Sony C150X and C160X: low-end handsets for 2013

by XB on 6th October 2012

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A couple of low-end Sony Xperia model numbers destined to appear in 2013 have been found. The Sony C160X (C1604/C1605) is believed to be an entry-level model, as highlighted by a NenaMark2 benchmark and User-Agent Profiles. This phone is expected to be powered by a 1.0GHz single-core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7227A chipset with Adreno 200 graphics. The detail also highlights a display resolution of 320 x 480 pixels running with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. The firmware version in the UAProf (11.1.A.0.17) points to a handset segment similar to the Xperia tipo and miro.

Another Sony Xperia, model number C1505, has also been uncovered although little is known about this one. Judging by the model number, it also looks like an entry-level model. This news follows on from our earlier post about the new Sony Xperia handset with model number C650X codenamed ‘Odin’. The Sony C650X is believed to be the 2013 Sony Mobile flagship and will launch in March next year.

Via Blog of Mobile (1, 2 & 3).

  • I find these new model numbers confusing… They look like old Sony Ericsson devices…

  • khanh

    Im kinda looking more 4ward to 2013, since the 2012 models are really messy, nothing lives up to the charm of the model last year, got the Xperia Arc S in my hand and it looks more modern than the TX, GX. The Xperia Ray is even better looking than the SX. The only decent models are the Xperia S/P and Ion. The rest are quite pointless

  • kiikooo

    It’s not about simply releasing flagship phones. People need to be excited that sony is releasing a new phone. Make your flagship a yearly thing and get people excited about it

  • Deepunknown

    Really!! Releasing another handset running ICS in 2013!!! Seriously what is Sony thinking…..


    What is the point! They are flooding the market with average at best handsets. They must have released about 10 phones over the last 2 month and the majority are virtually identical. I wish they’d focus on quality instead of quantity … There hasn’t been one handset that would make me switch from my Ray and I just hope that when I’m due for an update that there are some decent phones to choose from because as it stands people have 2 choices, a flagship device that is often overpriced and too big or loads of phones that are poor in specs, cameras etc. They seem to have completely cut out the mid level and chosen “top end” or “piss poor” as their options.

  • The prototype, that was tested by someone internally, runs ICS now. If it’s released in March, that means it has all the possibilities in the world to get JB (or KLP if it’s released) before being commercially available.
    It’s running ICS now since Sony does not have a proper JB version out yet. No surprises at all….

  • People need to get over the “If a new handset is released mine is less valuable and impressive” mindset.

  • Arie

    Hope Sony change their marketing strategy by not flooding the market with mediocre & confusing smartphone.
    Focus on quality super smartphone!

  • lander

    the point is, they overtook nokia and blackberry in europe.

  • lovebmw

    Please, don’t announce 5 phones every 4 months…. have us confident on certain releases and work hard on perfection, performance, and RELEASE DATES CONFIRMED PLEASE

  • King

    Kiss my iPhone

  • lolsomany

    still using old hardware, look like sony want to take money from their uneducated customer in 3rd world country…..look like 2011 SE phone still better even in 2013, did sony know even with 340×480 this low end phone still laggy?

  • m-cd

    Mini and Mini Pro ?

  • kust0r

    Sony stopped the production of not-smart mobile long time ago. Those are the kind of cheap devices that grease sales. Samsung is full of crap cheap phones too.

  • Stave toss

    And you will be waiting all of eternity for your updates. Ane every update you get late will slow your device down you will have to mess around rooting it and customising it. Rubbish. Should skip the middle men and get an iPhone.

  • Pallab De

    If they price it at somewhere near the Rs. 8000-9000 mark, that underpowered phone will actually be a really good buy.

  • Lam_Ang

    Reading those C’s makes me think that these phones will be Cybershots.

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