Xperia T gets an action-packed ad to celebrate “The Bond phone”

by XB on 4th October 2012

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We all know that Sony’s new Xperia T flagship is being marketed heavily as “The Bond phone”. The handset will be featured in the new James Bond film Skyfall that will be released this winter. To celebrate the fact that the Bond phone has arrived, Sony has released a new action-packed 45-second promotional video for the Xperia T.

The production team included Joe Carnahan (writer of The Grey and The A-Team) and James Bittoni (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The A-Team). The ad includes a speedboat near-miss with a trawler, an Aston Martin Vantage V12 (one of only 1,000 ever made) and some rooftop running. This is a heavyweight ad worthy of any blockbuster, check it out below.

Via Sony Mobile Product Blog.

  • Roy

    Can Sony or can not Sony deliver when it comes to advertising? Yes! they can.

    I Think that the Xperia V should be the Resident Evil phone. “+..+/”

  • First ad in a while to make me smile, way better than Samsung, them only being able to advertise against Apple.

  • Sony make ultimate advertising in the market …

  • Amazing Ad….At first Looks like a Skyfall trailer…

  • jj

    Bet Bond wanted the TX instead!!!!!

  • miss opportunity, Xperia V should have been the Bond phone. They have an intense water scene in the movie, they should show Bond pull out the V after the scene in water to show off the water resistance and wow ppl.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    That, my friend, Is a LEGIT Idea :D :D :D :D

  • agree

  • kiikooo

    It’s a fine ad but I have no clue how you guys see this as that amazing.
    it only showed the phone once.
    noo features no nothing.

  • Basharca

    Without apple there is no meaning of samsung right?
    That’s why samsung has to bring apple in most of their ads.
    I know they suck, but so does the world :)

  • Arie

    You know Samsuck, they lack of creativity

  • Walker

    sucker !! ,the iphone can’t beat SONY product ! ,why the people always compared all product with this shi*t’s

  • Coolkid

    OMG… OMG… I never thought of that scene… If that scene was there, Sony wouldn’t have even needed a marketing campaign or an ad to promote XV… Everybody who watches the movie would be mesmerized by it and would’ve bought it right away… U rock mate….:)

  • Chris


  • Roy

    I think that you’re speaking to (I’m assuming) a bunch of Sony die hard fans (This includes me) so we’re pretty much on top of features and gadgets. The ad, in that sense, was enough for us since focusing on what the phone can actually do would be redundant to us fans that devour this blog on a daily basis.
    But to be fair to Sony, they did an ad focusing on photography and NFC sharing for the T. It’s really amazing as well. And the V ad expands on the LTE and water resistant features. This ad was mostly to reassert the brand connection to the upcoming movie.
    I’ll say again, they should have Milla Jovovich saying “and this is my world” holding an Xperia V dressed as Alice surrounded by zombies. That – Would – Be – Awesomeness!!

  • InspectorGadget80

    Trailer DIDN’T SHOW THE DAMN PHONE. Anyway I’m still buying it and going to watch the movie. CAN’T WAIT

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