Xperia T marketing campaign kicks off in UK; handset availability widens

by XB on 28th September 2012

in Xperia T

Sony is kick-starting its Xperia T (LT30p) marketing campaign in the UK to celebrate the availability of the handset. Sony had a full Xperia T advertising cover wrap in this morning’s Metro, the UK’s third largest daily national newspaper. The advert highlighted the “ultimate HD experience” of the Xperia T pointing to its 4.6-inch display and 13MP camera. It also highlighted its NFC sharing capabilities. As in a previous promotion, the advert prompted you to download the Blippar app to download a free Benga music download.

Sony Mobile UK also let users know that the phone was in shops today, just in time for the weekend. In addition to the Carphone Warehouse and Clove, the Sony Xperia T is now also available to buy directly through O2 and Three. It is available at various prices on a monthly basis, or you can buy it on PAYG with Three for £399.99 (plus top-up) or O2 for £429.99. Phones4U also has stock of the handset.

Xperia T marketing campaign kicks off in UK

Xperia T marketing campaign kicks off in UK

Xperia T marketing campaign kicks off in UK

Xperia T marketing campaign kicks off in UK

Xperia T marketing campaign kicks off in UK


  • I wanna this T! please :P

  • Wolf0491

    I want one but I think I can hold out for whatever they release next. It is so harddddd

  • blipp doesn’t work on the Xperia S so I can’t see the ad in all it’s glory

  • jj

    Trying to hold on for the TX

  • eric

    My Xperia T was already sent today (O2 Germany). Can’t wait to get it xD

  • Nuno

    Want that xperia TX

  • alex

    I like sony xperia v. please release v

  • Gang

    Why can’t the V come to the UK, fuck sake, The “T” has the worst button configuration ever.

  • Mark Walsh

    We can’t get the chance here yet as the networks aren’t 4G enabled yet so no point releasing a phone that won’t work. The 4G signal is pretty much a full year away for the majority of the networks by then I’m sure Sony will have a better beast on the horizon. Until then I’m really intrigued by the note 2 which looks really good

  • Memo

    It sound like there wont be a white version coming??!!!

  • It would still work on 3G, as any other phone. It wouldn’t be useless at all. It would be just as good as 3G only phones, with the addition that it would work on LTE when that opens.

  • Abdullah Darwish

    me to

  • Abdullah Darwish

    i am waiting for xperia v please release it

  • Evita

    check this Xperia TX ads from HK (verify require!!)

  • ThilinaC

    Any idea when will they release sim free model and how much it will be? =)

  • InspectorGadget80

    Damn att release the damn phone already!! U guys in Europe are so damn lucky to get it first

  • Aj

    Wow u r lucky one

  • Aj

    Haha mate u hit the nail on the head

  • jag

    the language is japanese? am i right?

  • ck

    This is an advert for the Taiwanese market

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