Which new Xperia is your favourite: Xperia J, T, TX or V? [Poll]

by XB on 4th September 2012

in Xperia J, Xperia T, Xperia V

Okay, by now most of you have probably had enough time to digest Sony Mobile’s new Xperia announcements from IFA 2012 last week. You’ve seen the promo videos and compared the specs of these new phones so we wanted to ask – which of the four phones is your favourite?

There is the flagship Sony Xperia T (LT30p/LT30at), with its 4.6-inch HD display, 13MP camera and S4 Snapdragon chipset. Then there is the Xperia TX (LT29i), which is a slight variant of the Xperia T and comes with a removable battery. We also have the Xperia V (LT25i) with its 4.3-inch HD display, S4 Snapdragon, LTE support, water resistant chassis and 13MP camera. Then there is the sub mid-range handset, the Xperia J, with its superb design, 4.0-inch FWVGA display, 1GHz single-core processor and 5MP camera. So which one gets your vote and why? Please vote in the poll below and let us know your reasons in the comments.

Which Xperia smartphone announced at IFA 2012 is your favourite?

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  • The Truth Must Be Said

    Bravia Engine 2 FTW

    Of course Xperia V although it does not have neither quad-core CPU nor Snapdragon S4 Pro

  • V of course

  • Sami_m

    Xperia V ! cuz it is Water resistant and Mobile bravia engine 2 sounds interesting! and the size is enough

  • JM Penas

    Xperia V all the way

  • donny

    Xperia T – 1.3mgpxl front camera, lte, 13mgpl rear cam, dedicated cam button, 4.55 huge display… metal cover, and many more ups than my current xperia arc and play… Always for sony!!!!

  • ragalthar

    The Xperia V because I don’t like big screens (4.3″ is really the
    border as I perfer 4.0″, but 4.6″ is definetly too big), it’s water resistant and it got LTE.

  • Ali Alkhazal

    V for sure

  • callumshell1

    I think the TX looks far nicer than the T but the V has way better features.

  • Xperia J cause of nice design with social communication

  • Sami_m

    sorry for breaking your dream but the T do not have LTE

  • Khanh NPQ

    I think all of them look very boring!

  • ThilinaC

    Xperia V

  • mrk

    Xperia V! nice metal on the side, perfect size (4-4.3″ max), very high ppi and has the upper-hand in terms of specs compared to T and TX, except for its front camera.

  • Well all of em are pretty fine but difo I will marry the T LOL because it was love at first sight LMFAO okay let’s get real for the second cause of the screen and the cam I know V has it all but I will go for the T

  • i<3cake

    TX! Hayabusa :D

  • J. Potkukelkka

    V is waterproof and beautiful phone. My next phone. Then I have two phones active and V

  • Robert

    Xperia T or Course! 4,3 screen is Too small! 4,3 is old

  • Xlash Andraid

    It looks like Xperia V is the new hero.

  • goldenblls

    Deffo the V. I’m going to have to import one because the silly networks in the UK won’t take it up.

  • Not even the ATT version???

  • Kaostheory

    Between the V and AT. Not sure if the AT will be released in Canada, but I must have LTE. If the cameras have the same quality of pics then I’m leaning towards the V

  • Kaostheory

    Not confirmed but the V pricing higher than the T.

  • xperia v because it’s look more promising to me .
    and almost same spec with xperia t .
    and the most important is because it name is xperia v , near to xperia z ..

  • Moe

    the only reason i picked the V, is because of the screen size. I can’t stand huge phones(Anything above 4.3″ size)

  • please giveaway an xperia v for me for this helpless comment!! :(

  • Devils_95

    Xperia T just because it’s the only one that’s known to come to America.

  • lovebmw

    The only problem i have with the V, is the lack camera button, otherwise it would have been my dream phone. but if i end up getting the V, i will not upgrade it to a VS which is i am sure a plan later on with .2 ghz faster processor and a camera button. soooooo evil of them.

  • Devils_95

    The AT&T version will have LTE

  • poor you guys lmfao

  • Xperia V of course. Mobile Bravia Engine 2, Waterproof, Clear+ Audio Technology, Ideal Size 4.3′ , sexy design, and many more.. it’s gonna be long list ahead if i told all of them. :)

  • lovebmw

    the lack of the camera button is not bothering you?

  • See the result Sony?
    Give us International Xperia V to all country

  • Jan

    The Xperia T because i like big screens (4.0″ is really the border as I prefer 4.3″, but 4.6″ with slim frame is definetly good idea), it’s big screen and it got big screen.

    i will wait for more… big screens. with BOOM processor. and WOW graphics. better with INFINITE battery PLAYSATION buttons maybe ;) and, and, and… and something that competitors doesnt have, and i dont mean DESIGN or name SONY. i mean some futuristic working tech. YAY!! loveSONYandMYxperiaS:)

    today was a hard day..

  • vytas

    am i the only one who finds LTE completely unnecessary in V ? it will only drain battery even more. if it only be version without it then it would be the perfect phone.

  • .cj

    … for me sony, was always smartphone+camera button > xperia V , why sony, why?

  • ragalthar

    Nope, as I hardly take pictures with my smartphone. I’ll miss that nobody releases Android phones with a physical keyboard anymore. Am still using my Xperia mini pro (with 3″ screen size) and I love it. Before that I owned a Motorola Milestone 2 (3.7″ screen) but with Motorolas locked bootloader policy I switched…

  • somethingsoniq

    Xperia v, if it had the following it would be perfect,
    dedicated camera button,
    1.3mp front camera,
    non LTE version for international users who don’t use it.
    keep the metal band of the LTE version, I prefer it over the Chinese version

  • Dacha

    Have you checked the actual size of the V compared to the T. Yes the screen is smaller but the phone is almost identical in size.
    V Size: 129 x 65 x 10.7 mm
    T Size: 129.4 x 67.3 x 9.35 mm

  • Dacha

    To all of you thinking that the V is smaller than the T check the specs.
    V Size: 129 x 65 x 10.7 mm
    T Size: 129.4 x 67.3 x 9.35 mm

    Yes it has a smaller screen but the footprint is the same as the T.

  • It does have a MSM8960 S4 krait dualcore processor

  • As a Uk user I’d vote for the T because of its imminent and easy availability, the V because of the desirability of its features and the TX for the design…all that said due to the recession/depression most people here will end up having to settle for the J!

  • V is too small for me :/ I would rather get T cos I prefer to have a bit bigger screen.

  • jxPerience

    my vote is for xperia v. but if sony will it delay the shipment for late 4Q it will become a big failure. Release it as early as the T and i will guarantee that it will sell like hotcakes just like xperia acro hd sales in japan.

  • jxPerience


  • jxPerience

    yeah its not, as long as you can touch to focus and touch capture using the screen. camera shutter key is just a plus factor, without that feature xperia v still great and awesome

  • jxPerience

    just watch this video, this will show how tough my sony xperia acro s :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFiJ3ZffCRs

  • Simply the V. Powerful,features pack,waterproof with slim body and removable battety

  • jxPerience

    and most people on this blog thinks you are boring, hopeless and blind! See you got 14 hates out of 16 votes haha

  • Most people who buy a phone with a 13MP camera will want to take pictures, you realise.

  • thx.

  • By Jove, I think you’re on to something there!

  • you naughty dream-breaker you!

  • That’s a good point. It would be nice if we in the UK could compare the two (or three, if you include the TX) in shop for our ourselves….

  • exactly how i use my Neo…using the camera button makes the phone shake and you just end up with blurry shots most of the time.

  • Sony Mobile Italy actually confirmed that V will be priced between €400 and €500, while T price’s going to be between €500 and €600, and both will be released this year.

  • paul4id

    The Xperia Pro II will pwn them all!

  • 2mm by 1 mm makes a big difference

  • I would have voted for the V but the lack of camera button is something causing me to go for the T

  • Prince of Time

    I thnk I wil get TX coz its more stylish n slim n hav everythng tht T hav v is also gud bt no cam button n smal screen.


    Sine the Google nexus one, galaxy nexus, nexus 7, and HTC one X has Pogo pin which is my personal favorite feature for dock station or desktop charger, i prefer Xperia V because now it has 2 Pogo Pin for charging only [Charging Dock DK25 for Xperia V http://www.sonymobile.com/global-en/products/accessories/charging-dock-dk25/%5D without the need to force your device to micro usb weather plugin/plugout my experience with dock station/desktop charge with MHL/Non-MHL Micro-USB/Mini-HDMI connecter soon getting hardware fault like my Motorola RAZR XT910, and i also like small screen 4.3 with 720p not only fit your pocket the Xperia V its small form factor compare to RAZR XT910, i wonder if it has LED notification light and removable battery?

  • i like the T but why there is no mobile bravia engine 2 or HDR or clear audio + in it i’m thinking about xperia V because of those three things :s

  • Khanh NPQ

    Anf so I respect those “dislikes”, fair enough!People r entitled to thier opinions! I was expressing my opinion onthe phones, not making any derogatory comments about any person! However u did

  • and internal storage 16GB vs 8GB

  • malih

    I’m interested in bigger screen like 4.6 cause I often use my phone to read books and comics with PerfectViewer – was looking into Galaxy Note, but I prefer Sony phone design and Android theme compared to Samsung.

  • First of all I’ve always been have a sony ericsson fan and now of curse a very loyal sony fan and seriously i’m so proud to be a sony smartphone owner, however I really liked the new line of xperia phones, and I think sony give all the smartphones companies a bitch slap on the face! but the real question is can sony survive and if they put up will it last with these new events coming within these upcoming few days apple already have set the 12th September for intrducing their apple 5 followed by new mini iPads and new iPod, on the other hands HTC set the 19th of the same very month for introducing a boom device and it could be the HTC one X+ , man that’s look scary but I think time will tell but to tell you the truth my heart with Xperia T even tho no LTE in it but I’m loving it. but let’s see

  • Of couse Xperia V.Bravia Engine 2,HDR,Water resistant.but my country (Malaysia) still not support LTE.Awwww so awful

  • mrk

    you’re right, but you can always expand up to 40gb (8gb + 32gb) by using a memory card. to me, that’s not a problem.

  • ChristianHJW

    Where is the Xperia T Pro, with physical QWERTY keyboard ???

    I would buy it immediately, irrespective of the sales price (as long as it’s less than 1.000,- € of course ;-) ). I need a good phone to work, and today the smartphone is definitely more important for professionals than the laptop.

    The screen has to be as big as possible – i am dreaming of a SONY half tablet, like the Galaxy Note, but with physical keyboard – but the 4,6″ screen of the Xperia T would definitely be an improvement to my Xperia Pro. I love my Pro, but the CPU is not suitable to handle ICS, and the 4000+ contacts (my complete customer database) i have stored in my phone.

    SONY, please bring a model with physical keyboard for the professional users !!

    Best Regards


  • dereknobuyuki

    Incidentally, I don’t have any for the T or V, but someone asked me to post benchmark results for the GX/TX; so, they are on the xperia blog forums

  • Xperia T

  • afzal

    I prefer xperia v, not to huge foe a smartphone, design look very premium, bravia 2 display, new sound system and water resistant.. but no key fetures .. its ok i can live without it… ;*)

  • rafie

    The device wre lte enable… so
    Its still can be used in hspa network.

  • Everybody should keep in mind, that Xperia V has only 5GB internal available media memory!!! people who want to play games on it will get a big problem!!! some games today like Max Payne (1,3GB) Asphalt 7 (1,4GB) or NOVA 3 (1,8GB) are loading a huge amount of data into this FIRST extended memory and it is NOT possible to save these data on SD card…. so if these 5GB are full you can’t install any other game anymore!!!

    then the T and V have EXACTLY the same size! i compared both @ IFA Berlin… but T has bigger screen and no wasted space…

    LTE is mostly useless today so this is no point…

    ok the V is water resistant but… do you really need that? or just want that???

    and ALL these features listed here: http://www.xperiablog.net/2012/08/30/is-the-sony-xperia-v-the-real-new-flagship/ are completely Software-dependant (yes also BT 4.0 is just a software thing) and the reason for the differences is only because on IFA they had still different software builds on it…

    THAT all is the reason why i want to have the T and NOT the V

  • DragonClaw

    And it just shows that people are not really obsessed by larger screen size. It’s that the brands never make phones that are small, yet powerful. The power of the phones seem to decrease in decreasing order of their sizes

  • Chris

    TX only for chinese market :( I got this answer today from german Sony customer service.

  • Simão Lúcio

    I vote for the TX!
    Dislike the T Design

  • Simão Lúcio

    I agree
    But I think that in the 8GB avalaible
    4 are for the OS
    2 are for the apps
    2 are for medias andapps data

    But I didn’t know that you couldn’t save apps data for the NOVA 3 in the external SD

  • eisuke

    Does anyone know how Sony decided which countries they will release the TX? I can see V is based on LTE available networks but T & TX is totally random, no??

    For me in the UK, V > TX > SL > T, but neither V nor TX will be available I think; and no mention of SL. It’s such a shame. I’ve based my choices on design only because I assume performance (thou not spec) of all phones would be very similar.

    For an everyday user, how does everyone think TX & SL will differ?
    S4 1.5GHz vs S3 1.7GHz…..

  • i agree they’re not as eye-catching as the nxt series or the 2011 bunch (the TX aside)…at least just judging by the pictures..maybe it’s a different story once you hold one of these in the hand though?

  • no i checked it at IFA… about 5,5GB for media and additional app data… 2GB for apps (like XS and XP too) and 1GB for system partition

  • jxPerience

    the people behind that design are also human, so you also shows disrespect to them by discriminating their works and ideas.

  • Khanh NPQ

    I’m sorry I’m the buyer here, they’re the sellers, customers have the right to like/dislike the products! Do buyers have to really say “hey, it’s great that you made an effort, but the design is boring” every time I buyers buy products? Get real! This is a public forum, I tried to manage the negative vocabulary in ONE word, how many have you already used?

  • swagat

    lg optimus g at cheaper price

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  • V has BRAVIA engine 2 thats Awesome and its a new spec

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