Xperia AX to get 16GB internal storage versus 8GB for the Xperia V?

by XB on 3rd October 2012

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We reported earlier this week that the Sony Xperia V (LT25i) will be launched in Japan under a new name – the Xperia AX (SO-01E/SOL21). The Xperia AX will be largely the same as the Xperia V, but will come with an infrared port, 1-Seg TV tuner and FeliCia NFC. All of these features are coveted in the Japanese market. However, it looks like the Xperia AX will also get 16GB eMMC internal storage versus 8GB on the Sony Xperia V.

The revelation popped up in a FCC document submission (see a screencap below). It clearly shows that the Xperia AX (SO-01E/SOL21) will get a 16GB eMMC compared to 8GB for the Xperia V. Both handsets will support microSD memory cards, so it’s not too much of a big issue. However, if the Xperia AX could cram all this extra tech and higher storage too, we wonder why the Xperia V couldn’t at least have the same internal storage.

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  • Rune Christiansen

    …Maybe it’s more expensive… I’m pretty sure that the reason for the specs that are worse on the V, is to meet a specific pricepoint.

  • M Usman

    have you learnt nothing from Sony(Ericsson) days? Its not the first time An Xperia handset in Japan is getting more storage than its European partner. Its common practice for them for the past 2 years. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. Hell I haven’t figured out why they do it but they’ve done it for the past 2 years.

  • rex

    I don’t care, i still want it. ELGIGANTEN, a large retailer in sweden has listed both the Black and White Xperia V for sale on the 15th of October. Yeah!!! Check out the page below;

  • mountain

    Before we all go and get the AX, remember that it is most likely to be LTE band I only, meaning it will not work anywhere other than Japan

  • M Usman

    I don’t like their strategy but its working for them so far so I don’t see why they would change it. I find it annoying that they do this but they knows what’s best for their company. I just want my Xperia S upgrade next year to be a wicked upgrade. The best phone in the market at end of next year. I was also going to upgrade my Arc contract in a few months but see no point. A waste of money. I’m giving them another year to give us something special. can’t reply to you gonogo as your comment has been flagged for abuse. so I’m replying to myself instead LOL

  • M Usman

    £465 GBP. Not bad I guess.

  • gonogo

    flagged for abuse :O LOL.. I didn’t say anything bad or something Oh Well!

  • gonogo

    Thanks for sharing but It is hard to believe that Sony will actually release it in October.

  • rex

    I know. All the other retailers say end of November. I check their site everyday and it still says October 15th

  • In my view this is perfect strategy from Sony , i remind all of you that Sony is number one in Japan selling their devices , so there isnt any surprise from Sony …


  • Pandering to the home crowd is commonplace for Sony, surely?

  • luis

    how much would it cost to import it to the U.S. v-v

  • Some norwegian retailers claim October 4th, some October 10th and some October 16th. I expect the dates to be pushed back as we get to those dates. :P

  • IVe xperia s but i dont think sony can stand against Samsung s3 nor iPhone 5. In my opinion I believes that 2011 was more successful.

  • rafi

    As most people knows in japan the smartphone more expensive compare to other region.. so by providing extra fetures makes sense in japanese market.

  • we are talking in japan market , like GX and AX Sony easly can beat S3 and Iphone 5 … Sony is always make high performance phones for their own market.

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  • lewistoner

    If i buy the xperia V, how would i know which internal memory brand i have in the phone( Samsung or SanDisk)?.
    Also, is there any difference in performance between Samsung’s 21nm and SanDisk’s 24nm?

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