Xperia T sample pics against the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3

by XB on 4th October 2012

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Want to know how the Sony Xperia T’s (LT30p) 13MP camera fares against the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3? Then check out some sample pictures from each phone below. did the photo shoot in a number of different environments including indoors, low-level lighting in a garage as well as a playground.

The Xperia T looks to have a different tint to some of the pictures which look a bit bizarre, however we don’t know what settings were used for each device. Have a look at the pictures below, but check out the source link for additional comparisons with the iPhone 4 and Sony DSC-HX9V.

Camera Shootout: Samsung Galaxy S 3 – Apple iPhone 5 – Sony Xperia T

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Thanks miki69!

  • danidavito

    i really want to have an xperia V, but……the photos of xperia T still don’t have the quality of iphone 5, or even gs3. Why?

  • FlowXT

    All those phone use Exmor R sensors from Sony, so maybe it’s down to the lens. Sony sells either sensor only or sensor w/lens to OEMs. Sony uses solely plastic in construction of the lens elements, and the outer layer I believe is made of plastic as well. Apple has used glass in the outer layer of iPhone 4s, and now sapphire crystal in iPhone 5.

  • hhmmm maybe there’s something wrong with the settings used, it appears to have a bluish to tint, some Xperia T camera test doesn’t look like that

  • sfordesign

    omfg what happened, sony?! getting the worst pic in every situation????

  • Aokde Gharra

    Why do i feel like samsung and apple make software enhancments (such as saturation etc)? I don’t know, i’m not) liking the pictures that the T took :(

  • litoni

    I wanna see the TX photos!

    read somewhere that TX produces much better pictures than the T

  • LOL , many people envy T /TX so like this comprasions bad reputation for Sony and their devices. I dont believe photo quality of T /TX which taken . Someone who take photos i think even make them to look worth …

  • ?? ?

    what’s wrong with 1st picture? I think that is impossible -w-

  • i dont know too much abt cameras and photos.. but i think iphone saturates its pics quite a bit to give you that fresh looking pic…. xperia dosnt do the same.. u can always manually edit ur pic to get the same saturation level if u want it fresh-looking..

  • karty
  • Vikramditya

    GS3 FTW!

  • miki69
  • dumpSony

    look at those disappointed sony fan boys. cant believe what they’re seeing. haha. is that a flagship phone? looks like a crapship phone too me! wahaha.. used to own the xperia arc and it takes better pictures than the T.

  • time2saybye

    Hahaha $uckny
    fuck you sony fuck you! lolz

  • mountain

    Under sunlight, I would say that XT wins. The colour on XT, I5 and S3 is very close, but XT wins in details. For the second pic, I am not really sure. S3 has slightly less noise than other, but for the colour, it might be the fact that XT is (or isn’t) the only phone that reflects the true colour of the car park (I don’t know unless I am there). The metering is definitely wrong for XT on the first photo. I know, we could have manual metering on XT, but the fact is how many of us would want to adjut it everytime we go indoor.

  • CloudAtlas

    These images do not do the Xperia T justice. Take a look here

  • CloudAtlas

    The TX has the same camera module and SW as T.

  • Kin

    Hey man, I tried downloading the fruit photo of TX, saturating, adjusting levels (shadows/contrast), sharpness; still not even close to what the iPhone5 is capable of. The photo is metered wrong and white balanced wrong. That’s why you see the “haze” in the pic. You can’t do anything to change it afterwards. Same goes for 3rd photo.

    I’m awestruck Sony still develops shit after shit. Why can’t they just make a goddamn solid phone without major faults? The first time ever I’m thinking of ditching SE/Sony for a Note2 and come back 2H 2013.

  • Coolkid

    @miki69:disqus were those pics taken by TX…???
    If so, they’re great & amazing…!!!

  • Kin

    you’re right, sony sucks. Don’t know what the F! they are doing. Camera sucks; all the “screen washed out” problems also. Also not releasing the better looking TX internationally pisses me off.

    F! u sony.
    As a company, 3 tiers below Apple’s standards in everything!!!

  • Kin

    fanboys RAAAAAAGED!!!!!!

  • Dr. Andy

    iPhone 5 wins hands down!!! Xperia T, same as Xperia S have really poor white balance and color accuracy, and also the colors are grainy.
    I go for a good 8mpx camera than a bad higher mpx one.

  • k

    they all look like shit, its not the phone fault, but its the guy that took the photos.
    that guy probably dont know how to shoot photos.

  • There is obviously something wrong here. All other sample photos have shown shots taken with the Xperia T to be superior to all but the Nokia PureView.
    Either the device is faulty, or someone has altered the photos.

  • mady

    oh!! Reverse the line, t -appl-s3, s3 uses superamoled screens whch produces overbright blu color n get a blue tint on disply…
    N iphone- that damn 70000 costng 32 g.b phone uses lcd s of sony along wid camara n sound modules!!! Ha ha ha. .n wat the fuck s ip5?? 1.2 dual core! No xpandbl mem. Really suckng 1400+ mah battry! Who cares cares abot its reputed half eaten loge!?

  • Mike

    Yay, someone has an agenda here. Really, XperiaBlog are losing credibility by the day….

  • yamakota

    Lol apple uses Sony sound modules, LCD and camera for iPhone 5, meaning no Sony apple is= shit dude, I will see when will apple make their LCD and camera to compete with Sony kidos =]

  • lol

    Well, the 13mpix camera has no REAL difference than the 8Mpix shooters….Imean real difference

  • miki69

    Yes, you can check EXIF. Truly amazing!


  • GS3 & iPhone5 are using HDR..

  • time2saybye

    Hahaha $uckny

  • Arie

    Maybe Sony should focus on 2-3 smartphones a year and improve their quality, rather than bombing the market with huge amount of mediocre smartphones.

  • Silver Scythe

    Totally with you man. The Xperia T has previously taken pictures that are quite good. so either there’s definitely a software bug / settings problem in this particular piece or they got hold of a faulty piece. As simple as that. Sony’s cameras have always always been fantastic. Heck, the iphone5 uses a Sony sensor. What does that tell you

  • surethom

    Apple uses the sony sensor but is way better at the software side, Sony need to get a new team in & FAST.

  • ddaf

    I think they have to compare it with xperia v, then there will be no chance with s3 and iphone 5

  • seriously, xperia t gots the horrible quality, I’m Sony fanboy, but please! Sony….

  • Arie

    Maybe Sony should focus on 2-3 smartphones a year and improve their quality, rather than bombing the market with huge amount of mediocre smartphones.

  • Keon Fraites

    What it seems like is that they raised exposure and set the lighting to incandescent.

  • Keon Fraites

    Incandescent light settings… retake.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    hope that this will come in a future product, would be a worthy accusation :P

  • Samuel Serafim

    Fuck natural colors. vivid colors are far way best.

  • lovebmw

    well they need to do hald sized job for this phone and the other half for the V, at the end you have two phones that are half the competitors capabilities

  • ProWeirdoThinksTsA_Crap

    Xperia T is a total crap, test V versus iPhone and SGSIII. T completely lost the fight.

  • A new fail for SONY, they never learn from thier mistakes, Soooooooooooo Disappointed

  • gonogo

    Guys, I’m wondering if it is just me who thinks I should go with Xperia SL for now? I think that transparent strip design was better than Xperia T design?

    I can’t make up my mind so opinions/suggestion are welcome…

    PS: Xperia SL is easily available for about $430-450 online.


  • Kaminori Chan

    Exactly, they’re putting bad creditless news about Sony phones a lot lately

  • Rem Tiangco

    Oh no! :( I don’t understand what’s happening to Sony now. :(

  • heartlockermehra

    I strongly feel Sony should release a purely dedicated camera phone to show what Sony’s camera quality is!

  • Lunkz

    Why the people downgrade him? He is right. I’m a hug Sony Mobile Fanboy. But then I see Sample pics against other phone, sony loses in all grades. Great Job Sony, great job…

  • Roy

    Gosh, I hope the V release will bring along some camera improvements. T’s shots look milky and grainy. I currently own an Arc and I also notice the same effect on my camera. Upon real up close zoom they’re grainy and full of black dots, low light shots severely downgraded too, zooming in you find that shades and black areas are filled with black/green tones. I just wish I’d saved some sample pics from when I had GB, I feel like any comparison I do now to a memory of what it used to be like would be biased.

  • blind

    More and more this is just looking like a mediocre phone. Mediocre display and camera. Might have to go with iPhone 5 and hope Sony can pull it together in 2013. Alas.

  • it’s all the same

  • Chris

    Totally agree!

  • mr_torture

    Every since 2011 Xperias, there is this yellow tint problem in low light environments. Well, at least with default camera settings. I was also very unpleasantly surprised when I took first pictures with my Xperia Arc S, after I bought it. But, there is no need for panic, as this is result of inproper auto settings in low light environments. Just change your light settings manually to “fluorescent” and everything will be OK. Test it and you’ll see.
    Apart from that, Xperia cameras are still on top, and I’m telling this from experience. From Nokias, to HTCs, to Samsungs, nothing can match Sony’s photo quality, with right settings obviously.
    Here is example of yellow tinting in low light room environment (with flash):

    First picture is taken with auto light settings, and the second one with fluoroscent light balance.

  • Roy

    Oh c’mon that’s unfair. What would you have them do, fabricate news? It’s not their fault the news aren’t flattering. I think they’re doing a good job in keeping us in tune with all things Sony (mobile) and they should not refrain from reporting something fearing it might make us Sony fans displeased. If anything, reporting the truth drives a company to an ever constant self-enhancing motto, instead of pretending that the faults are not there and there’s nothing to improve on. I wouldn’t know about glove mode, pixel eye, smart gadgets like the watch and tags, the way Sony advertises and interacts with end users in different countries if it weren’t for this blog, and it was this blog that helped me win my case against the Brazilian Sony costumer service on demanding my Arc case gets replaced (which later cracked again… >.>)
    What I’m saying is, I don’t see an agenda here, and if there is one, is biased towards making Sony look better, because not too long ago they reported the benchmarks from the latest devices and the V was beating even the GSIII, so either this blog is not biased, or they don’t know how bias really work.

  • Why WB is so weird on XT

  • konstantin

    Agree. And why pics from iphone and s3 are so similar?

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  • Johnson

    hey, how about xperia t vs Lumia 920 in low light ? It’ll be an awesome clash of the titans. Since the Xperia T/TX is equipped with Sony’s latest sensor after all

  • xperia t camera is stupid :( picture is different when take out in computer just stupid i dont now what is the problem i using it but i am missing my Nokia N8 camera :(((

  • Because it uses BRAVIA Engine.
    Pictures ALWAYS look better on devices than on computer that’s why i always edit them on my laptop. =)

  • Irfan Omee

    Don’t be fooled by these pic. Xperia T has great camera. Xperia T shots appears fade because I think HDR mode was off at that time. Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 has built in HDR mode,

  • psychok9

    What is options & settings that you enable on the camera?

  • psychok9

    What’s you say about oil painting effect on green photos like leaf, tree, etc?

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