Camera shootout: Xperia TX goes up against Xperia S, 808 PureView, iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2

by XB on 10th October 2012

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The Sony Xperia TX (LT29i) recently went on sale in Hong Kong and local site decided to put the handsets headline 13MP camera to the test. However, they didn’t stop there and compared it against some other smartphone behemoths including the Apple iPhone 5, Nokia 808 PureView, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Sony Xperia S.

The pictures were all taken in automatic mode, at a similar time of day and at the same angles. What’s interesting to note is that the Xperia TX does seem to show an improvement over the Xperia S in terms of less noise and increased sharpness. There’s no surprise that the 808 PureView takes the clearest pictures when looking at the 100% crops, however determining who comes next is a bit unclear from the evidence. See what you think from the pictures below.

Camera shootout: Xperia TX versus the Xperia S, 808 PureView, iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2

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Nokia 808 PureView

Apple iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia TX

Nokia 808 PureView

Apple iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia TX

Nokia 808 PureView

Apple iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia TX

100% Crops

Via RingHK.

  • rickster2k

    Gotta say Sony’s samples are weakest there, far too much noise, even the iphone is better in these samples. Nokia blows away everything.

    How the mighty have fallen.

  • Muhi

    Now the interresting question, which picture is the closest to real life?
    Nobody knows, which of the pictures is more realstic… for later shootouts, take a “reference” picture with a GOOD Single-lens reflex camera…

  • sfordesign

    sony, good job ruining your “good photo taking” slogan.. i sincerely raise my middle finger to your camera hardware/software developers

  • rickster2k

    Well sony supply the iphone 5’s sensor so it’s not the hardware side.

  • sfordesign

    look at those over-exposure done by the two sony phones, now tell me which is closer to real life. even notes 2 handles exposure better. btw, i am very surprised by what i have seen in this camera comparison

  • sfordesign

    not really not the hardware side. if you carefully compare the size of the lens between the two, you will see iphone 5 has a larger lens, and that tells a lot about the photo quality

  • Feanor

    I think the Sony pictures are good and useful but it’s true that Sony cannot claim any advantages in comparison to the strongest of the competitors. They are still very good cameraphones but they don’t have the edge as they often like to advertise.
    Let’s see next year’s Exmor RS technology. But I suspect that it will not be enough to knock out the Lumia 920 with it’s articulated sensor.

  • sfordesign

    just gonna be the same shit as before unless they change the size of the lens

  • Sony need repositioning their strategy quickly …

  • rickster2k

    I agree that there is nothing inherently bad about the photos; at zoomed out level they are good (no focus issues and sharp), the colours are a little saturated but that’s the trend now. It’s just a shame that at 100 per cent crop they lose detail due to compression.

    The shame is that although they are not bad samples from Sony, they could be much better.

    Aside from Nokia, Samsung has my vote here. Iphone is a little bit too saturated for my liking.

  • norberto877

    Horrible shootout. Pictures out of focus (pureview and Iphone5 ) in example 2 and 3. But in the first picture the Pureview is far better than the others.

  • Lunkz

    I don’t see any difference between Xperia S and TX, the TX is very very little bit sharper.
    So Sony next time do it better, my old Sony Ericsson W810i makes better pics with his 2 MP ( oh man that was a fuc*ing good phone )

  • drmobile

    i told 100 times auto mode in xperia s and t has something wrong,if u put it in manual mode u will see something extreamly better. and then i also wonder why the result from what users get from their device is diffrent from what some sites get?,and they also have diffrent idea from eachother,just refer to xperia t review round up from this site. dont trust these shit sites,how do u know which pic is realy belong to which phone? just trust what u get and what u see with ur eyes from your real self compare. (i think there is something wrong with software not hardware if these are true)

  • solidpig

    The real question is, how many of these phones use a Sony sensor?

    Pretty sure it’s all but the Nokia

  • drmobile

    when i say there is something wrong with these shit sites is because of this:just zoom the first samples from each one toward the man who sat under the red flag.zomm till end(at maximum) and judge what u see. it is obvius that pureview and tx have the best samples.try it

  • drmobile

    for over expo u can reduce it manualy somehow in the setting of tx.the auto mode of xperia is bad.if u put it in manual mode even without change in setting u will see verymuch better results.try it

  • sfordesign

    i trust what i see, and i have tried to use manual mode. photo quality on every sony 2012 phones are worse than that on xperia arc or even x10. i don’t know what sony phone camera developers are doing but sony 2012’s (and potentially 2013’s) photo quality is absolutely shitty compare to competitors and sony’s own older models

  • megane198

    Sony didn’t bother to fix the overcompression issue since the Xperia arc. Even the X10i has better 100% crops. I think they disregard this issue as most users just upload these photos to social networking sites, but it’s not an excuse for them to overlook it altogether.

  • M Usman

    how I miss my X10! it blew all the competition away

  • is it my eyes or the xperia tx looks like it has better pics than note 2 and s3

  • ohredhk

    cameras on phone comes in module which means that sony made the lens too.

  • pavel

    i dont know why but Tx has better pictures then xperia T!)And acording to this pictures tx has better camera than xperia S!)

  • Carl

    Sony’s hardware might be the best, but Sony as a company fail when is comes to extracting the best from their products, the reason being their R&D is bad . . .

  • Samuel Serafim

    Sony’s photos are terrible. Thats more one reason why Samsung makes so sucess.

  • Brapicoco

    True indeed because even on my xperia Ray photos are a lot better when using manual mode, but since most of the customers who are looking for a phone are always into “point and shoot” and will not bother to go for manual mode and just rely on the auto mode.

  • XYZ

    Nothing wrong with the sensor and there probably isn’t anything wrong with the RAW image, they just compress the image too much and are too aggressive with their noise reduction. Why? Probably because the average consumer will put them on Facebook where they’d be compressed even more. They should probably stop doing that.

  • saju

    Here Nokia &tx has good results.

  • miki69

    100% crop is wrong if you use different MP count cameras as you have different magnification level (eg in all crops above TX looks zoomed-in). If they would use same magnification level, TX would look even better.


  • figaro

    iphone 5 camera rules…yeah it’s true, though I am a Sony fan…what is wrong with you Sony ???

  • Zephyron

    It’s not overcompression

    My Canon Ixus 300HS and Sony NEX5N are both capable of generating file sizes smaller than the Xperia phones with fewer image distortions

    The thing to blame is the image processing algorithm deployed by the phones

    For example, the Xperia P and the iPhone 5 use the same sensor, yet they handle images very differently with the iPhone 5 trouncing the P

    Sony deploys a piss poor IPA on their phones and also applies a very aggressive noise suppression algorithm which smears images that result from, in this case, chroma noise, and as a result end up with poor phone image quality

  • Zephyron

    Not lens, sensor

    For Sony’s case, also the image processing algorithm, and their oil-based plastic lenses that both let down the phone camera performance

  • Zephyron

    The PV808’s dynamic range blows all the others away, handling highlights better while maintaining similar exposure given it’s very large sensor size VS the competition (1/1.2 VS 1/3, ~6.25 times larger than the Sony sensors mounted in the rest)

    The Note II and iPhone 5 deliver better IQ performance VS the Sony units as well given superior software (image processing algorithm) I believe, something Sony Ericsson/Sony phones are lacking proper overall

  • Zephyron

    Almost forgot

    Another weakness (Dependant on person) of the Sony phone cams here – Extremely weak Field of Vision

    Smallest camera angles of the bunch, even w/o software based image stabilization on in Video mode (makes things worse with IS on)

  • leo

    808>IP5>Note2>S,TX, that’s sad.

  • For our comments here, will somebody send to any person in charge in Sony? If not, what’s the point? We need to wake Sony up! Somebody, please send us “the loyal Sony fans” voice to them~~~

  • timmy

    woah woah,I own the X10 and the Xperia S. No way over my dead body I would choose the X10 camera over the Xperia S. I think my SE W800i has better quality pictures than the X10

  • bva

    I also feel they shud’ve scaled the Xperia S & Tx to 8mp to do an actual comparison..

  • What I don’t like about ANY shootout is that it never features low light pics!!!! It’s always in broad daylight where differences are hardly noticed when Sony’s capabilities can shine if some pictures were taken in harsher conditions. They’re always Macro shots and artsy landscape stuff.

  • Raider

    100% Crop is not fair for higher MP camera phones. In this way, you make the advantage disadvantage. The pictures should be cropped equally either to 100% of the higher MP or the lower MP so that the all pictures shows exactly the same level of details. In this way, the Xperia TX will win at least against the Iphone 5 if not against the 808.

  • Roy

    I wonder if Sony is hiding something up it’s sleeve for the 2013 line when it comes to cam sensors. I get this feeling Sony is gonna revamp the whole smartphone market next year.

  • Screw Leo da bitch

    Fuck you bitch LoL

  • MOM

    Hey son, don’t talk like this to your mother.

  • Kadral

    I don’t understand why Sony, who also makes decent point and shoot cameras as well as DSLRs, won’t employ or at least does not seem to employ that type of expertise in making a great digital camera for the Xperia line. I was using an A55 DSLR this past week and the 10 fps was incredible. Samsung seems to have a version of it on the SIII, but not as fast. Sony has the potential to really knock all the competitors down a notch in the camera area of the phone, I am not sure why they are not doing it. Too bad. I was thinking of getting the Xperia ion, but Samsung and HTC are also in contention for me.

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  • mar

    Xenon flash…. sorry Sony

  • Vasan

    Ironic that Sony makes the camera lens for the iPhone 5.

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