Xperia T (LT30p) unboxing video

by XB on 18th September 2012

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We showed you the retail packaging of the Sony Xperia T (LT30p ‘Mint’) a few days back and now the handset has seen its first unboxing video. There doesn’t seem to be too much in the box – you’ll get a USB charger and cable, headset and documentation. The phone comes installed with Android 4.0.4 and software version 7.0.A.1.303.

The phone appears to have new boot animation, although we’re not sure if this was already present on the Xperia GX/SX. As it is the Bond Phone, the phone comes preloaded with a James Bond Skyfall screensaver. The video shows the Small Apps feature and gives a quick walkthrough of the Movie Maker app. Overall, the Xperia T looks like an impressive piece of kit – see the video below.

  • perry valton

    Boring and slow

  • Exciting and fast.

  • TSMC

    Can`t decide to change my Ion for Xperia T or not. Wanna S4 but the body of Ion so very cool!

  • mountain

    Definately a new animation.
    GX/SX just has a bootscreen with Docomo logo

  • jj

    I rather do my own unboxing of the TX!!!!

  • Carlo

    Sony make great devices. As can be seen. They suck at software updates.

  • sakthi

    Why sony again adopt TFT technology over led backlit lcd display.. any particular reason ?.. pl

  • aj

    I think because of the viewing angles….my 2 year old xperia x10 has tft lcd display and it has great viewing angles

  • mountain

    For people who are considering the TX over T, remember that the memory card for TX is under the battery, meaning is not hot swappable.

  • very fast xperia bond

  • eric1803

    Looks nice, but a little slow, compared to my iPhone 4.. But with Android 4.1.1 that’ll change ;)

  • ” The phone appears to have new boot animation, although we’re not sure if this was already present on the Xperia GX/SX. ”

    Xperia GX and SX have Docomo boot animation

  • Metanol

    Omg thats 489.713 EUR , thats a bit less than the €500 announced before.
    Very good news ! Thanks for sharing.

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  • aj

    My iphone 4 FU is slow in speed compared to my xperia x10( rooted x10s rom) and it is really irritating and slow while typing from my iphone 4 now on this site and it stutters in keyboard and feels sluggish

  • Xajel

    TFT is a technology related to LCD panels, the LED backlit is just a lighting technology for the LCD panel as LCD’s ( TFT or not ) can’t produce light, they just control the color and brightness… they require a light source… LED is newer trend after the cold cathode, producing brighter and more white color using lower energy…

    The TFT part only relate to how the pixels are controlled, in TFT it uses a thin film of transistors to control individual sub-pixels ( red, green & blue )… you can use LED lighting with TFT in the same LCD panel like how modern phones are made…

    so the phone actually uses an LCD panel that uses both LED back-lighting and TFT pixel layer

  • miki69

    just want to add that Xperia T also uses Sony’s latest “opticontrast panel”, for even more enhanced deep blacks and reflection cut.


  • lol anyone wished u get free skyfall movie with it?

  • Its available on Pre-order from O2 Ireland, 449€ on Prepay

  • minur

    telefon süper,üstelik istanbul turkey i görünce daha da i?tah?m kabard?:) çünkü skyfaal da hemen yan?m?zda çekildi:)

    the phone is superb, moreover, istanbul turkey :) i saw swelled even more, because my appetite skyfaal immediately taken with us :)

  • wooooooooooow sony ericsson logo <3

  • Avery Navas

    I want one… so bad..

  • are you the seller? any news about TX?

  • Fraulein

    Did you even read the info?

    “Pre Order /Pre Sale , Release date: END of September
    we will ship after Release date”

  • Yes I did read the info and I mentioned its for pre-order in another blog post here…
    My point is that at least we now know that it’ll be shipping in the end of this month!

  • No, I’m not the seller.. I myself is in the wait queue… I’m also looking for news about TX anxiously :)

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  • Aj

    Update guys i just updated to ios 6 on my iphone 4 and things have improved a bit n now less stuttering and sluggishness while typing this message…..hmmmmm at the end it stutters alot:( .although iphone is smooth UI but seriously guys its not perfect and it also lags alot….at first before buying iphone 4 I thought that iphone is very smooth and no lag like android n blah blah but its not the case….the only advantage iphone has is its games and thats it

  • Fraulein

    “My point was that at least now we know that it’ll be shipping in the end of this month!”

    eBay is usually a good source for trustworthy information… Jeez

  • I think you need to read the ad again and see the seller reputation/reviews unless you don’t know how selling/purchasing on ebay works…

  • Fraulein

    First of all, I’m not saying that it won’t release at the end of september. I just thought it strange calling pre ordering “IT’S HERE!!!”. Second of all, release dates change all the time. Even the biggest resellers in our country change the dates on pre-order-items. And I would say that they are a hell of a lot more trustworthy regarding this than an eBay seller, even though he’s top rated. Feedback is usually not left on how good a date guesstimator you are. I have over a hundred feedback ratings so you don’t have to educate me. Chill out.

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