First video recording samples from the Xperia T, Xperia V and Xperia J

by XB on 31st August 2012

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One user at IFA 2012 managed to quickly capture some video recording samples from the new Sony Xperia handsets – the Xperia T, Xperia TX, Xperia V and Xperia J. It’s safe to say that the shooting conditions aren’t great given the low-light, but even then the samples are a bit underwhelming, especially for the Xperia V. The handsets on display are unlikely to be the finished article and running on pre-release hardware/software, so we hope that there are some improvements by the time they ship.

Via rbmen.

Thanks @musumappa!

  • Raiden

    First !

  • who care if u 1st idiot

  • all looks clear

  • GuestAU

    this person’s hand is shaking like hell… too excited?


    The Xperia T is skipping frames badly. If Sony has not optimised their software this late in the development cycle, then the phone will be released as is. It may be sorted out after it is released via a software update but I am not falling into that trap again. Probably has audio/video sync issues as well.
    Been waiting to upgrade my phone to another Sony flagship since February 2012. I love the design of the Sony T, TX and V but this is another reason I have to purchase the tried and tested SGS3. Really sad as SGS3 looks cheap but delivers!

  • Aj

    I think u already have a samsung GS3 n now with better phones coming out u r finding a reason to be satisfied with ur purchase…..the benchmarks have shown that all 3 sony devices have blown away gs3 in all aspects….power,efficiency,camera,design and they will sweep the market :)


    I am still using my X10. The T may be best in benchmarks but the video recording still skips frames. I am just commenting on the facts presented.

  • hmmm

    You think you can see any lost framedrops on those shaky videos without
    any steady motion? Also uploaded and re-encoded on youtube? Original
    recordings, I bet are ~20Mbps, but youtube upload changes to 5,6Mbps.

    Framerate according
    to youtube clip is healthy 30fps. I would wait until I can see the real
    videos or better try recording my own…

    I do not have any framedrops or a/v sync issue on my Xperia S. I do not understand you expect there to be any on Sony new phones?

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