Xperia Tablet S dissected in detail [Video]

by XB on 8th September 2012

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The 9.4-inch Sony Xperia Tablet S has received the tear down treatment by the bods over at Sony Blog. Sony engineer Takuya Inaba took the tablet apart piece-by-piece to explain what’s inside. There are a bunch of pictures over on the site that detail exactly how you open the tablet up.

The process begins with removing the top plastic piece that is held in place using seven hooks. The next tricky part is removing the back panel and adhesive tape seals which make the tablet splash-proof (yes, this will invalidate your warranty before you ask). Once inside you can see the large 6000mAh battery weighing 130g. Removing the LCD is an even lengthier process due to the adhesive sealant around the display. Once completely torn down, watch the video below to see if Inaba can piece it back together. We just wish we had his skills.

Via Sony Blog.

  • dude

    atleast it has best battery! 6000 vs about 4000 in others…
    They got the battery right!

  • AsadMulla

    Can he put it back together again? Simple, play the video backwards

  • adsada_arc

    I like this tablet and am considering it, but I am not happy about the fast port. I really wish they had gone with micro usb the standard, instead of their proprietary port and the extras which having a look at sony’s website are pretty expensive…

  • kiikooo

    i am typing from it right and and have to say i am in love with it. It has a few software issues that i am hoping will get fixed but this seriously is a very nice tablet overall.
    About the extras. I am using the hdmi dock right now with a keyboard n mouse and have to say picture looks amazing on my tv and its just like using a laptop. Chrome sucks on it though.

  • XperiaBasher

    You would be right, if they would use fast charging technology, bigger capasity charges much much longer.

  • adsada_arc

    how much did the extras cost you? what was included in the box ?

  • People who are not concerned about screen sizes and a rear camera… just buy Nexus 7… its far better with respect to smoothness, firmware updates and user experience. BTW I own both tablets along with Asus Infinity. Here is the ranking I would give
    1. Nexus 7 (unbelievably good)
    2. Asus Infinity (Superb display, better than iPad 3)
    3. Xperia Tablet S (Good music player and proprietary Sony apps)

    the reason I gave the table 3rd rank is because of choppy performance in both UI and apps.

  • Tohar Lalua

    7 things Xperia V is missing:
    a) 32 GB internal memory (though its not an issue)
    b) 2100 mAh battery
    c) Gorrila glass
    d) Dedicated camera button (not an issue for me, for the purist)
    e) Front camera with higher mega pixel
    g) Whitemagic
    h) LED notifications

  • jxPerience

    ok! ASUS be thankful for having your FIRST FAN ;)

  • kiikooo

    hdmi dock was 99$. Keyboard i got for 60$ and i already had the mouse. i also got the 99$ cover with keyboard which works good too.

  • Khiem Diep

    What? I tried the Xperia Tablet S too and it is as smooth as they come. I also tried Nexus 7 and yes it’s smooth but it doesn’t have the stylish animations when moving around, in fact it’s quite generic and thus the smoothness is really nothing to brag about and rather should be expected. Never tried Asus Infinity though.

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