PlayStation Mobile (PSM) now live for PlayStation Certified devices

by XB on 3rd October 2012

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Sony has officially launched PlayStation Mobile (PSM) for PlayStation Certified devices this morning, as expected. Select Sony Xperia and HTC One smartphones can now access the new PlayStation Mobile app, which replaces the previous PS Store app. PS Vita owners also have access to PSM. If you already had PS Store installed on your handset, you will be prompted to update the app when you click on it. If you don’t already have the PS Store app then you can download the apk directly from here.

As we have previously highlighted, PlayStation Mobile has dropped all of the PS one classics from the PlayStation Store and instead you get a collection of dedicated content. We’ve included some screens on what’s on PSM at the moment at various price points (from €0.50 to €12.99), new games will be added every Wednesday. All PSM games support the on-screen virtual DUALSHOCK controller. Highlights include Super Crate Box, Samurai Beatdown and audio app Beats Trellis.

You can see the full list of PlayStation Certified devices below, but more manufacturers have recently signed up to the programme including Asus, Fujitsu, Sharp and Wikipad. PlayStation Mobile is initially available in nine countries including Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia with more to follow.

PS Store app is now replaced with PSM



New PSM icon


Accept the new user agreement and sign in with your Sony Entertainment Network account




New PlayStation Store for PSM brings dedicated content; PS one classics are no more


Content can be filtered by Games and Apps








21 games have launched on PSM so far; new games will be added every Wednesday




PlayStation Mobile Launch Titles

Aqua Kitty – Milk Mine Defender ($3.49 / £2.79)
Beats Slider ($0.79 / £0.65)
Beats Trellis ($0.79 / £0.65)
Everbody’s Arcade (Free trial / IAP)
Flick Hockey ($2.29 / £1.79)
Frederic – Resurrection of Music ($3.99 / £3.19)
Fuel Tiracas ($0.49 / £0.40)
Hungry Giraffe ($2.99 / £2.39)
incurvio ($7.49 / £5.89)
Loot the Land ($3.99 / £3.19)
Magic Arrows ($4.99 / £3.99)
Numblast ($2.99 / £2.39)
Nyoqix ($5.49 / £4.49)
Rebel ($1.99 / £1.59)
Samurai Beatdown ($0.99 / £0.79)
Super Crate Box ($3.49 / £2.79)
Tractor Trails ($2.29 / £2.59)
Twist Pilot ($3.49 / £2.79)
Underline ($2.79 / £2.19)
Wipe! ($1.49 / £1.19)
Word Blocked ($1.99 / £1.59)

PlayStation Certified devices (as at 3 October 2012)

Sony Tablet P
Sony Tablet S
Xperia Tablet S

Sony Mobile Communications
Xperia acro HD IS12S
Xperia acro HD SO-03D
Xperia acro IS11S
Xperia acro S LT26w
Xperia acro SO-02C
Xperia arc SO-01C
Xperia GX SO-04D
Xperia ion LT28at
Xperia ion LT28i/LT28h
Xperia NX SO-02D
Xperia PLAY R800i/R800a/R800at
Xperia PLAY R800x
Xperia PLAY SO-01D
Xperia S LT26i
Xperia SL LT26ii
Xperia SX SO-05D
Xperia T LT30a/LT30h
Xperia TX LT29i
Xperia V LT25i

One S
One V
One X

Thanks Ali!

  • Mike

    Can’t see it on my Xperia S

  • Installed on my XperiaPlay…don’t see any interesting games, also i think a video preview would be useful, not only images…
    For example, samurai Beatdown seems funny but i really would like to see how it runs…

  • Not all countries are supported.

  • Cain

    This is gonna flop… Im sorry but this is really a terrible idea. Old ps1 classics was a much better idea

  • it works on Arc S just so you know! Try it! :)

  • Samuel

    You might want to add HTC’s new One X+ to the list.

    But PS1 games would have indeed made it better a better platform.

  • Everyboy can already play them with FPse, so i guess it’s a good idea not include PS1 games…

  • Strange

    I hope games such as Patapon and Echochrome will be available on mobile.

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    i downloaded it on xperia neo v it works perfectly although my phone is not certified…

  • christian miranda

    release the tekken

  • mondez

    Have the PS1 games been completely replaced then? These awful apps are all the PS content available?

  • Kaminori Chan

    i think SONY should put video for each game at PSM Store too if there’s not any…

  • Did u ever heard about FPse?…

  • we need a new and fresh Tekken, not the classic

  • This is just the beginning. Picture this like the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. This is Sonys own app environment and as time goes on we’ll be seeing more and more games and apps appear here. Developers who were going to port for Android have the incentive of doing PSM instead simply because of the lack of piracy compared to Android. The list of PSM supported developers is already pretty nice and will be growing too.

  • Old PS1 classics weren’t the best option on an all touchscreen environment. PS1 classics are already finding new life for Vita owners and this will be a brand new app environment for Sony to grow. I see big things for this and if it grows big enough, I hope they’ll release phones and tablets running the Vita OS, and these will be the apps for it.

  • why this app is not working on my xperia u it shows an error occured

  • why? any one tell me

  • Oh, i misunderstand! You are right!!!!!!!!! Also we need new “important” titles, like MGS, Gran Turismo, etc etc…

  • Well, I could successively install it on my Xperia Neo MT15i!

  • jag

    nice suggestion! please comment on their webpage so PSM can improve their store

  • mformitchell

    not supported in indonesia :'(

  • vara

    when will this be avaliable in indonesia :(

  • Tony


  • Ashua

    Great more games are coming tomorrow ! everything Wednesday great !

  • ysf

    Xperia p please add

  • Yeah. Just got the Xperia Z. What’s the point of me having this phone if I cannot fully utilise its full capabilities and potential!!!

  • Bring this store to New Zealand already!!!

  • Kris

    Can anybody tell me when i`m gonna be able to run this app on Xperia Tipo?

  • Don’t use Turkey.

  • Aleksandr Tyrenko

    Xperia C3 D2502
    error 8008 :(

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