Xperia T and Xperia TX firmware pops up on PTCRB

by XB on 28th September 2012

in Firmware, Xperia T

The Sony Xperia T (LT30p, LT30a, LT30at) and Xperia TX (LT29i) firmware has popped up on the PTCRB website. Firmware version 7.0.A.1.303 has been certified for both handsets, a variant of Android 4.0.4. The LT30at version of the Xperia T (bound for AT&T in the US) is the only one that hasn’t appeared on the PTCRB, suggesting it’s still a while away from release.

Thanks Remco!

  • lovebmw

    whats new? Sony really sucks when it comes to mobiles and U.S., i mean acro was just release in the U.S. and we thought Xperia AT would have been any different

  • ‘means 7.1 is jelly

  • Brapicoco

    Another ICS update again, even though the these units are not all throughout the global market. customers are really tired of waiting for these devices and eventually shift to other brands now that LG,HTC and Samsung are really bringing it on with their flagships while Sony is one step behind as always..

  • InspectorGadget80

    Release the xperia t already att

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