Sony Mobile confirms it was hacked in China; 400 emails leaked

by XB on 6th September 2012

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Sony Mobile has confirmed that at least one server was hacked in China and around 400 customer names and emails from customers in China and Taiwan were leaked. We previously reported on the hacktivist group NullCrew’s claims of hacking into Sony Mobile two days ago, but Sony has only now confirmed it was true.

Worryingly, Sony only came to know about this very recently. “We became aware of the incident late last night or early this morning,” said company spokesman Hiroshi Okubo.

The server in question was run by a third-party Chinese company but no credit card or banking information was leaked. Information on customers is sometimes held by third-party companies to conduct sales promotions and other events. Sony says that no servers operated directly by the company have been compromised.

Via The Telegraph.

  • fried_egg

    Sony can not “outsource” and not still be fully responsible for the safety of its customers data

  • Whayne

    I’m pretty sure those hackers aren’t doing it for real fame.
    I won’t even call this hacking. It is bully.

    Sony is like a boy
    Anonymous is like a a typical big bully.

    Sony got bullied by Anonymous and left to heal for a few months then NullCrew came along.

    NullCrew is like a kid who wanted attention but isn’t skilled enough to bully the Big fat fish (Big company) so they go for those who are in injury. Why? To gain quick fame.

    If they want real fame, go hack the real market leaders (Apple/Samsung/MS/Oracle), I bet they can’t do it.

    Just my 0.5cent of time.

  • basically you’re saying that SONY not a real market leader ??! well comparing sony to those companies is an insult to sony sir! why you haters are so quick to hate on sony? I just wanna know why?! :D

  • goldenblls

    They were not Sony owned servers, they belonged to third party seller, correct me if I’m wrong.

  • i’m GAMER

    cause of xperia play 2

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