Sony launches phase two of ‘Made of Imagination’ marketing campaign [Video]

by XB on 5th September 2012

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Do you remember the ‘Made of Imagination‘ marketing campaign feature the cute little Xperiabots? Well Sony is launching phase two of the campaign demonstrating the Xperia One-touch NFC feature for sharing both music and images.

Two adverts have been produced, the first can be seen below and the second is due in early October. The first shows how music playing on an Xperia smartphone can be beamed to a speaker with a single touch. The second advert focuses on sharing images by touching two phones together. The campaign will first air on 7 September in the UK and will hit other markets over the coming months.

This marketing campaign will be deployed over all mediums including TV, print, digital, out-of-home and retail and will really hammer home how one can use NFC. This is probably a good feature to focus on since there is not widespread use of NFC on phones right now.

As part of this campaign, Sony is also launching an innovative social media campaign called Tweetsinger (supported by Twitter hashtag #tweetsinger) that will turn people’s tweets into songs and will go live on on September 10th.

  • Rem

    I just love Sony’s creativity. :)

  • SONY make.beliebe


    justin.beliebe? lol We need these ad in the USA DESPERATELY Sony!!!

  • dude

    i want mY JELLY BEAN Update! Xperia S
    battery performance make it better with options….

  • you’re supposed to start with ‘Off-topic I know but…’

  • Ads, schmads. Looks like the same speaker o2 is annoyingly giving free with S,U and P contracts, distracting me from my aim of getting a TX or a V :(

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    made of cheap plastic in china, should have been the name (so much for samsung and all others)

  • M Usman

    yeah baby that’s my phone right there lol! Where can I get this speaker from? is it available to buy right now?

  • Avery Navas

    love it when I see an xperia S on an advert… like this! such a beautiful device!

  • Dipish

    Clearly looks like a Nexus Q ripoff… can’t they think of something original???

  • LMFAO! make.believe!!!!! happy now ?LOL

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Sony is between the companies that I most like the Ads.

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