Glove mode demoed on the Xperia sola [Video]

by XB on 28th September 2012

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Being able to use gloves on a smartphone should be a feature in all phones, however this is a restriction of the capacitive display found in most Android smartphones that needs the electrons from your fingertips to operate. Sony has tweaked the floating display technology in the ICS update for the Xperia sola to enable what it is calling “Glove mode”. As the name suggests, you will be able to use any* gloves with the handset. The timing is spot on as we enter the winter months.

Once you update your Sony Xperia sola to ICS, ‘Glove mode’ will be enabled by default. If you unlock the phone with a glove, floating touch mode is disabled and normal touch is enabled. You will also see a cursor ring on the display so that you know where you are pressing. Glove mode is disabled if you unlock the handset with your bare finger. Sounds like a great update for Xperia sola owners.

*Yes we do mean any. Check out the video below, where they can even navigate the phone through boxing gloves!

With Glove mode enabled you will see a cursor ring to show you where you are pressing the screen

Glove mode demoed on the Xperia sola

Glove mode can be disabled in the settings menu

Glove mode demoed on the Xperia sola

Via Sony Mobile Developer Blog.

  • trolling the new nokia display technology.

  • This is beyond great! Wish this tech would be on all phones in the future, with a on/off switch.

  • Coolkid

    Couple of days back i saw some guy demonstrate how Lumia 920 touch works even with glove on and also compared it with SGS3 and proved how Lumia was better… And on seeing that I wondered how great it was and felt Sony was left behind… Even I heard somewhere Sola works even with glove on( I totally forgot it)… But after seeing this Sony really put me to shame… It’s almost a half-year old tech from our Sony that Nokia managed to market properly… Frick Sony first for not marketing this properly and not implementing this thing in every high-end model… And frick me for doubting Sony’s tech-brilliance…. All hail Sony…!!!

  • Is that a boxing glove at the end? Freakin awesome!

  • Keon Fraites

    Very interesting I wonder if that’s the perfected hover touch interface laced within the glove touch. Very nice and way of thinking of the real life situations Sony!

  • Why only for Sola ?!

  • mountain

    Great. Now we have GO for summer sports and SOLA for winter sports. Now please, can you release a single device for both?

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  • Mohammad Javad – 16

    Because of Floating Touch Technology

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  • Actually I found this mode on XPERIA U. Though its not ICS (chect the unlock screen).

  • naathaanS

    From now on, Floating Touch should be standard on all Xperia phones

  • SKY

    first of all sony xperia sola is a mid-range phone & don’t ever dare 2 compare sony with those boring windows phone…. after all sony has made so many invention’s like floating touch, white magic, nfc, SWEEP 3D PANORAMA, xrmor camera, bravia engine and so on which nokia have not invented . moreover sony’s video play back quality & picture quality is best of all so we all should “MAKE.BELIEVE”

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