Xperia T versus iPhone 4S – photo samples compared

by XB on 17th September 2012

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It may be a bit too early to see how the Sony Xperia T (LT30p) compares against the Apple iPhone 5, but if you want to know how it fares against the iPhone 4S then check out some sample pictures from each phone below.

This may be a slightly unfair test, pitching the 13MP sensor of the Xperia T against the 8MP sensor of the iPhone 4S. However, we all know that megapixels aren’t everything when it comes to photography. It’s a pretty close competition, although the bokeh effect on the macro shot seems better on the Xperia T compared to the iPhone. Overall though, which phone wins the shootout for you?

Camera shootout: Xperia T (right column) versus iPhone 4S (left column)

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  • Xperia T / Tx rules on camera like always Sony was and is and will be. Its an iPhone killer. I wanna keep hands on this device as soon as possible and show everyone that iPhone 5 is sucks and Sony is the best…

  • Guest

    iPhone 4S wins!
    C’mon Sony, it’s time to use your new Xmor-RX sensor..

  • xperialover

    looking on the mark on the top of the tower the xperia t is rocking against the iphone 4s is much clear under 20% zoom i can cleary see the logo looks like a root on
    1920×1080 full hd
    BenQ XL2420T LED 3D Ready 24

  • iPhone 4S wins!
    Come on Sony, it’s time to use your new Exmor-RS sensor!

  • xperialover

    the flowers are fake ones what are those rectangles on the xperia T doing on the screen

  • Will unlocked xperia T be available in USA? I don’t wanna stay till January though. If so, I’d wait for the 2013 flagship. I don’t wanna touch this super phone which has been ruined by the ugly AT&T logo. Thats why i prefer unlocked phones…

  • xperialover

    pictures are taken in diffrent time this is not comperable

  • pleitti

    iphone4s is the winner from the picture 1 to 3 … sony what’s happening to you ? the 8mp of apple beats your 13mp . aw . im a big fan of sony :( . show your skills .

  • pleitti

    how did you know ?

  • iphones

    are you sure , what are you taking about who wins both are cames from the same company

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Shnam

    pictures 1,3,4 Xperia T wins
    pictures 2 iPhone 4S wins

  • ravemotion

    Checked the 1st and 4th photos @ 100% view and clearly the 4s has better detail. The T has too much compression and smearing of details. This also happens to the V also. I suspect that the default setting for the jpegs is geared towards quantity than quality. Don’t know if you can change this to get the “best” and least compression though.

  • xperialover

    because on the kfc picture on the xperia t there are almost no cloud.
    on iphone there is and look on the red rectangles on have blurry flower and other not those picture was not taken at the same time!

  • surethom

    Its indoor that the problem with camera phones, using my Xperia S indoors the colours are no where near reality.

    Indoor tests comparison please.

  • Feanor

    I don’t think that there are more or less clouds on the iPhone pic. It’s just only that the sky is overexposed on the iPhone pic and it looks like a white blur. I don’t like coming across as a Sony fanboy but come on! It’s the first time I can tell with certainty that an Xperia camera is better than the one in iPhone 4S. I cannot believe the amount of negative comments for the Xperia T camera. All outlines are sharper, colours are more accurate, fewer overexposed areas. Or am I blind?

  • Pond


  • Strange

    yea man! Xbloggers should have highlighted that point.

  • PRo

    I found Xperia T more on realistic side. It has more details. Zoom it And its Clear

  • boosook

    This time I guess that Sony nailed it. The images have similar detail and noise levels, but the T images have greater resolution. This could be a case where having more megapixels pays, even if we have only daylight shots here, so we’ll have to check how the 13mp sensor behaves in low light.
    Color rendition is more natural on the T, with better highlights handling.
    Yet, I think that many people could prefer the out-of-the-box”more punchy” rendition of the iPhone, with highly saturated colors. I’ve already noticed this in the comments.
    But be careful not to confuse sharpening with detail… to me, there’s not much more detail in the 4s pictures, there’s just a difference in post processing and the 4s pictures are probably more processed, maybe with a touch of unsharp mask, so they look more “punchy” without intervention.
    If I had to choose, I’d choose the T because the lower contrast and natural color rendition allow you to work on the pictures later, if you want. This means that you can get the same contrast or color of the 4s from the T, both with post processing or with camera app settings, but you cannot do the opposite: you cannot recover from the 4s pictures the highlights that have been burnt.
    Also, look at the flower picture: the T is really much sharper.
    One thing that can be noticed in the T pictures is that there is more noise reduction, anyway I think that the overall result is on par with the 4s pictures as there are more megapixels. When you look at the pictures on a monitor (not zooming in), the results are equally sharp.

  • minur

    xperia t – iphone 5 ??

  • PRo

    Dude not only Sensor plays a Part…… Chipset too.

  • This will be the upgrade of my Xperia arc S no doubt!

  • miki69

    they marked it to show how T uses proper bokeh effect (blurry background, while image in focus is sharp).


  • miki69

    I don’t think 4S wins, but wasn’t blown away with T images either…. Agree it’s time to use Exmor RS.


  • miki69

    To me, T wins in 2nd photo, more realistic color reproduction, better dynamics… don’t think grass was that yellow as in 4S image…:)


  • pawfyd

    You are blind, because the sky is overexposed on the pic taken by Xperia. :P

  • pawfyd

    But still, the photo quality of both is pretty the same. Macro shot is unfair because the iPhone wasn’t focused on the flower.

  • boosook

    iphone 5 is not even out, however the tests show that the sensor has not changed much (if at all), only the focal length of the lens, and the quality should be the same of the 4s.

  • AlexBurnout

    Xperia T rules. Hmm.

  • The differences are small but significant- the T images are the more beautiful of the two.

  • you can tell from no.2 the T’s sensor handles sunlight much better.

  • ok, i’ve booked you in with the optician at 8.45 am tomorrow…if it’s not a suitable time, then you are free to waste your money on the iphone5.

  • Definitely XPeria wins! It has much less noise (so obvious in first picture) and definitely Sharper image (Iphone has softer image with poor bokeh in 3rd picture). Better contrast/dynamic range on Xperia as well…

    Now fucking release it before people loose their money on some stupid devices!

  • I second you :D… He definitely needs better optics :)

  • PRo

    Dont you think Sony images are always on the warmer side ??? Image No.2 shows much colder image than Sony phones generally produce. It arises question to me. Also if it is True we should have to wait for the Final retail unit for Exact judgement,

  • roeshak

    If those are your reasons for wanting the phone then you’ve got some serious issues

  • If nothing at all, Sony mobile comes with good camera’s :D

  • Feanor

    Outch! You are right! I mixed up right and left! Oh, hmm… then iPhone wins… I must admit…

  • MarkLastiwka

    It’s very subjective. If you like more realistic colour reproduction, than T is the clear winner. If you like more vibrant colours, than 4S is the winner. I personally like the T better.

  • afzal

    Its just like canon vs nikon :-)

  • Arc

    T wins for me handsdown, as 4s samples are simply pumped with more saturation, which can be done the same with the T using simple photoshopping, but 4S cannot produce the same level of detail just as T could do.

    As for the fifth photo, the 4s simply adjusted the exposure on the sky, which makes the KFC banner look dark, while on the T the sensor’s exposure were at the KFC logo hence the blown highlights on the sky

  • lol

    It’s funny ‘cuz the iPhone camera sensor is supplied by Sony.

  • Alvin

    on 1st and 4th pictures Xperia T takes much better pictures, but on 2nd and 3rd pictures iphone 4s is better, don’t know about iPhone 5

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  • Anthony Tan

    Xperia T is the BEST! I will get it as soon as it is out in the market.

  • Fofofi

    Shut up iddiot…android fans only speack bad about iphone coz they would love to have one…iphone camera is way better, only a nerd droidfan cant see that.. And yes i have an android phone and i just cant wait to trade it for an iphone 5 or lumia 920….android lag.

  • marramek

    Do you know the camera in the iPhone 5 is from SONY? HAHAHAHAHAHA omg you should shut up xd

  • Someone

    Let’s compare…
    “I bought the Xperia T because it has a 13 megapixel camera!”
    Sounds pretty weird, but I guess it is okay.
    “I bought the iPhone 5 because its camera is powered by Sony!”
    That’s like saying “I bought a HTC EVO 3D because I will never use 3D mode.”

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  • Feudal Serfer

    Very impressed with both. I’m new to Smartphones and can’t believe the range of additional functions they have compared to my old five year old brick. The cameras have really come on to such an extent that at low ISOs they’re almost as good as my first DSLR …. amazing.

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