Here’s the HDR icon on the Xperia V

by XB on 3rd September 2012

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The new Sony Xperia V one-ups the Xperia T/TX by offering HDR functionality in its camera. It looks like this feature was already baked into the models present at IFA 2012. The picture below shows the HDR icon in the camera UI of the Xperia V. Once you click the HDR icon you get the option to turn HDR on/off. See the video below to see it in action.

Via Rbmen.

  • XperiaJunkie85

    Will the Xperia T not have this function will be a bit disappointed if that is the case

  • M Usman

    Sony need to stop distinguishing their Xperia Models by only putting certain features in certain phones. I thought hardware made all the difference. Why is Sony taking a software approach to separate one phone from another?

  • I agree with you there, also I wonder if the xperia S isn’t capable of HDR also.

  • I’m sure once this new line of phones is released, all the device-specific software will be ripped and ported to work on other devices, thus rendering the exclusivity of these features redundant.

  • AsadMulla

    I want this phone but it not gonna be available in UK. :-(

  • How is Quick Launch (the one in the center) going to work on Xperia V? It hasn’t got a Camera physical button/shutter.

  • Adrian

    Sure. But most people wil not be able to use that. I guess the bosses at Sony still think they can do like they did with featurephones..

  • goldenblls

    Why is this not in the UK? Ridiculous!

  • 4G LTE.

  • True, good point. Perhaps via the lock screen camera slider.

  • Sony needs one Flagship w/all features and continually build on that flagship

  • That would be ideal. Unfortunately, profits are not made that way, especially with the rapid ever-improving smartphone hardware.

  • Xlash Andraid

    Because it’s called “marketing strategy”. It’s like when you go to buy ice cream, and you have different flavors like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, either you choose one of them or you pay more for a special ice cream with all those flavors included.
    Yes, I pointed in the past that the release of a lot of phones is confusing and unnecessary, in fact I still think SONY released to many phones in this year and personally, I’m not a big fan of the NXT series, but Arc series are fuckeen great. It’s just that not all of us are photographers (or wannabes…), or heavy music listeners, or social media adicts, etc. but we may have a little bit of each thing. We want a smartphone that does everything, I know that, but we just can’t have an unique phone that does everything perfectly with all possible features included, not without paying a high price for it. (and no, iPhone is not that phone and it will never be). That’s why SONY’s strategy is delivering different phones for different tastes and of course, different wallets. Only the time and financial reports at the end of this year will say if this move works or not.

  • M Usman

    Well the Xperia S is their true flagship and is capable of whatever software they’ve given exclusivity to to the Xperia V. All I’m saying is its a shame that they’ve based their marketing strategy on software rather than hardware. i’m not saying all the Xperia Devices are capable of everything, but just don’t exclude the ones that are. Maybe I’m wrong and a future software update will bring all these features to the xperia S. I paid a lot more for my Xperia S than what the new devices are worth on release. So your point is invalid. And its Sony who promises to better the features in their current devices through software. I can’t change my device every six months but I can expect it to be refreshed every now and then if it is software related.

  • I thought about that. Maybe you’re right, I guess we’ll see if your opinion turns out to be true (^_^)

  • That being said, in Italy there’s no LTE either, but Xperia V’s availability has already been confirmed.

  • goldenblls

    T-Mobile, Orange and possibly Three UK will have theirs up and running within the next six months. If I sign up for a new contract, which I probably will do this month, I’ll have 18 – 24 months with a non-LTE smartphone.

  • boosook

    The problem is that, even if you are willing to pay, Sony does not have that special ice cream! How can it be that this feature is in the V and not in the T? Samsung does have the GS3 which has EVERYTHING. Then, other phones are stripped down versions. Sony does not have a real flagship, which is what people want: they want to know that, when they buy a phone, their manufacturer will not release another phone after three months with some additional features. That’s what’s happening with sony… and the problem is that many of these features are just software features. With sony you might have to buy a new phone just to get an equalizer in the walkman…

  • Arie

    That’s so true, weird marketing strategy by Sony!!
    I want Sola with floating touch tech but no front cam…then I go to Xperia U but the screen is too small.
    Xperia Miro 3.5″ display looks OK, but screen resolution is ridiculous…..Xperia Go water resistant attract me, but again screen is a joke with no front cam.

    I end up buying nothing and waiting for next gen Xperia.

    But now is like dejavu

  • Avery Navas

    that’s the same I wondered… hate the way they made my xperia s obsolete..

  • Xlash Andraid

    Then, if my point is invalid, yours is even more invalid if we consider that SONY never said something like “this HDR feature is exclusively for Xperia V only, it will be never available for other Xperias”. We may expect it in a future update to the devices that are capable to run it, such Xperia S. Just a quick example, remember when Xperia X10 came with no HD recording but SONY delivered this on a system ugrade?
    But if this doesn’t happen, we always have the option of trying what developers cook, because we’re talking about Android, not a closed system like iOS or WM7. I’m running ICS in my Xperia (Ray) and I’m also enjoying latest Walkman app found it in the newer Xperias, also Sweep Panorama (I have a custom ROM but it’s also possible to install them in SONY official ICS by rooting and having a recovery app). Walkman app works great (thanks to ThilinaC for his awesome job porting it), it’s probably the best free music player around. And I even didn’t have to mess with bootloader to install it, I didn’t do anything very hard, just followed the instructions and done.
    Yeah, it’s about software, that’s why SONY sticks with Android, because all the posibilities that they and we have.

  • Xlash Andraid

    Arie and boosook, you’re free to buy anything else, an ugly Samsung if you want. The questions here are: what do you want to do with your smartphone? And, do you really, really need all those features in a phone? what for?
    Sorry but I get the impression that you don’t want a phone for your needs, you want it for vanity.

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