Xperia TL announced for AT&T: Xperia T with LTE

by XB on 1st October 2012

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Sony Mobile has announced that the Xperia TL (LT30at) will be heading to the United States in the not too distant future as the official Bond Phone. We first heard of the Sony Xperia TL at the end of August and at the time speculated that it might by the AT&T version of the Xperia T (LT30p). Well we were spot on, the Xperia TL is identical to the Xperia T apart from the fact that it will support LTE. The Xperia TL is also expected to have a metallic rear cover compared to the plastic cover of the Xperia T.

The other specs remain the same – the Xperia TL will come with a 4.6-inch 720p display, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset, 13MP camera, 1080p video recording, 720p front-facing camera, NFC (including one SmartTag in the box) and MHL. The handset will also come preloaded with some James Bond Skyfall content (behind the scenes footage, interviews, clips, wallpapers and ring tones) as seen with the Xperia T. The handset will launch with Android 4.0.4 ICS and will be upgraded to 4.1 Jelly Bean “following launch”.

  • Loken

    Ahh Lucky , US gets Metallic Phones

  • jj

    yeah to make up that fact that AT&T will F-up the phone!!!

  • owl

    Hmmm, does the AT&T logo light up?

  • I’m glad that Sony logo is in the top, without using that terrible at&t logo in up… At&t’s correct place should always be the bottom, cause Sony always rules.

  • AnP

    Will it be available UNLOCKED also? Which processor is this one running on? MSM8260A or MSM8960 same as Xperia V?

  • M Usman

    What about LTE version for the UK. EE is just about to be rolled out…

  • Evita

    The fact that why Xperia T global logo can’t light up is here :-P

    Sacrifice for this AT&T thing damnnnnnnn!!

  • Ambroos

    The p in LT30p stands for plastic ;)

  • Dacha

    It will have the same processor as the V. MSM8960

  • crazy chef

    will the sony xperia T or TL come over to the U.S because i would prefer an unlocked phone and not a att cuase they suck even if they have Lte

  • crazy chef

    lets hope that att doesnt make people wait until november for the lauch of skyfall. cause i’m sure they are going to try and milk the iphone5 crap as long as they can

  • chuck
  • paul_cus

    Totally agree. I’m still pissed that AT&T put their logo at the top of the ion.

  • I’ve never quite understood why people get so worked up about a stupid logo. Who cares if AT&T puts their logo on it? It’s an AT&T phone. Every other carrier does it.

  • Nice..

  • Devils_95

    Darn, my last name starts with a “T” and now the new name will screw up my gimmick with the phone lol

  • Dacha

    Another mistake on They keep making mistakes over and over. The MSM8260-A does not support LTE.

  • TheGreatWhiteNorth

    That’s fantastic for Americans, but for us Canadians, we’d love an release date. I honestly don’t care if it will be Rogers exclusive, just a title similar to “Sony Xperia T Coming To Canada!” would be superb!

  • goldenblls

    The metal back will fit the XT too won’t it?

  • JDM

    any chance that sony will support the Xperia V and T for Verizon in the u.s?

  • mland550

    Do you see any carrier logos on the iPhone? I don’t…and the GNex and SGS III have them on the back if they’re bought from a carrier, which is fine. They shouldn’t ever be on the front of the device.

  • rene


  • Rene

    If it’s removable I do not see why it wouldn’t

  • lander

    Sony needs to go LTE on every new phone now….

  • Why? Do the features on the phone stop working if the logo is on the front? Does it make the phone less enjoyable? Is the reception not as good? it doesn’t matter. It’s just a logo. Don’t want a logo? Buy the unlocked version.

  • Feanor

    Well, it does affect negatively the perception of the design, it’s like having a product placement permanently pasted on your device. Would you like your Diesel jeans to have a sticker ‘Sponsored by Tide”?
    There is one hardware manufacturer and they should brand the hardware solely. The carriers should be content with their name onscreen.

  • Lewis Chiverton

    If a Nexus device doesn’t come to AT&T I will get this phone.

  • The_Newtype

    That AT&T logo on the bottom of the phone is absolutely hideous. I understand that Sony isn’t in a position to bargain, but at least make AT&T put the logo on the back like Samsung.

  • The_Newtype

    I agree.

    It’s nothing but an effort by AT&T to make a statement that they are not simply a “dumb pipe” that offers you only a service. They want to be involved in every step of their customer’s solution (read: they want to offer you the service, the device, certain apps that are pre-installed on their devices, etc).

    I’ve been with AT&T forever, but I always purchased unlocked, unbranded and then just swap my SIM as necessary.

  • Nasar Khan

    Anyone know how I can debrand my Xperia T? Got it as an upgrade and Vodafone decided put all their bloatware crap on in.

  • mland550

    If only it were that easy. I think the unlocked version will be missing the AT&T LTE radio, though I don’t know that for sure. I get that some people aren’t bothered by the carrier logos. I’m not one of them. It goes for many other things, too – when buying a car I make sure there’s no dealership stickers all over the trunk, or even license plate frames. In my opinion they ruin the nice, clean look of the car – just like carrier logos do to phones.

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  • Fraulein

    That’s actually true

  • AnP

    Exactly! And there is no white paper of TL available yet. V was announced as an LTE phone & hence it carries the MSM8960 chip. Hope they correct it soon. And I really hope we see an UNLOCKED LTE Xperia T!

  • AnP

    Your source of this info?

  • Fraulein

    I’ve posted twice on how to do it. I’ll guess you will have to email xperiablog and ask why they remove my post…

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  • James King

    Unlocked Xperia TL will be coming to the US. No timeframe on it but thats the latest I got today.

  • James King

    Also I have the whitepaper for the TL if you want to take a look at it.

  • AnP

    can you please send me a link to it?

  • James King

    Nope. No CDMA phones.

  • James King

    Its a great phone. Heavier than mist but the build feels super strong. Very smooth too.

  • adrian strozier

    So…the placing of the AT&T logo is a big thing huh. It really doesn’t matter where goes, its still going to be there so yeah. That being said, I’m happy to pick up the Bond phone through AT&T it beats buying the phone for full price, even if it comes with AT&T bloatware, like with every carrier.

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