Brazil Xperia U owners will get ICS in November

by XB on 27th September 2012

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The clock is ticking for Sony Mobile to release Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich on the Xperia U. Sony pointed to a Q3 2012 release and now we’re just a few days away from entering Q4. We still are confident that the ICS release will arrive within the next week, but that is unlikely to be the case for Xperia U owners across all regions. Case in point, Sony Mobile Brazil has said that the Xperia U ICS release will commence in November. Let’s hope this is the exception and most other owners will receive it before then.

Thanks Ricardo!

  • Anom

    I’m surprised that we (here from Brazil) already have this update, because all that are made about tecnology takes too long time to come here, reeeeeeeeaaly long time. For example, i think that Xperia J, V,… will come here just in december (or maybe the next year).

  • Ricardo Brenelli

    You guys are welcome! It is nice to know I could contribute! I read the Xperia Blog every day. Keep it up!

  • Will U receive the update first or Sola first?

  • thiru

    Hello xperia blog am eagerly waiting for xperia sx. Pls contact Sony and say weather we can get international version of sx or not?

  • Samuel Serafim

    This is not a rule. Sony’s CEO choosed Brazil the frist country to visit just after induct.

  • Wow! that’s so quick! :P

  • XPERIA sola user

    Include sola?

  • Prashant Satyanarayan

    and the xperia sola and go will receive it when? in january? like seriously, are you kidding us sony? my xperia sola would be my last sony phone im pretty sure about that.

  • Hassan

    well i waited lot for ICS now i am tired and going to sell my Xperia U Next week and will get Xperia S or P

  • postigab52

    what you should do is buy from samsung or something… if you buy another sony you are only giving them more money

  • its very unlikely that Sola could receive the update before U. Either way, Sony is fag!

  • Paarth Vora

    So its Brazil there first on the list!!!!!
    But wat bout India!!!!!!!!!???
    This is not wat ur sopose to do!!!!!!!

  • Rahul Lotlikar

    This delay in ics update will harm its sales in all sectors and other co. will become the best brand

    Be ready for customers goodbye sonyB-)

  • blaster

    very disappointed, ythis is my first sony and first android phone. i didn’t know why same model android phones get different time frame updates, I just wonted to try something out than iOS, next time not gonna buy sony will get samsung. BTW it’s is UK

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