Xperia Tablet S now shipping in the United States

by XB on 7th September 2012

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Just a day after going on sale in the UK, the Sony Xperia Tablet S is now available in the United States. There are three SKUs available, the 16GB version (SGPT121US), 32GB version (SGPT122US) and the 64GB version (SGPT123US). The tablets are priced at $399.99, $499.99 and $599.99 respectively and are in stock on both Sony Store and Newegg. Check out Newegg’s overview of the tablet, which is well worth a watch just for the host.

Interestingly, Sony refers to the tablet as the ‘Xperia Tablet’, rather than the ‘Xperia Tablet S’ in most places on its US website. Maybe Sony should have just named it this from the start.

  • Sony take a great lesson , when they released xperia s and ion and p and u in the market

  • jxPerience

    its a good start SONY! Next time announce and release new gadget at the same month and for sure it will sell like hotcakes because its still HOT :)

  • Does anyone know if the 3G versions function like a phone as well like the Galaxy Tabs?

  • kiikooo

    im actually typing this from it. its pretty cool. Only problem so far is that some videos in websites i visit dont work though they work on my ion :S


    Set desktop mode in the options in the android browser

  • jxPerience

    just download adobe flash player because its not pre installed in ICS 4.0.4 compare to your 2.3.7 xperia ion adobe flash player is preinstalled.

  • jxPerience

    who the hell will put 9.4 inches size device on his ear while making/answering the phone? but to answer your question NO it does not support GSM (voice and sms)

  • kiikooo

    thank you guys for your reply. i have set it to desktop and still no luck.
    @jxperience. i actually found adobe installed and it asked to update and i did that but still doesnt work

  • kiikooo

    i just noticed i tried it from chrome.. it works from with android browser thanks alot

  • Rene Pedroso

    I purchased the 64g from Newegg. They had some bundle options and I choose the HDMI cable (saved $30). Sony Store not offering any bundles

  • How can you NOT??!?! I mean really? All this bragging about 4-5″ screens… why not just jump ahead of the pack? HAHAHAHA!

    Seriously though, was just wondering since texting from a tab is easier.

  • Ali Alkhazal

    I ordered mine from amazon 3 days ago and since then it is still showing me Shipping soon -_-

  • Victor Ling

    dammit…i really want the 64gb…why don’t they release the higher spaced tablets outside japan and US….if anyone is willing to buy from US and ship to Australia I can definitely compensate and then some…

  • ipatz

    Does Wifi version have GPS?

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  • UnknownSonyNation

    You can use Skype probably :p

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    you wouldn’t have to put it against your ear just speak like it’s on speaker

  • jxPerience

    no texting is not easier because your using both of your hands. you are human you can do multi tasking, if you will text using both hands you’ll waste some important thing that the other hand can do :)

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