Xperia U Android 4.0.4 firmware update now rolling out

by XB on 2nd October 2012

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We saw the Sony Xperia go Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich update roll out on Sunday, the Xperia sola update started yesterday and now last but not least to the ICS party is the Sony Xperia U. For now, firmware is only rolling out for the ST25a version of the Xperia U, at least for those with unbranded handsets in Australia.

For those with the ST25i version of the Sony Xperia U you have two options: 1) wait for the update, it can’t be too much longer now that the ST25a ICS update is out, or 2) use FlashTool to flash this update to your phone. If you go for the latter, the FTF file has already been uploaded to xda-developers. ST25i users need to make sure you tick the “Exclude baseband” option in FlashTool before updating.

Via xda-developers.

Thanks Max!

  • postigab52

    at last :)

  • Keon Fraites

    Good work, lets see you keep it up seems like now that the S P U and Sola have been upgraded it seems as though we should be expecting some information on the JB not a release but some news on it at least.

  • guest

    finally. but my pc companion cant detect my phone. anyone with same difficulties and solutions?

  • naathaanS

    Did you unlock the bootloader?

  • postigab52

    flashed and working like a charm

  • Plz tel us the feedback how is it ICS on S25a/i.. im quite worried as it is having only 500mb RAM.. is it enough for ICS??

  • guest

    nope. din even know how to unlock it. Happened before but successfully connected after unplug and replug usb cable. but today it doesn’t work. problem started after the .184 update on August.

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  • I checked this site every 2 hours.. and finally now its out.

    Sony. its better be stable .. so our long waiting pain is not in vain

  • after backing up the phone on 2.3, and updating to ICS, trying to restore the text messages was impossible. I know the sms is there in the back up but it wont carry over into ICS. is there a way to remedy this?

  • naathaanS

    That I don’t know

  • guest

    thx anyway

  • Ambroos

    Try with Sony Update Service instead of PC Companion!

  • Frank

    Do I need to update to .184 first or can I update to ICS directly? Can someone who has already updated please check if the app “Illumation bar” is working with ICS? Thx everybody!

  • Jari

    Will I need to re-install all applications downloaded from the google play store after the update?
    What about my pictures and music?

  • Ufuk

    Yes, I’ve just install the app and it’s working :)

  • Ufuk

    I’ve just checked. Here is the screenshot. The screenshot was taken after installing all my applications.

  • When it will roll out in India for ST25i users ??

  • Ufuk

    it’s odd but after the installation, there were no apps installed on my phone but after I was connected to internet via Wifi, the apps are started to install/update to my phone. And also pictures and musics weren’t deleted from my phone.

  • u could have used app,backup software and then u can install from ur storage

  • When the update will come for st25i

  • Sabeel

    When does the update for the st25i come out..waiting for android 4.0

  • When the update is releasing. For st25i

  • Mehdi Solamannejad

    If you factory reset your phone, everything would work smooth.

  • Frank

    Thanks for testing! ICS I’m coming!

  • I tried update my xperia u by ‘Sony Update Services’, but i could not. Appears that i have the newest software, do you know why?

  • Jari

    Thank you. I’ll have to see how it works out after the update arrives.

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  • Gingerbread backup works with Google Play. Keeps a record of all apps currently installed. Once you log into your Google Account with your new phone, it will download all the apps you had on your previous phone. The drawback is that it does it simultaneously so make sure you’ve got time, and a solid internet connection. Should the download fail, it will not retry. And you’ll have to install manually.

  • what did you use to backup? I use SMS Backup/Restore

  • They have said after 1 week in India

  • Sab

    When is it out in the uk

  • wuv

    Clear data for the MTPapp in the phone
    Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > All > Mtpapp

    Stop Mtpapp service from running by clicking Force Stop.

    Found that on sonymobiles forum, worked for me!

  • Jari

    Thank you. Now I’ll just have to wait until the update arrives.

  • Storm

    Has not come out yet to Australia through Telstra………. come on!!!!!!!!

  • for st25i

  • jaspreet

    when will it come to indian customers?

  • I have xperia u st25a in pakistan but still n0 updates:-(

  • Claudiul

    ICS for Xperia U ST25i!
    i had until today (since 2nd of Octomber) the ST25a variant with baseband checked, which is btw super ok, the only problem is that in settings i. Today I downloaded and instaled the french variant of ST25i and it looks fine, even in setting it says that it is ST25i. I saw no difference in working between those two variants.So, you may download it it and install it with flash tool. It is only up to you.If anybody wants to install it, the stept are:0. Back up anything you want to keep, because will erase everything, except the Phone memory.1. download the firmware from here: . The page is in french; in order to start the download you have to write ”artroulette” in the space above the ”valider et…” text.2. Download and install Flashtool from here: Open Flashtool and click the Flash button (first one) and select the Flash mode. A new window will apear and there are 2 possibilites: copy the XperiaU_ICS4.0.4_nu.ftf file in the c:Flashtoolfirmwares folder or browse your computer for it. Click ”Ok” and… that is it.

  • Steve

    Jeepers, I have an ST25a Xperia U and the stupid update is STILL not available… very frustrating…

  • mohiddin

    When it will roll out in Malaysia for ST25i,, because my xperia U has touch problem,, if the problem is continue after im update, im take action sony mobile community

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  • need help here…i just updated my xperia u to android 4.0.4 ,it was actually great,but then i realized that i cannot connect to the net even with wifi …help please

  • siddhant

    Roll out the update forST25i in india …my phone hangs in android 2.2.3 versiion

  • I have model number ST25i when is it coming for my phone

  • Suhas

    I recently updated the OS of my wife’s Xperia U from Android 2.3 to Android 4.0. The upgrade was smooth, didnt take much time and most of all I did not loose any data. Thats great. But post the update, the touch screen is giving problems. To make things work on the touch screen I need to press harder (feels like using the resistive touch screen) and the right side of the touch screen is in kind of comma i.e. it does not function. Does this have to do anything with the device? Is this problem some malfunction or misconfiguration in the OS (I actually also reset it to factory settings post installing the 4.0, but it did no good)? Can I go back to the old 2.3?

  • billy

    Is the ics update for st25I out in the UK yet?

  • kiran

    al ready it came to india.connect with pc with u r cable.u r mobile wil be updated with os 4.o.4

  • blaster

    still not in the UK. it very frustrating

  • Behzad Sony xperia u

    Im from Iran. I talking to u sony!me and my wife seriusly like ur lovely brand and we gave 2 phone xperia u whait and black
    We waiting for android 4.04
    Pls harry up

  • juhae

    If necessary: take out sim-card. That helped me to get update working at all !

  • Phelipe

    when the update arrives in Brazil?

  • tatally worth the effrot. Thanks ;)

  • faisal

    Still no update for my St25i in Pakistan :-( Its 29, nov. :-(

  • is there a way of reverting back to ginger bread?
    Ice-cream sandwich seems to be much worse than older phones from 5 yrs ago…

  • molar

    try SUS. its a charm

  • Still no updates in Russia. Will never trust Sony anymore.

  • Moses Brians

    when will it be out for the ST25i users in Saudi Arabia???

  • i have a problem with my sony experia u st25i after updating to 4.0.4 android it keeps reboothing itself how can i fix that ?

  • gsvirdi

    Latest available software: 6.1.1.B.1.10 and it’s Release date was: 2012-09-28

  • t he only way to get my wifi running again was to get my network operator to send my setup settings again. Simple answer but oh boy does it take some working out

  • Nafasat khan

    when the updates will b avilable in Pakistan, its 28 December bt still no updates:-(

  • ics 4 update can mess up wifi and ics downgrade is only solution, avoid if u use netgear routers and have a go and get phone repaired if unlucky

  • messi

    My st25i in UK still not updated

  • When it will come out In pakistan i checked through pc companion it says ur phone is up to date please help

  • ali

    How I can xperia u

  • Didi/*

    I still can`t update it :|

  • Just updated and lost my 3d camera function, can this be resolved?

  • reuben

    can anyone tell the detail steps to uprage sony xperia u.

  • Ibrahim

    please tell me how you upgrade your Sony Xperia u I’m trying to upgrade but I don’t know how to upgrade add me on Facebook Bryim Murphy or on kik Bryim Murphy on whatsapp 09091387332

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