New ICS firmware (6.1.B.0.559) certified for Xperia P

by XB on 20th September 2012

in Firmware, Xperia P

New firmware is headed to the Sony Xperia P. Firmware version 6.1.B.0.559 was recently certified by the PTCRB, suggesting new ICS firmware for the handset. Firmware version 6.1.B.0.544 brought ICS to the handset, which was followed up by a regional update (6.1.B.0.550). We don’t know whether this new ‘559’ firmware is a global or regional update , but it shouldn’t take too long to find out. Either way, given the small increment in firmware number we expect the release to concentrate on bug fixes.

  • yinle

    When will the Sola and Go get them??? Sony keeps renewing ICS phones, without even bothering to give a hint of when current GB phones to be updated.

  • Bug Fixes

  • boosook

    The xperia mini/mini pro ICS bugfix and performance update has been certified more than one month ago and still the rollout has not begun, and we’re waiting eagerly as the first ICS release is buggy and slow.
    Even worse, the U is still on GB and ICS is expected in the first week of october, which means the rollout will begin even later.
    Sony, fixing bugs and performance problems is very important: what do you think users will do if bugs are not fixed for months? We’re not even talking about JB, we’re talking about simple bug fixing and phones that still do not have ICS.
    Don’t expect users to buy the next model after a few months to have the bugs ironed out, they’re more likely switch brand.
    Apple just released iOS 6 even for 2009 iphone 3GS. Sony should concentrate on fewer carefully designed phones and on delivering updates and software stability and performance even to older phones. Instead, they’re flooding the market with one million similar models that they don’t have the resources to support, and even recent models like the NXT series look “old” and not supported after just a few months…
    Hope they will change policy. IMHO the policy they have choosen is the wrong one.

  • Khiem Diep

    Nice! There are some bugs I’d like to see fixed.

  • Does anyone know how to backup from another Xperia, then restore into an Xperia P since it doesn’t have an SD card slot?

  • Marc

    I hope it’s glogal for fixing some issues in ICS.

  • jmx2012

    It’s so buggy they should release a bugfix update soon. I bought xperia p last week and the first thing I did was update it with PC companion. Xperia P ICS is so buggy.

  • Ahmed

    What about Xperia Sola???

  • Fraulein

    Just connect it to your computer and transfer the files to the internal memory.

  • So it works like an SD card, just non-removable? Thanks! :)

  • Aditya

    When is this update going to reach my phone? I’m hoping to get a good battery life with this update… Plz let ma know

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