Sony Japan announces flat external batteries for smartphones and tablets

by XB on 25th September 2012

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Japan always gets the cool accessories, this time Sony Japan has announced a number of slimline flat external batteries designed for smartphones and tablets. There are two of these flat batteries, one 3,500mAh battery and another 7,000mAh battery. Both batteries are due to launch in Japan on 14 November 2012.

The CP-F1LSVP battery has a 3,500mAh capacity with dimensions of 70.4 × 128.1 × 9.4mm and weighs 125g. This battery provides an output time of 80 minutes at 1.5A and takes 4 hours to charge via the AC adaptor (or 8 hours through a USB port). This battery will set you back 4,500 Yen. The CP-F1LSAVP is the same battery but comes with an AC adaptor and will cost 5,000 Yen.

You then have the CP-F2LSAVP battery with a 7,000mAh capacity. This one has similar dimensions (70.4 × 130.6 × 12.9), but is heavier at 198g. This battery provides 130 minutes of output time at 2.1A for two devices at the same time. It takes 7.5 hours to charge by AC adaptor and 15 hours via USB. This battery will set you back 7,000 yen.

Another range of batteries were also announced (CP-ELSVP), which are of a stick variety rather than the flat design above. They come with 2,000mAh capacity and will provide around 60 minutes of output time at 1A. The batteries will take 6 hours to charge. These are smaller with dimensions of 28 × 125 × 26.5m and weighs 87g. They will be available in four colours (blue, pink, red and silver) and launch on 13 October 2012. This battery will cost 2,300 Yen on release.

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  • cool

  • M Usman

    if the 3,500mAH battery takes 4 hours to charge and only gives an output of 80 minutes then I see no point of buying it as hardly any use. unless it was an extreme emergency. especially at £36. You can get better alternatives. that will provide longer use

  • PRo

    If this battery has been made to charge the original battery, then it is sensible. To operate the phone one have to carry it seems to be awkward…. othr wise gud

  • yeo wee kian

    although the date is abit late to be really considered competitive in the market, i really envy japan. from what i see, they are the ones that always end up with the most beautiful design items with good specs,while people outside japan can only watch.

  • But it will charge the phone in that time, won’t it?

  • AsadMulla

    Usman its an output of 1.5Amps for 80 mins so if your device pulls 1.5A of current then the unit will last 80 mins. Your phone wont pull that much current and when it does it will easily full chagre your internal battery. so in reality the talk time of this device is that which is the talktime of your internal battery plus more.

  • M Usman

    My heads not in the right place today lol. I typed that without thinking. your right

  • M Usman

    probably does. i can’t see why it wouldn’t. we could use it as a charger on the go basically. or as an emergency battery charge and go at the same time

  • AsadMulla

    to give you a bit more insight, the standard phone charger provides about 0.8Amps to the battery and it takes about 3 hours to fully charge the phones battery. if this unit were to provide 1.6A it would take 1.5 hours or 90 mins to fully charge your battery

  • lovebmw

    where they expecting us to say OMG omg omg i cant wait tell i put that in my pocket?

  • M Usman

    thanks Asad. then its a good device. it could also be choice between this or sonys quick charger. i was thinking of buying one of them quick chargers.

  • cerunnos

    There are many external batteries available in the market already, its to charge the phone while outside. It isn’t practical either to charge the battery itself as some phones have them sealed. Also, if you take the battery out, you can’t use the phone (unless you get another battery). Therefore many people bring these, especially when going onto planes or when traveling. My friends bring one to school everyday because they play games on their iPhones and it depletes before lunch. I bring one for traveling, and they are quite handy. The one here looks quite a bit better than most of the “cheap” looking stuff, and probably will have bettery battery life (in charge cycles).

  • wow looks interesting

  • boosook

    They should just put 2100 mAh batteries on their phones, like Samsung did.

  • Chris

    Improving battery life of phones and tablets would be a better solution!

  • AsadMulla

    I read the the Xperia S was not compatible with the quick charge feature but that was a little a while ago.

  • M Usman

    that can’t be true. they advertised the Xperia S with the quick charge feature being one of its main features. Don’t you remember? that’s why people said why isn’t the phone quick charging. its because it was bundled with a standard charger in most regions and some regions were lucky enough to get a quick charger. So I’m 100% sure it is. People just didn’t get their facts right

  • M Usman

    I’m not goner dislike your comment like other people will :( LOL

  • liang

    is this going to sell in malaysia? or singapore

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