Xperia tipo dual: Video walkthrough on managing dual SIMs

by XB on 15th September 2012

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The Sony Xperia tipo dual is the first dual-SIM smartphone in the Sony Xperia range. As you would expect, the way that you manage two SIMs is different in Android compared to feature phones from the past. Remember Rog from SE-First? Well he’s posted a very good video that explains how this Dual SIM functionality works in the Xperia tipo dual.

The notification bar at the top of the Xperia tipo dual has two GSM logos one in a yellow/green colour and a blue coloured one. The yellow one shows that the SIM is the default one used for outgoing calls. There is also a dedicated SIM button on the side of the phone, when this button is pressed it automatically changes which SIM is used for outgoing calls. For receiving calls and text messages both SIMs are active all of the time, however only one SIM can be used for data traffic.

Going into the menu settings you can enable or disable either SIM, you can also set custom names for each SIM to make it easier to remember, rather than ‘SIM 1’ and ‘SIM 2’. There is also an automatic switch menu where you can set which SIM to use during weekdays and weekends for both calls and data. One thing we did notice though was that the touch response of the display wasn’t great, probably not a surprise given the price of the handset. The Xperia tipo dual was running Android 4.0.4 with firmware version 11.0.A.1.8.

Overall though, if you are someone who regularly uses two SIMs and is looking for a basic handset, then the Xperia tipo dual is probably right down your street.

  • Why do you guys disable the view in youtube option? its really annoying that i cant visit the actual page.

  • XperiaBlog

    This wasn’t done intentionally, looks like it was an option
    added in a WordPress plugin update that went unnoticed by us. We’ve added it

  • Headphone not available for xperia tipo dual?

  • you can simply go to youtube page by clicking “YouTube”button on lower right corner next to fullscreen mode button. XperiaBlog rocks

  • lovebmw

    N way of that’s true, then I would be forced to come to this conclusion….. it feels like they have a department that makes sure something had to be missing in every phone

  • Zé Tuga

    very charming in deed, but i have one simple question. when the hell is the phone arriving in europe?!i have been waiting for it to arrive to Portugal since september 1st, and to be honest i am loosing my patience. if it was samsung probably i would already be enjoying it and not being kept in the dark regarding release date.

  • faheem

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  • mayank

    if i m using internet on the sim 2 then i cant recieve calls ?????

  • mayank

    if i m using internet on sim 2 then i cant recieve calls on sim1 ????

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