Xperia TX now out in Hong Kong

by XB on 8th October 2012

in Xperia T

Just a quick heads up to let readers know that the Sony Xperia TX (LT29i) is released in Hong Kong today. It will have a recommended retail price tag of HK$4,698 (£375, €465, $606) and will come in pink, black and white colours. The Sony Xperia J has also been priced at HK$2,098, although no release date has been pegged for this one yet.

  • Kaleys

    Need to Release in other countries ASAP

  • Kaleys

    people need to start making reviews too…please

  • AnP

    The wait has been so long! Really looking forward for the release in India! And of course, some reviews might just help us decide easy & quick.

  • jag

    so maybe a week after it will be released here in Singapore… hopefull!

  • lovebmw

    It takes time, bc they are stupidly busy making other stupid phones like miro, and j…. just be patient

  • Kaleys

    how can you say that D:, haven’t we been patient enough
    and yes..the stupid phones. some necessary, but still very stupid

  • lovebmw

    And there is the TA, Tl, T, Xperia S, sl and so much more. I phone is I phone anywhere everywhere except probably China

  • aj

    Just by looking videos at ifa we can conclude that xperia tx has better viewing angles than xperia t….so just go n buy it n u will luv it

  • jxPerience

    J is good but miro? the screen resoulution is annoying!

  • jxPerience

    Sony should release TX, J and V ASAP! forget the Tipo, SL, Neo L, Sola, Xperia Go and U. Those are the big disappointment in 2012 line up!

    Tipo? mediocre screen resolution, 3mp camera was aweful! (miro should only be the budget xperia phone)

    SL? unresponsive capacitive keys, almost similar to flagship S, bullshit back cover which needs to open just to insert the micro sim card! It should be on the side and since battery is not removable sealed the back cover!

    Xperia Go? mediocre screen resolution, no front facing camera.

    Xperia U? very high SAR rate 1.68w/kg, too much thick, aweful memory storage 8GB, no mmc slot

    Xperia Sola? aweful design too much chin on the buttom, no front facing camera.

    Xperia Neo L? 2011 series hardware, no MBE, No enough camera functions (using default android cam), using Xperia Play harware because of Xperia Play failure productions and sales.

  • I hope that this will start selling ASAP in my country :)

  • Nothing of the new models are seen on Indian Site !!!! Wht to think as India is a huge Market…. Not even Xperia J :( :(

  • pavel

    OMG 600$ it is not a price it is very very reasonable price for such best phone!))

  • Sexiest phone i have ever seen!

  • naathaanS

    nvm… i read it wrong ^^

  • Mayur

    No word about the phone’s release in India yet! It’s sad to see OEMs looking down upon Indian market. India has more potential customers for both high-end phones and low-end phones than any other country. It’s high time India is treated on par with other first world countries.

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  • hey

    I believe u is not a big disappointment. It’s one of the most famous phones because of its glowing strip. I believe it had big sales. it was catchy :D

  • Aj

    And you are an idiot with an idiot thinking

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  • Brapicoco

    Just gonna wait for 2013 xperia line or maybe Xperia Nexus.. got really fed up waiting and lost interest.. Sony has very poor marketing team.

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  • jr

    What? Only 23,000+/- here in philippines uhmm think think is it now to swap my xperia s uhmmm

  • hamboy

    £375 is less than the T is retailing for in the UK. Hopefully the TX will be on eBay for <£400

  • bva

    a sony franchise nearby told Xperia T,V,J will release by december end in india but i really hope V releases much sooner! bfr i lose interest that is!

  • Ganga

    Pls don’t say like that give some good news, am waiting for this phone but my target time is Nov 1st week. Same like this i waited for acro S and i changed my mind to TX now, but more than Nov i cant wait.

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  • Ganga

    I think Sony Indian team is sleeping, but dunno when they ‘ll wake up….

  • Jeffrey

    Sony Xperia TX for HK$4,100 in Tsim Sha Tshui

  • I saw on myself at shop!!!!!!! viewing angles r better , more responsive , ack has sort of metal feel not plastic , buttons r long but small!

  • M Usman

    lol me too! then i made some sense out of it

  • jj

    A few have shown up on ebay, but price ranges from $670.00-$999.99….I’ll wait a bit on that note!!

  • Chris

    Bring TX to europe! All current models disappoint me! T is fat, plasticky and ugly. TX is pure style! Maybe P is interesting, but there is no white model! If TX would be available I would buy it today.

  • Chris


  • Silverwagon

    Hey bud, is it Hong Kong Stock with TSN warranty?

  • Jeffrey

    yes, 1 year warranty, sim lock free and International Version.

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  • Silverwagon

    Good god, that’s great!
    Could you please share the name and address of the shop?

  • jag

    Are they selling it now in philippines??

  • jag

    not all people can buy pricey high end phones. that is why sony is making low end phones so some less fortunate people can buy these good quality phones. why buy plasticky low end samsung phones when sony also has low end phones but has much “better” quality and features in it.

    also, Go is a great phone. it sells great in other countries.

  • Jeffrey

    The first floor of the mall 78 shop, Chungking Mansions, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

  • silverwagon

    Cheers bud!
    Let’s see if I could get one for my girl friend tonight :)

  • daniel

    If xperia s come with no seal for the back cover.. where will they put all the security and product code? At the back side which is will ruins the design?

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  • aj

    Well i guess then your wait wont end and 2 to 3 months after release of 2013 flagships there will be rumors coming about the semptember flagship phones and this vicious cycle will keep on going….just buy the product you like :)

  • Aj

    Lol you are in a vicious cycle now….maybe in November you might come across some rumours about 2013 flagships and then this wait will go on n on….just buy what is available n u will luv it in any case

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  • Brapicoco

    I was hoping that the 2013 line would be better since googe is updating their strategy and I think 2012 line will be abandoned again much like what happened to 2010 and 2011. So better start a yr w new phones and better specs :-)

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  • Adhi

    it have global warranty??????

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  • Ken Chan

    I don’t understand – some sites say TX is a renamed T in other countries, but other sites differ. Even Sony’s website says T has “HD Voice certification” whereas as TX does not. And then I have seen that T has LTE but that is not mentioned. If I live in HK, should I wait for the T or will it not be available as the TX is already here (with no LTE or HD Voice, etc)

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  • wow amazing phoneeee !! i want it
    Stafaband Video

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