Xperia T coming to Canada next month

by XB on 17th October 2012

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Sony Mobile today announced that the Xperia T will be heading to Canadian shores in November. The handset will launch on a number of carriers including Bell, Mobilicity, MTS, Rogers and Videotron. We’re not sure whether this list is exhaustive, so those on TELUS shouldn’t fret just yet.

The Xperia T launching in Canada will come preloaded with exclusive Bond content including behind the scenes footage, interviews, clips, wallpapers, ring tones, and more. Sony plans on releasing both LTE and HSPA + variants of this phone depending on which carrier you are on. Prices remain a mystery for now.

Via Mobile Syrup.

  • Xperia Greece

    Greece? :(

  • reventon

    Kind of saw that coming… I hope the carriers that are not carrying the T would carry the V. By the way, any news on Xperia V coming to Canada?

  • reventon

    Also, does anybody know if the Xperia V will support Wet-Finger Tracking? It allows you to use the touchscreen under water like the Acro S. So far, I have not been able to find any information confirming this feature on the white paper of the phone.

  • donny

    Actually why does it take sooo much time to release xperia TL in usa? I’m almost carried away to other xperia phones like 2013 lineup.. Common sony at&t is really sucks and I guess we should partner up with T-mobile or some other carrier.

  • Cobweb Sniffer

    Why is the bond phone not even waterproof, would have been a lot wiser to use the xperia v as a signature super agent’s device. Fools.

  • crazychef

    I believe that T-mobile would be a better carrier than at&t because at&t is taking forever to release this phone. and what they do is try to milk other phones sales like iphone, htc and samsung. And when they make sony phones available people already have new phones, and renewed their contracts

  • When Xperia T coming to India

  • exactly, could have use the water action sequence in the movie to advertise the V. Imagine Bond pull out the V after the scene and still use the phone, everyone would be like WOAH!

  • arid

    When it is comihg in Australia? though it is available online,,, but telstra vodafone and others still dont have it

  • peter

    when xperia tx will be available in europe? in what countries?

  • the king

    wont you be better of getting an iphone?

  • Rune Christiansen

    heh, you funny…

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