremely strong overtake of the desing of latest iDevice

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