Xperia S owners: Who has camera autofocus issues?

by XB on 16th September 2012

in Imaging, Problems, Xperia S

This is a topic that has been brought to our attention on a number of occasions. We weren’t going to initially cover it as we couldn’t replicate the issues ourselves, but given the number of people it seems to affect we thought we’d ask the question to our readers. If you own the Sony Xperia S, do you suffer from focus problems when using the camera or camcorder function?

People have been reporting a wide variety of problems over the last six months whether it would be blurry pictures despite a green focus square before snapping the shot or general autofocus issues. Others report a worse problem with night shots than daytime shots. We don’t know whether this is hardware or software related, but there has been no fix to users complaining of the issue.

We’d like to hear from all Xperia S owners – if your camera works fine let us know what settings you are using, do you use the stock camera app or a third party one, do you use automatic or manual settings? If you have problems, let us know in detail what the main issues are. Have there been any workarounds to make the issues less severe? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks adsada!

  • Bad, Sony, bad… By the way, When do we, ICS runners GET THE GODDAM JB UPDATE???

  • Dr. Andy

    Autofocus in very slow and some photos seem to have a slight fog on top. Sw: Latest stock 4.0.4.
    I’m somehow dissapointed with the camera.

  • Ambroos

    It’s perfectly fine. Just in darker situations it’s hard to get a good focus (which is pretty normal, all cameras have issues with darkness).

  • electrash

    I have some problems with stock app camera, during day i take wonderfull pictures (sometimes with some problems focusing on it) mostly macro photos.
    During night time (we have exmor r) lol, i dont think so, my old xperia arc/neo takes ABNORMALY better picture over night then my xperia s, 10feat from my xperia s, it wont see anything on camera lens, results just blank BLACK picture, i wondering to sell my unit and buy another one, but hey, that is their failure.

    Also i have yellow tint issuse, and in service menu, when i buy my phone, writes that phne has been used for 980hours of voice call.

    Im very mad and sad sony user.

  • Douglas Anderson

    I am quite disappointed with the camera, the one on my arc s is much better, especially in low light..

  • Autofocus takes forever to lock an it takes like 5 seconds for the camera to launch, it was much better on the GB… And there is the never ending lag and bugs from the time I updated to ICS

  • Well I have learnt that simply by pressing the shutter button (either on-screen or physical) quickly, instead of holding it down, produces the best capture almost every time. However I have experienced a considerably… more awkward time with the Xperia S camera compared to my old K800i (of which I switched up from).

    It seems, in a way, that the auto focus “tries too hard”, in the sense that after pressing the capture button, it starts its auto focus process, gets the right focus, then suddenly defocus and capture.

  • Yes ive problem with my camera that when. I try to take a picture thé zoom. Go in-out making the picture not clearly visible

  • trowfd

    autofocus is fine. Only problem is the large amount of noise.

  • Hannad Ahmed


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  • Rochana

    ICS with SONY = Failed :( [True Story ]

    Sony be clam and release a great JB update

  • AlexBurnout

    Not me, nope.

  • mz

    Just as a comparison my Xperia Ray has taken some impressive images in pitch black with only the moon as the light source. e.g.i can make out individual leaves on a tree with the moon behind it!

  • AlexBurnout

    Yeah, JB rocks

  • Dipish

    Never seemed to experience autofocus issues. Now on latest stock 4.0.4

  • afzal

    Yup.. even the focus point appear green light the result were very not that what I call “a pitcure 12mp quality” most of the shoot outfocus for normal capture. But for close up capture seem like my xps doing it very well. And the night mode focus surely bugs me alots.

  • adsada_arc

    thanks for covering this, yeah its a hard one to really diagnose. There seems to be two problems I have read (and experienced myself)

    1) when filming the autofocus can take a long time to refocus when going from a close up to a further distance, this can be up to 20 seconds where the camera doesn’t seem to realise. On my xperia arc it would refocus almost instantly

    2) when taking photos the camera can’t seem to lock the focus on properly. I think its a lot more common in low light situations. On many occasions I have taken photos of a group of people say 2 meters away with the flash. and the camera just wont focus on the people but make them blurry. I have tried the different focus options, touch focus seems to work better but the only way to really take a relatively decent photo is to put it on infinity and that doesn’t make the image sharp at all..- again never had these issues with the xperia arc

    So it begs the question; is it a hardware or software fault? the fact that only some users seem to have these problems would suggest hardware – I have tried a range of different regional ROMs and still have the issue. But am thinking (and hoping) it is software related because it just seems to be the camera focusing part.

    Maybe XB you could stick a poll in here as well to show clearly who has the issue?

  • lovebmw

    I def have it when I am using a third party app, but it could be the app

  • dandan

    Sometimes and often at night. But i will Also say that the music app makes more problems but this a other topic

  • lovebmw

    Sooooooooo unrelated to this article

  • adsada_arc

    True, but on the Xperia S it’s much, much worse (for me anyway) the neo, arc and x10 that I have played with never had this problem and I have also done tests on teh Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4s which manage perfectly fine.

    Its hard for me to admit that actually despite the large megapixel count and quality of sensor, other phones beat it in this regard :(

  • hs

    I used autofocus and tried macro shots. Worst on blurry subjects and clear background instead. Rarely catch on macro icon even distanced of 5-10 cm.

  • nrdl

    Don’t have any problems… but don’t use Stock App… Try CameraPro app.
    Works perfect for me

  • Perfectly fine, too. I totally agree with Ambroos. only in darker situations it’s hard to get a good focus, which I also find pretty normal.

  • mountain

    I have this problem on gb on my XS and acro HD. Ion and GX seems a lot better. P, U, and sola is ok. Don’t even know how to focus on Go and tipo.

  • lamul12

    The camera is horrible!! Auto focus is not working in the first or second use. In general mist photos are blurry. I use stock software 4.0.4

  • doraemonboi

    Encounter before. Green but out of focus.

  • Muhi

    What we need is a Semi-AutoFocus, which is just focusing, if we press the dedicated button… I Think it would be the easiest and best solution.

  • tong_its

    Samsung galaxy tab 8.9 takes sharper pictures than xperia s running 4.0.4.

  • Aaa

    en video.. el autofocus tarda muxho o no funciona..

  • Joey

    Same with my XS.

  • FBJonesss

    Well I’ve got the issues like mentioned, so I was scanning through all the settings to try different settings. When nothing worked, II went to general settings > apps > Camera and stopped the app, shut it down, deleted the cachememory, and then started the app again.
    Problem solved? NO! Now I can’t find all the settings, just a few standard settings but focus-settings are gone… Anybody ever haad he same problem?

  • minur

    yeah, definitely focus on the problem exists. 4.0.4

  • M Usman

    Focus issues started since day 1 of Xperia S release. No firmware update has resolved this. Pictures come out blurry even when it shows the picture in focus. Sometimes it takes forever to focus and still results in a blurry image. Same issue with video. When playing video back on laptop,the whole video is blurry and keeps on trying to adjust focus regardless of what mode the camera or video camera is.The worst is the night shots. Moving the camera in the night mode scene lags like hell. Mentioned this a few times to yourselves and Sony. They haven’t chosen to do anything about it. It is a very real and serious problem

  • M Usman

    no its not unrelated! he tried to say that his Ray has taken impressive images at night. The Xperia S is having issues with this. He is just highlighting the fact that it might just be an issue with the Xperia S. Probably a hardware issue

  • m-cd

    Sometimes it takes forever to capture the image and when I use Tap-to-focus, the first pics gets blurry.

  • i think the issue was only experienced when using autofocus mode,,im using normal and multifocus,,in taking low light or night shoots adjust the camera to flourescent mode..hope this helps..

  • asd

    no problems Xperia ss finland

  • Xperia S disapointed user

    This is one of the reasons why i’m planning to sell my Xperia S, the camera takes too long to focus. and the noise of the picture is unbearable. i’m a very disappointed with my Xperia S

  • rickiking

    I’ ve experienced autofocus problem with video recording. But its ok with photography

  • Rammstone

    Oh yeah, I’ve had problems with the Xperia S camera. I thought it was just me doing something wrong so I’m glad you covered this. Having said that, it actually became better with the ICS update. Before on 2.3 it was practically useless. Even if the focus square was green it still almost never took a focused picture which totally ruined a lot of my vacation pictures. It’s better now but it still tends to happen as some other users are saying. When it gets it right the pictures are of real quality, but sometimes it looks like I took the picture while smoking pot, cos there is a layer of ‘fog’ on top of it.

  • presta

    Sometimes I have autofocus problems.
    Pictures with no good light conditions are the worst I’ve ever seen. There is always too much noise. It seems like fog.

    My old Nokia N8 was the best camera phone I’ve ever had.
    I tought Xperia S were better than how it really is.

  • Daniel

    I have no problem with my XS…
    i always use 9MP & auto focus!
    in nights i use manual settings…

  • Lester

    After updating to ICS, my Xperia S took crappy photos. It seems the ICS update affected the camera performance of the S. I had great shots before with gingerbread, but now, most pictures, specially in low-light conditions, are too noisy. Hope Sony fix the camera issue.

  • Tuan Nguyen

    I’m using Camera Zoom FX and Camera360 Ultimate together with CM9.1, and everything works perfectly.

  • I am sorry to say that i’ve had pretty bad experience with camera focusing and lighting. i never had
    these problems with x10 or arc. After the ics update its become even more worse. please i request sony to fix this problem as soon as possible.

  • is this problem present with the xperia acro S?? please someone give me a feedback.. thanks

  • abbas

    i dont have any issues,camera looks very perfect and capture pretty pics,i love it.i advise to set the normal scene not will help u, in camrecorder this issue is a bit more,but only in lowlight condition and it isnot much at all,and in goodlight condition it dosent have much problem,if in videocam you have focus problem ,try to adjust focus by pressing cam key till the focus get fine and then recorde, it will help

  • abbas

    update ur android 4 build number to new build number(6.1.A.2.45) it will help to solve the issue a lot against older build.try it

  • I am using stock android 4.0.4 and image quality is terrible… Autofocus most of the time doesn’t work or work really slowly and pictures are very blurry (text on a piece of paper is barely visible). Hope this is just a software bug and Sony will make it better!

  • floydrose

    I never have any problem with my Xperia S camera. My advice is to set the camera in manual “touch focus” mode and “camera key only” capturing method. This way, you can get a precise focus to either distant or close objects. You select which area or objects in your display you want to be in focus, and then press the camera button halfway until the square focusing area turned green, and then fully press the camera button.
    Don’t forget to ALWAYS set the appropriate ISO before you take photograph. ISO 100 for bright environment, higher ISO for dimmer environment. For convenient, you can drag and drop the ISO button from the menu to the main camera display, so you don’t have to go to the menu back and forth just to set the ISO.

  • Kinder

    I had autofocus problem (with last ICS, 6.1.A.2.45 and with android 2.3.x), but now I use the “touch the screen to snap” (instead of the button) and I have not more problem. I can focus my pictures on whatever I want.

  • mitch

    with taking photo’s a little bit issues
    but with recording video it will take ages to refocus

  • Andrew D

    I’d be working on the Jelly Bean Rom if i were you, instead of worrying about what we have now…
    Yes , there is a slight problem with the auto focus,. but its a min. problem for me. What i wish from the Sony Devs. is to do a great job on the Jelly Bean,. work it out more and not a similar thing to the ICS,…. if its almost the same like the ICS from what i see on other phones that have it already, im sure not upgrading. It should be MORE Different than the ICS,… So dont worry about the Auto Focus,. Worry about the JB 4.1 Rom. You see what happened with Samsung and Apple,. dont be next on Apples list.

  • Jz

    Yes I do have focusing problems and I usually have to change to tap to focus if I have time if not i got blurry photos, but it depends on the lighting though, if i take pics in bright location the focus are fine but if it is a bit dark it takes time to focus

  • Ashish J

    I’m using stock firmware 6.1.A.2.45. Most of the time camera settings are on Auto, and I use Tap to focus. Most of times it will focus. But I have also been facing the exact same issues many times.

  • tel033

    Yes I’m do have troubles with the camera in daytime all good but within the dark the camera struggles to focus although that’s a bit better with update I’m still on. 75 gb, I suffered once from focusing issue while filming in a concert it was really slow, but the worst is definitely the blurry images they can get better with manual settings but just a bit, usinganother camera app help a bit but still is blurry I hope it is software related

  • Mohammad Qandeel

    I have this issue sometimes, the Camera takes a long time to get the righter focus.

  • chunkybeats

    Im just going to wait on the xperia v. that looks like to be the handset of the year! Sorry to hear about the s problems, I think its wise to wait for a better handset and especially ics is rubbish anyway, roll on jb on xperia v, the fastest smartphone yet!!

  • is Xperia S only device affected with this issue or whole NXT lineup?


  • The camera is great, On manual mode. When you choose the right white balance and manual focus its great. When you try to shoot in Auto however, The white balance is messed up (When flash is on it always gives more yellow/green) and sometimes the images are out of focus. But no problems with the manual mode, Really impressed – Xperia S user

  • Frikkie

    Camera was 100% with Gingerbread, only when upgrading to ICS my camera auto focus doesn’t work all the time…

  • Jerry Berglund

    Got no problems on the camera front when it comes to focus and such tings. But the fast-capture sometimes not work.

  • SeVeMAS

    No problems with me, and most of the time in auto mode. SI1263-4793. My phone was one of those who went to warratie due to yellow tint screen.
    Note: Photos from Ponte de Lima and Viana do Castelo in Portugal ;-)

  • Justoar

    Thanks for covering this. I love the camere when taking daytime shots. It’s really sad when using it at night. I love pictures in nightclubs with friends for example. Those are usually blurry and out of focus. I use auto settings, When I take a pic at night I have seconds and can’t lose time with it. I tend to avoid taking any pictures at night now. Xperia arc was so much better… Even X10… I use stock camera app.

  • I haven’t had any serious issues with the autofocus however I have been having an issue with video recording when zooming in and out on Xperia S ever since the latest firmware issue I restored my phone deleting everything and starting it a-fresh thinking that it was a fault in the firmware upgrade but I still have the issue of when zooming in and out the camera and UI begins to lag and the camera sticks. anyone else was having that issue?

  • adamoozeerally93

    I have autofocus issues with the nighttime shots. Sometimes during the day the camera says its focused but its completely blurry. Another problem is that after the ICS update there has been very bad lag on the quick capture mode and the autofocus is very very slow.

    The video camera is so bad on autofocus it takes about 10 seconds to adjust to the distance of the subject and when your recording like something passing its well gone before its focused!

  • Michael Salib

    I’m on 4.0.4 with latest update & I don’t. Face any problems with the cam…it works perfectly wid me…sometimes the autofocus takes seconds to adjust the focus & that’s ok for me but it gaves me the best pics….I use it on 9MP with anti-shake s I’m

  • Avery Navas

    i have outofocus issues, when filming video and on some macro shots… :(

  • Calepsu

    thank you for underlining this problem but what i think is a real problem is the wireless connection signal , which i compare to an iphone , it is not the same by size and/or quality , and even when i compare it to my old X10 it is not the same, low and slow , with apps that needs a huge signal to work this is substandard – regarding the camera i totally agree that the auto-focus is slow however it is possible to snap a nice shot but with more time and a technical approach to the scene
    cheers all………

  • George

    I have encountered the camera problem many times……tried to change the settings but it aint just working…..

  • Teng How Lai

    Autofocus is definitely a problem, sometimes have to try 2-3 times to get it right.

    Besides from that,
    My XS camera normally having difficulty to handle white lights… The picture very much polluted by lights, after side by side compared with S3…

  • autofocus sucks on my device too. very slow on videos and photos. in low light is almost imposible to focus same as with the fast capture. pics are totaly crap. i use the default auto settings

  • Utsav Shah

    Autofocus in XS is very wierd. sometimes it focusses instantly and sometimes it takes a lot of time and yet goes out of focus.
    During daytime it is little bit OK but in low light condition it is very annoying.

    For video recording focus is very poor. it can’t focus in time when you move the camera or object changes its distance.

  • S user

    HELLO, Autofocus works very slowly, even my xperia arc and xperia neo L works better. I use the default camera app on my devices. Settings of camera depends on time of action and I use the highest resolution mostly.
    PS But do not worry I’m happy to use your devices, I’ve found someting interesting about plans for NEW Android UI, you have to visit: , looks so cool!

  • varun

    xperia s camera is not up to the mark it has 12 megapixels when i compare pictures to others phone like iphone 4s( which i hate most) what the use of 12 megapixels when 8 megapixels phone can click better pictures than xperia s focus dark shots time taking camera is not as 12 megapixels if its software thn thr is some hope and if its hardware thn what we can do about it i think court case against xperia by selling phones with 12 mega pixels when its not even 8 i wish sony can do something about it

  • tonyyeb

    I’m disappointed with the camera on my Xperia S. If it is a bug or whatever I hope there is a fix but focus is very hit and miss.

  • mz

    Thanks for understanding what i was saying,lol. If you watch Blunty3000 review of xperia s,his review unit was also bad in autofocusing!

  • there are problems but i have to manually correct the setting as well @daniel to get a great picture.. i know a bit about cameras so its not too bad but a person that doesn’t know anything about camera settings will find it difficult.

    i hope sony can correct this

  • AL

    same here,… xperia neo 8MP outperforms the xperia S in indoor shots when it comes to focus… xperia S also defocus when you do a shot after it focus. result blurred pics… please dont tell i have a shaky hand here coz in sony forum they always reason out nonesense thing…. tripod/shaky hand etc

  • wax

    I have to take pictures twice un order to get the right focus point!
    XS 4.0.4

  • key

    Yes, i confirm that there are problem with focus. Not always but they sometime occur, which makes the user experience troublesome, especially if you want to quickly take a picture. Taking the same picture twice because the first time it wasn’t on proper focus is an hassle!

  • Chraz

    Mine was hopeless. Especially in bars….people would taunt the phone how shit it was. :| Hardly the thing you want when you fork out for a flagship. I flogged it and got a HTC One X instead.

  • Rochana

    Yea! JB with project butter :) ?

  • Micheal Archer

    I do occasionally have this problem as well. On the weekend I was taking photographs of a parade. During that event, I took 14 photographs from essentially the same vantage point and in the same lighting conditions. One photograph was out of focus (the only one that had my friends in it, by chance). I don’t use the camera all that often, but I would estimate that it affects about 10% of my shots.

  • Stock ICS 2.45 here.
    No focusing issues at all.
    I just wish indoor and night-time shoots had a bit more detail and looked as good on the big screen as on the phone. Guess it’s the Bravia Engine’s effect.

  • no issues with autofocus but the fast capture sometimes does not work instantly but takes
    7-8 seconds!

  • Ok

    No autofocus is not working for me, runing ICS. I have to set up the settings into normal. But still sometimes it gets photos right, sometimes it does not.

  • Kenneth

    Yes, I still have camera focus issues.
    Especially during night time at bars or generel low light areas. This is occuring even when having the green focus and I run automatical settings with stock app. I have tried normal as well, putting the image to night time, still out of focus – of course not all the time, but several fotos has to be taken to get a picture with good focus.

  • PARK

    yes their is issue relating to autofocus…some times pictures are blurry and need to switch camera to normal mode from auto scene mode to take the picture

  • mhnd

    I confirm, it happens more when using the Video recording

  • Chris

    I find in low light situations when taking video i have to get the camera to focus on something before recording or it stays blurry constantly. was a big annoyance when I was in Kos trying to film some of my friends dancing at a bar and i had to battle to get them in focus!

  • there is no grey scale and sepia feature in my camera :(

  • I was having varied responses with auto-focus then I started using an app called Shot Control… It was designed to add the options available from your hardware where the default camera lets you down. The win for me was it can over-ride the auto-focus… Problem solved.

  • AbroMaN

    Lol, I also upgraded to the Xperia S from the K800i :P
    and I’d like to mention that I also am experiencing autofocus issues… pretty disspointed that the image result of the iPhone 4 is so much better than that of the Xperia S even though the Xperia S has a high camera res.

  • faav

    yes, sometimes autofocus doesnt work properly

    Still shots:
    Daytime (strong light) : no probs
    Daytime (low light/overcast) : sometimes a bit blurry even if green square is shown
    Low light/Night shots : same as above….but with flash on…no probs

    Video recording:
    Daytime (strong light) : most of the time no probs, very rare
    Daytime (low light/overcast) : sometimes takes longer than it shd b to refocus IF IT GETS IT RIGHT otherwise out of focus all the time but trying to focus….but no success
    Low light/Night recording: extremely bad to refocus…all blurry film

  • M Usman

    The thing is some people on here take comments too personally. I say if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all. I’m sure he understood what you meant but just wanted to have a go at you. It’s been happening a lot on XB lately and I’m becoming tired of it. I wish XB did something about it to reduce the amount of spam and hate on the messaging side of things. XB is a great website which is why we all use it. I commend them for their hard work. but things are getting out of hand

  • I have problems with autofocus during video cam.
    I use 720p mostly (with auto settings) but could not see my XS focusing perfectly all the time (even in broad daylight).
    What I do to correct the focus is; I wave my hand slowly in front of the camera to get the focus arrangement going again & quickly remove my hand when it starts refocusing again.

    It is pain but still image focusing has improved a bit after last upgrade :-)

  • roman

    Video autofocus works really improvements after updates. Have to switch on infinite focus to have more or less acceptable videos

  • Hattan Khalifah

    i do have that issue

  • RD

    Yup… got the same problem. The focusing is too slow and the camera is unusable inside bars and nightclubs. Pretty embarrassing. however setting focus mode to ‘Multiple focus points’ under manual mode has improved the quality and sharpness.

  • shakeyshakir

    Vid recording isn’t HD at all. Kinda blurry and got prbs with its zooming. Same as when im trying to snap pics.

  • xperia s user

    I found the following problem with camera
    1 over compressed , camera is 12 mp so we have to get image size fro 15mb – 20mb , but it’s compressed to only 2mb, so we loose the quality, user should be given option to save as compressed or uncompredded mode or raw file, sony should fix
    2 blurry image like snapped on fog day , sony should update camera to take sharp images, and also add some saturation. Saturation on xperia p is good compared to s
    3 Autofocus problem, sony claims only some user has this problem and this is a hardware problem, but the fact is 99% has this problem, so i guess it’s not hardware problem. Sony should fix this immediately
    4There is an option like continious autofocus( the update that was brought in x10i).

    Please fix this all issue, after all this is 12mp camera flagship phone and the phone is meant for camera. If this is not solved in time , sony user like me and other may convert their handset to other brands. If the flagship model has this types of problem then what we can think of other model. Sony pls think about this and bring update as soon as possible before it’s to late.
    What u other sony user think about my statement. Pls comment and vote if u like

  • toche

    sadly this is the problem i have wif the xperia s…takes awhile to auto focus…
    other third party apps works well
    so ill say its a software issue
    a good sign is its a lot better on Manuel

  • Daus

    Mine also having this issue. Out of 10 pics taken,3-4 pics will blur. Become worse if it at low light cndtion. Video also same. Always not focus correctly :-(

  • Maggot

    That’s a dumb thing but I was having trouble focusing and realized the lens had a good layer of dust and general muc on it…I used a moist swab to clean the thing and have a lot less problems.
    As I said it’s pretty dumb and might not solve everyone’s problems but it’s important to keep the lens clean and beeing in your pocket or bag, it collects dust pretty quickly…

  • Since I updated to stock ICS 4.0.4, the camera sucks in autofocus. Its true, even when the focus indicator is green the shot is blurry and the camcorder kills the phone for its long autofocus like 5 seconds.These worsen during low light conditions. Very disturbing for a camera of this caliber specially from Sony. Hope it gets fixed! Btw when i tested in iPhone 4s, it wasnt hard for the focus. This is the only flaw for me. Nonetheless the phone is great! :)

  • KaYLakS

    My Xperia S is fine. I got it since April. JB, ICS, and the new firmware 6.1.A.2.45. I don’t use the quick launch. I use manual settings with multi autofocus on the default apps. But oftenly I use third-party apps: Camera Zoom Pro. With Camera Zoom Pro, set it to autofocus and you can snap pictures like a papparazzi.

  • Danixu

    Autofocus isn’t the only problem of that mobile: JPEG compression or maybe camera quality are bad too.

  • Dave_H

    I’m a photographer in my spare time (Landscape, Wildlife, Events, Weddings) and I wasn’t that impressed with focus in the standard app. The compression and over-sharpening are horrendous too. After trying a load of “the best camera apps ever” on Google Play, discovered Camera FV-5. This one works very well indeed (and is cheap). No focusing issues of note and excellent close-ups. The sharpening is still out of user control though – seems to be locked off in the driver. sony need to make the parameters of the camera driver available to developers if they’re so community-focused (pardon the pun!). Btw I have no affiliation with FV-5 whatsoever!

  • Samuel Serafim

    Hi, i have a fresh new Xperia U updated and im having camera focus issues too.
    For each 3 pictures i take, 1 is really bad disfocused, 1 is still bad and 1 is moreless, but with tons of noise. Im really disapointed with sony in camera area.

  • XpiH

    I use auto settings only in sunny weather. Only at this time auto do well. In another time there arr color problems and yellow color dominate on photo:((

  • David

    all settings are default and i dont use any third party app. before ics update there was no problem but after ics it takes nearly 3 sec. to autofocus

  • basaar

    I use automatic settings and my problem is when I want to record a video, the focus is blurry and sucks.. But for snapping pics urs suo great

  • Mauro Rodriguez

    The autofocus on my Xperia S is sometimes slow and occasionally I have to take the same pic twice to get it to work. Lighting seems to be a factor, because I take great pictures when outdoors on sunny days but indoors it doesn’t work from time to time. Overall I’m happy with my camera but it becomes annoying when it malfunctions and I need to take a quick picture. No special settings used.

  • Rune Christiansen

    I didn’t have any issues with the camera on mine. F4.04.



  • PVV

    Xperia S camera is a disaster, I totaly dissapointed with Sony and not going to buy any device from this once great company again. I solved the majority of problems with autofocus by going to manual mode and setting “multiautofocus” (still have like 30% of “bad shots”, but I can live with it and make another picture), but the overall quality of camera is terrible. Even the “infocus” pictures are so low in detail and blurry that looks like they had been taken with 3mpx cheap camera. The color noise is terrible not only in night mode but in any indoor scene even with good electrical lightning. I have a 5 year old Nokia N95 with 5 mpx sensor that shoots 10 times better than this so called “12 mpx Sony flagship”. Never again, Sony, you scamed me and I will make sure that I will inform as many people as I can to stay away from your “products”!

  • PVV

    Sorry for the second post, but I just wanted to add one observation. I am not much in conspiracy theories but as you know Apple and Samsung have been using their 8 mpx sensor for two years already and dont have plans to change it in the near future (they have made some improvements in new models but basically its the same sensor in iPhone 5 and Galaxy 3 as it was in 4S and SGS2). As for Sony – they come out with already, as they say, superior 12 mpx Exmor R model for their flagship phones that overcomes all other models in one year perspective at least and suddenly change it for a new 13,1 mpx sensor for new top phones in less than 6 months! Could it be that this has been done cause Sony management knows that 12 mpx sensor in Xperia S, Acro S etc has serious hardware problems and quickly changes it for the new model? For me it seems very likely. But if it is true we should let Sony get away this easy.

  • Danilo Medina

    Ex-owner of a Xperia S for 2 months. The Phone had serious focus issues, so as blurry and noisy pictures. Before the XS i had an Arc and before that an X10 and I have to say that both Arc and X10 had a wayyyy better camera quality and performance than the XS. And that’s why i sold my XS last week for 300USD, so basically I lost 250USD on a Sony Phone That doesnt does what it says it does (take amazing pictures), not to mention the bunch of bugs it had with the ICS update (WI-FI, Bluetooth streaming, etc)

  • satish0072001

    most of the times.. if you get focus right, pics are ok.. but when u don’t .. it ruins the photo most of the times….

  • Jorge Tapia

    Version de Android 4.0.4
    Numero de compilacion 6.1.A.0.452
    LT26i 12W30
    Autofoco es muy Lento(Autofocus is very slow)

    Imagenes pobres en color y nitidez(poor images in color and sharpness)
    Fotos nocturnas de pesima calidad, borrosas, el flash no ilumina nada(Night of terrible quality photos, blurry, the flash illuminates nothing)
    Configuracion: SCN AUTO
    Problems:Autofoco es muy Lento(Autofocus is very slow)
    Imagenes pobres en color y nitidez(poor images in color and sharpness)Fotos nocturnas de pesima calidad, borrosas, el flash no ilumina nada(Night of terrible quality photos, blurry, the flash illuminates nothing)Configuracion: NORMAL, Escenas(Scenes): DESACTIVADO(OFF).


  • MMM

    My photos started turning out fogging a couple of days ago, took a very close look at the lens cover…There seems to be a slight haze or defect with the clear plastic lens cover….Has anyone experienced or noticed this with their phones?

  • aaab

    exact same problem with ARc S. all blurry especially in lowlight situation.

  • Dzung Tran

    I am experiencing focus problem both day and night, although I did not use any third party app. Moreover, the picture taken by Xperia S has more noise when comparing to my Nokia N8. Please fix it. I want a good camera phone with clear image, less noise and enormous battery and I don’t mind if it is bigger or thicker, as I am a MAN

  • Dzung Tran

    Also, I have 1 way to avoid focus problem: when it occurs, just switch your phone to a nearer (closer, less distance) objective so that it can focus well, then return it to the objective that you want to take pix. Hope this tip can help

  • ken

    yes, the problem happen to my phone. no. fix after 6 month.

  • I had autofocus problems with the orginal ICS update. After upgrading to 6.1.A.2.45 those issues dissapeared. In a two-day hike past week I shot more than a hundred pics in different lightning conditions and only missed focus a single time.

  • bluefrog

    I think this post pretty much covers it, although for me the saturation is a bit high (compared to the DSLRs I also shoot with)
    I’ve compared the stock camera with “Camera ICS”, “LGCamera”, “Camera 360”, “Camera FV-5” and “UCam”. They ALL focus better than the stock app does (I’m on ICS 4.04, build .453). Image size is unfortunately the same in all though – FAR too much compression. It looks like the compression is being applied at driver / firmware level even before the apps get it. The one exception here is that FV-5 allows a .PNG save which is between 15 and 18Mb depending on detail. However I’m not sure if it is using pre-compressed output before creating the PNG. It IS a little better than the JPEGs though. Sony just need to give users more control over the output (sharpening, compression, saturation etc) and also FIX THE AF!!!
    I’d recommend people try the apps I’ve listed though – it’s actually a very good camera unit for close-ups and general pics when the AF is working properly (link to sample)

  • SGP

    Very slow focusing on 4.0.4 How to get this resolve?

  • mammam1987

    i have the autofocus problem too.
    tried restart, didn’t work.
    and i accidentally hold the power button, then hold the home button, kill all tasks relevant with camera
    then pop~ magic, my xperia s autofocus restored.

  • Ronak Borana

    Ya the auto focus is very inconsistent nd sometimes slow..!! Spoils a otherwise very good camera..pls try nd fix this..!! Nd hey I believe uall can come back strong Sony..!!

  • X – S User

    Autofocus problems like the others

  • jis87

    Too much noise on low light conditions. While I tend to compensate the problem by putting the camera to normal, lowering the iso to 100 and increasing the brightness. But then I cannot have the Image stabilizer on.

    Another problem with the camera is that shooting portraits with the flash colors the face orange. That said, only happens when white balance is set to auto. It is a pain in the ass that you have to select the the best white balance yourself.

    Sony should definately give us the opportunity to choose the compression level of the images.

  • Carlo

    Face it! Sony’s hardware is amazing. Sad to say the company is still in slumber when it comes to technology that requires software. Look at the PS3 when it was released and look at it now. The updates have just ruined what was an amazing product. Similarly, with their phones, which pack good hardware but do no have the know-how to extract the maximum by use of software.

    Sony androids are good when they come with pre-loaded version like Gingerbread or ICS. When Sony has to release an update for a product, that’s where they mess it up. Their software development is sad, and pathetic.

    I own an Xperia S, and from my experience with the unit Gingerbread to ICS, with a second update for ICS, I can say that Sony lack the conviction. Sony instead of trying to be number 1, take a leaf from Samsung. Look at their support, the way they develop. Stop living on your past glories. You were great, yes we all know that. Now its crazy out there. Focus! You guys forget owners of older model devices when you release new models. At one time you focused all your efforts on the NXT series of Xperia. Now with the release of Xperia’s T, TX, V & J you have forgotten the NXT Series. Wake up!

  • I’m very disappointed with the camera. it is worse than xperia u .

  • Abul

    Having autofocus issues since yesterday, was working fine for ages most likely software issue


    forget about focusing some time more often than not i press the camera icon and it comes up camera has stop working. so try again and again still the same message even get this when pushing the dedicated button on the side. the only thing to do is turn the phone off… by which time the thing you wanted to photograph has gone… now carry a small pocket camera every were with me as i can’t rely on the phone camera any more. or am i the only one this happens too

  • Solomon

    All that you have mentioned is what happens to me with my xperia s. When shooting images or videos, the camera focuses then unfocuses again.

  • nidal jawhar

    Hi yes i got this problem after i updated to last firmware 2.50 but it was so clear i also found out the pic i took not so clear like before but at this moment i plugged my XS to my pc & told me there is a new update for your phone so i’m updating right now i think it’s for fixing cam issue problem when it finish updating i’ll repost about it i hope it can help

  • Salman Ahmad

    The only problem I had was with lowlight/indoors shots, most of them came out a bit noisy. I fixed this problem by downloading an app called “ProCapture Camera and Panorama.”

    But I believe you should fix this problem and make lowlight/night shots more sharper by software updates.

    Other than that I love my Xperia S.

  • Francisco Arias

    I have this issue too (ics 4.0.4, Chile). This problem happens when using camera on dark scenes or inner shots. I compare side by side with an iPhone 4 and auto focus takes too long to find the target on Xperia S. Sometimes even never finds the target and keeps a blurry image. It’s such a deception for me, because a bought this phone hoping a great camera as well.

  • Abhinav

    I got my Xperia S replaced within 3 days of purchase as it had the focus issue i.e. the pics would come blurry, the camera would start focusing in the middle of a shot and forget to attain focus(I had no idea that this was Sony’s definition of auto-focus). I was trying to live with these shortcomings but then the audio from the video clips started disappearing. I am not an avid photographer or something but I do like to keep some memories and I am actually hurt and disappointed with Sony, it has ruined some of the better memories.The Phone Hangs all the time, it hangs in the middle of a call and u cannot disconnect it… I am thinking that I have made the worst mistake of my life, I really hate Sony now and if Sony doesn’t come up with a solution very quickly I might sue Sony…

  • Jefferson

    Software is the problem. Sony does a very bad job on that. So, the obvious solution is the Free Projects like Cyanogen Mod. I’m gonna download it and install to see changes…
    While you guys are loosing time talking with Xperia Blog’n support, i’m gonna find a way to configure compression and change firmware.

    Try to do it u too!

  • Shiva

    i just don’t know what is happening with the Xperia S i got this phone say like a month now and trust me had heating issue the very first day the phone was heating up more than 50degrees however was asked to install a function tester and prove it to the techs at sony service center, had a worst experience ever sitting for the whole day and begging for a exchange on the same however i did get an other phone and was happy say like a day or 2 and then happen to see that the auto focus is not working fine after taking a pic and zoom once u get to see pixels are kinda blurry and that really disappoints in front my frnds :( well the day light photos are awesome no comments on it but when u zoom are take pic in like dim lights are the normal light at home are something the quality is worst and i also have a Xperia Solo and trust me the camera is kick ass and i love it but plzzz sony beg u guys please fix the problem with the camera with Xperia S and i really wanna go to the service center but i don’t think its worth going there the service is very very bad .

  • akram

    facing same problem

  • eric_knight787

    i don’t have any problem with my xperia s camera!

  • Artur

    Same issues on Xperia T.

  • dp s will not take 1 good pic at nite send it back to them and they send it is working fine a x1i.can take better pic at nite

  • jhdevos

    FWIW, I’m still having exactly these issues.

    In camcorder mode, sometimes the focus is lost and slowly defocusses completely before coming back to focus — the whole process can take 10 seconds or something.

    Focussing in low-light situations is horrible, it can take many tries before it focusses properly, if at all. When it finally succeeds, the pictures aren’t too bad, so I’m hoping this can be somehow fixed in software.

  • Iva

    I had sony ericsson c905 and it had great pic compared to xperia s. It had 8mpx camera. I was very disappointed when I saw pictures on my new xperia s with 12 mpx. The main reason I bought xperia s was the camera. I stil use my c905 for taking pictures because with xperia at low light almost all pictures are blury

  • i also have an xperia s and i used to have this problem, after months of searching for a solution i think this link might provide you with a solution on how to fix the camera

    I installed it last week and tried taking photos during night and day time. After reviewing them on the PC i think the update is well worth it.. there are less noise on my photos right now and it focuses more quickly compared to my previous configuration.

  • Xperia S user407

    Yeah, This problem only occurs when the camera is in the normal mode. Try Auto Scene Recognition mode.It worked pretty fine for me.

  • Mikey

    Had à samsung galaxy s3 for à While but got an acro s fr.o.m. À friend..the camera may be 12mp and a very annoying shutterbutton that is to stuck…but damn its slow in focus and so many Pics gets blurry,,its so slow i always misses the moment and get photos of My sons neck instead of Head …samsungs camera is so much faster and takes supersharp Pics in à sec..

  • Mike

    Don’t have the s but the xperia v and the camera and video are really bad. On launching the camera it will instantly take a photo so most of the time you get a photo of something random. The quality of pictures is overall ok for a phone camera but only when taken outside in good light. The auto focus really struggles in camera mode and is even worse when shooting video. Trying to shoot video indoors is a hard task.

  • I have had various issues with this phone. Yes this camera has focus issues and there are also a lack of options in the use of it. I have issue with the video feature also as light settings are difficult to adjust in certain situtaions. I have rated Sony highly in the passed, but this phone has given me cause to rethink. Within the first 24hrs of owning this phone, it turned into a ‘thermal rocket’ in my pocket through no apparent issue. It has had charging issues and the phone has overheated on numerous occasions since November 2012 to the point of total overload on 21st December 2012. The phone is now with O2 as it appears that the motherboard has gone down? Beware… Sony do have issues with this phone which they appear not to be admitting to. Is this Sonys Toyota moment?

  • Wow… heating issues with mine also. Phone has now died only two months in!! Message me on FB if you can please Shiva as I would like to discuss with you further. Thanks

  • v

    If you use the camera in “normal” mode rather than “automatic” mode then as long as you manually focus it with the green box the images arent blurry.
    The bigger issue however is recording video since it can take a very long time to autofocus while pointing the camera at a stationary object.
    I am using the original Sony app provided with the phone


    Hey I’m willing to buy xperia S in near future.
    But now I’m confused,what to do?
    Is this problem only for ICS 4.0.4 update or also with 2.3.6.
    Please comments everyone’s opinion.
    Thanks in advance.

  • orome

    I gernerally got 1 good picture out of 5
    It takes too long to focus and in 2 seconds focus gone and gets blurry again.
    No need to mention about low light failure.
    In sun light it is perfect but not enough

  • Suraj Kumar

    I too have the Same problem. The phone just doesn’t focus properly. I used a third party app and it’s fine. So i believe it’s the software issue. I thought a good reputed company like SONY would fix this. This is the same since almost a year now. Ever since Ericsson is gone, it believe the quality of the product has reduced. I also have arc s and it’s focus is excellent. Now SONY really SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!.

    SONY – you’ll have to prove yourself by correcting this. Otherwise it’s waste of releasing other product.Note that this is a costly product. So we can’t even ignore it. Now I even doubt about the standard of XPERIA Z/ZL.

  • sander

    When I got this phone (3 months ago) there where no problems, had a lot of fun with the camera. Then 3 weeks ago all of a sudden it started taking blurry pictures, no focus at alle, i’ve tried all settings but none will work for me. when i press the Camera button half it does focus and a millisec it focusses good, but when u take the picture its all blurry again.This happens with light and dark shots. I’ve repaored the phone using pc companion, but it had no effects.i im using the normal camera app.
    please do something.

  • sander

    Same with videos

  • my$ty

    Mine works just fine in ics. Normally it’s in 9mp and manual setting option :)

  • I have faced an occasional issue of pictures being out of focus. another problem that I’m facing is that the macro or document focus option has disappeared since the last update.

  • Hassaan

    i was so in love with the result of xperia s before a night wedding i attending… i never tested my phone in low light or night… but it became a whole other phone… the problems I faced were:

    1) autofocus failed miserably… even after touching the screen the green square shows up but the image wasnt even remotly focused!
    2) there was so much noise that an iphone 3gs camera result was better than my phone… which has supposed to be 12Mp…

    3)the imbalance in the light was huge… sometimes one photo becames yellow while the other white…
    i am so disappointed to see the night result of this phone… and i have searched everywhere for its solution but no permanent fix!!

  • Also on Xperia U camera fail

    I have issues on my Xperia U since I updated to ICS.
    Many many Xperia U users have this and nothing is done about it.

    Especially the auto focus when taking a picture is horribly slow. The “take a picture in a second” doesn’t go anymore since the ICS update.
    There’s no use in taking pictures if the auto focus takes 10 to 12 seconds.
    Smile people, smile… smile… just a littlebit longer, hold that face… How spontanious is that?

    I think it has nothing to do with settings, my settings are the same as they were in Gingerbread.

    Other issues after the ICS update: terribly laggy when swiping screens, battery drains within hours, and occasionally a screen freeze. On a dual core phone…

    I was very happy with my phone on Gingerbread, all went superfast and smooth. Wish I never had “updated” to ICS.
    I know I can do a factory reset but don’t want to start all over again. All the hassle… Sony has to come with a camera fix!

  • Bee

    My camera just won’t focus. I’m using the standard camera app that came with my phone. I take a picture and it doesn’t even try to focus – it just takes the picture, so they all turn out blurry. It’s such a shame because one of the things I absolutely loved about this phone was the cameras quality. My boyfriend’s a professional photographer and even he was impressed by the photos I took. Are Sony doing anything to sort this out?

  • Omar

    I have the Xperia P and i am really disappointed about the camera. The quality is so poor under bad lightning conditions or just indoors. I was really excited about the 8mp camera and i was thinking about buying the Xperia S but unfortunately there is no point now. The image quality outdoors in daylight is good but indoors even with flash is blurry, not focused and has too much noise. The flash light is not focused on the camera. You people have to fix this now because this is the only thing i am disappointed about other wise the phone would have been truly amazing! ='(

  • faizi

    i had the same problem but it fixed up to some extent by turning off auto focus and making these adjustments in settings i don’t know what these are but my camera is working far better then before
    scenes > off
    quick Launch > off
    image stabilizer > off
    metering > center
    smile detection > off
    focus mode >infinity
    exposure value > +0.3 (it makes the pic brighter if increased)
    resolution > 9mp

  • vignesh kumar

    Try Camera MX App in Play Store its free and you can edit it in sec

  • vikram

    I have given up hope on the Xperia s I bought this for my experience with Xperia ray was simply amazin low light photos were simply great so I thought why not update to Xperia s brilliant looks amazing power and a monstrous 12 meg shooter day light photos look incredibly amazing while low light even. Xperia neo l. Takes a better picture I miss my ray so much. If only jellybeam can solve it or this baby goes to service center!!!!!!!!!

  • Ventcislav Naidenov

    80% of the photos i take with my xperia s, espcially in a low light environment are blurry. It is annoying, the camera is not usable at all!

  • I totally agree. The camera is extremely frustrating, blurry,, slow. Probably the worst camera I’ve had from a Sony phone. Also the video camera is a serious let down. Whenever I shoot a video greater than 1 minute for example the audio and visual go out of sync. So annoying. Sony better step up and sort it or else time to move to something non Sony. The camera is a major factor when buying a phone. To busy concentrating designing phones for people who want a shower whilst facebooking

  • irvdabird

    I have an Xperia T and I’m also experiencing focus problems on the main (rear facing) camera. Changing focus modes doesn’t help. It’s on Android 4.0.4. I’ve tried other camera apps and still have the same problem.

  • xperia s user

    Hey friends, i am very disappointed by this xperia s.. camera problem not focusing properly, green orange red dots on the images..
    Other problem is my phone is always produce sounds when my internet is on mode.. very disappointed by sony.. :(
    Dnt know its a manufacturer problem orwhat

  • rey33

    as xperia s user, i suffer this issue especially in low light condition, the camera takes very long time to focus to the objects. but when it come to noon, i never have focus issue. it seems that this issue will be fixed in jellybean update. Recently i flashed leak jellybean to my xs and i tested the camera in low light. Amazingly, it doesn’t slow anymore compared to ICS. so in my opinion this is software issue not hardware. relax guys :D

  • simon

    I feel very let down by the poor quality of the camera and video function on my Xperia S as I purchased it on the strength of Sony advertising it as being excellent. The quality of a phones camera is one my top priorities when choosing a phone and now being tied into a long contract with a phone that is not up the standard it was advertised as has left me very unhappy. The issue with the camera on my phone is that it just doesn’t focus which renders it virtually useless

  • ema

    Me too..from acro s..n think the old phone much better than this one

  • Roberto

    I do! it started suddenly a couple of days ago: it focuses oly things at 10 cm or so, nothing else… i tried almost everything for a couple of hours, but nothing worked, i gave up and started to search if others had this problem and all of a sudden the camera started to work properly again… yesterday i tried again and it worked properly, today no focus at all again… it’s not a lighting problem, as i tried to focus stuff directly under a lamp and in a well illuminated room without success… when the phone was new (two months ago) i noticed it continued to change focus every second depending on what i was aiming, now it is just constantly out of focus. When in auto scene mode it sometimes says macro on top of the screen, and when i aim at faces the yellow square appears, but it still doesn’t focus…

  • Roberto

    I reply to myself to share my thoughts… might actually be a hardware issue: i started to watch closely the camera lens to see if it moved or not and it didn’t move at all, i gently hit the phone with my finger and noticed the lens changed position, and after that it started focusing again… looks like the AF mechanism get’s stuck somehow… I decided to check this because i remembered on my old k800i i was able to hear the noise of the lens moving into position, while on this phone i didn’t hear noise at all…

  • I have same problem how to fix it

  • lala

    Have autofocus issues in camcorder mode. Does not autofocus at all and the few times that it hasit has taken so longthat half of the video is blurry.

  • Varun Anand

    I hope this might help.

    I am Xperia SL owner (recently bought it).

    When I start the camera, I am able to see only a few options such as EV (exposure correction value) and commonly used scenes such as portrait, landscape, night scene, night portrait, sports and none.

    However, the manual options for advanced users such as ISO, white balance (cloudy, sunny, fluorescent tubelight, tungsten bulb ), different focus modes (single focus, multi-focus, face detection, infinity focus) and metering modes, image stabilization option etc. seem missing.
    You can access these options by pressing the options key (which is the right-most physical key on this handset).
    This will bring forth all these options divided into two pages.

    You can select scene detection to normal (auto by default) and scene to none.
    Then you can use all these advanced settings manually.

  • Stephanie Albright

    No infinity focus setting with Xperia S Jellybean update so video is shakey because of the many focus boxes. UGH!!!!

  • Bill

    Seems great outdoors with plenty of light… indoors it’s almost impossible to not get a blurry shot…

  • jamila

    Same problems…disappointing!!! My camera was running so well and at once it’s blurry bad focusing etc….simply NOT a camera of a smartphone!!!! Please fix it…

  • jayesh

    Slow autofocus…sometimes incorrect focus
    Noisy images…
    Imgage gets spoiled if there is light source in the background..
    Cheaper devices with 8mp cameras eg micomax canvas a116, samsung grand etc take better sharper pics than xperia s
    Frankly embarrassed by this camera..
    No inbuilt hdr mode in software..

  • Xperia s

    I hhave a problem that ny camera dont focus, i can only take pictures really up close..

  • chris

    I have xperia S and I all my videos are blurred and sharp second by second like I was turning the focus slider. sharp, blurred, sharp, blurred …. damn



  • Cristine

    mine simply does not focus. it zoomes though. but no mather how i zoom I can not get a clear picture of tekst for example.

  • Bala

    I bought a xperia c3. It is good for selfies and good for still shots. But videos are not good since the camera tends to focus and defocus again and again spoiling the video quality. Sony has to fix this.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to disengage the auto focus for video recording

  • c3 user

    I have xperia c3 dual, getting autofocusing problem with rear 8mp but front 5mp is good

  • Korraym Sorour

    sony user like me and other may convert their handset to other brands. If the flagship model has this types of problem then what we can think of other model. !










    DONT TLL ME THAT WE WILL bring update as soon as possible


  • RLBOSTON2014

    Mine is in focus until the moment I take the picture and it does a last second quick focus adjust that makes it blurry. Maddening!

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