Sony’s new 5-inch 1080p display may feature WhiteMagic technology

by XB on 24th October 2012

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We previously reported on the fact that at least one of Sony Mobile’s upcoming 2013 flagship is likely to feature a 5-inch (1920 x 1080) display with an impressive 443 PPI. The display will be developed by Japan Display Inc (JDI) and the press release published in early October suggested it would be a TFT-LCD IPS display in RGB configuration.

However, a more recent press release from JDI regarding display prototypes for vehicles suggests that a WhiteMagic display could be inbound. It talks of a 5-inch 1080p display with 438 PPI and “low power consumption that is approximately 50% less by utilizing an RGBW pixel structure”. This display also includes an “integrated touch function (without cover glass)”, probably similar to Sony’s sensor-on-lens touch screen technology.

As a reminder, a WhiteMagic display has the red, green blue and white (RGBW) sub pixels aligned horizontally. The additional white sub-pixel significantly increases display brightness compared to normal LCD and OLED screens. The technology can be used to double the brightness or to save 50% of the backlight power, as suggested by the JDI press release. There’s no guarantee WhiteMagic will appear in this 5-inch 1080p display, but it looks like the technology is there if Sony wants to use it.

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  • k

    awsome awsome awsome !

  • xperialover

    fortunately I have to admit that someone in sony use the head . Eventually!!!!! (why you sony take you some much time to be greate !!!) I like it very much the idea to 1080p display cristal clear rgb will balance the quad-core processor and IPS which have its own advantage and disadvantage.
    Most people like HTC about their IPS but I tell you what i dont like when someone sitting next to me is read my (“censored-hot” ) messages with my girlfriend and plan for the night

  • xperialover

    simples!! about IPS technology

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Exticited and all , but 5-inch doesnt feel…youknow meh..

  • The WhiteMagic screen on the Xperia P is the most gorgeous display I have ever seen. Even though it’s not as sharp as most flagships.
    The same technology on a 438 ppi screen is almost unbelievable Especially considering that it would mean there are 1752 subpixels per inch. Unheard of!

  • Agree. I’m no fan of the phablets. But this does mean that we can get 720p onto even smaller screens. Maybe even 4″ ones.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    Next step anti-glare Glass

  • 5 inch display is not for me … cause it’s too damn big for one hand !… but if Sony tried to fit a 5 inch display on a device that had same size as the one with 4.7 inch display which mean (edge to edge) just like Motorola then i’ll be one of the buyers of the new device from Sony ! but if not then i have to wait for Sony to bring one on the market or i’ll look for HTC,MOTO or get Padfone 2 from Asus .

  • M Usman

    I think the problem with getting 720p on a smaller screen would be the same as playing a dvd on a 55inch tv. dvd quality will be rubbish on 55in tv. the image on a smaller device using 720 may be too sharp or too much detail for it to look natural

  • JDM

    riddle me this… if you can’t tell the display difference between a 720p and 1080p 42inch lcd tv, how will you be able to notice it in a 5inch lcd display? an rgbw display would be awesome nonetheless.. add it on the xperia V and innovate it to include all those options!

  • Udinov

    Yeah! oversized smartphone ? No thanks.
    Btw, I love 4.3-4.6 inch phones

  • pixlas

    can’t be 1080 p with rgbw on 5″.
    Not enough room for the white sub pixel

  • jxPerience

    5 inches? actually Xperia V also have white magic display right? because i think sony change the name of WMD to MBE2. So i think Xperia V has white pixel too.

  • XYZ

    Possibly, but JDI say they have managed to squeeze them in so….

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  • Bad news…

  • roeshak

    Who cares. The phone will be running dated software throughout it’s life so thanks but no thanks. Fed up of that nonsense.

  • jmx2012

    I have silver version of this phone. After I installed ICS there are so bugs I cannot even explain. The bad news is sony is not even releasing bug fixes very soon. The good news is we are getting Jelly Bean in 2013. I flashed GB with flashtool recently but it was very bad I had to swith back to ICS. Here is my conclusion:
    If you want stability flash Gingerbread.
    If you want good user experience don’t care about stability update to Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Great news for consumers next year!

  • Cloud_Connected

    True – that odin beast could truly be THE Sony flagship we´ve been waiting for so long…

  • Ned

    Does the stripes occur when displaying other colors? You can check that with the display test by dialing *#*#service#*#*.

  • M Usman

    awesome *

  • Rune Christiansen

    DVD on 55inch is the opposite. The picture looks “blocky” whereas with more than enough pixels(342-443 ppi) on the same screen it means that the picture is clear, no blocks in anything, making it look more natural.

  • Arie

    Hope Sony’s flagship has all latest technolgy

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  • Actually you can see them even on main screen (other colors)

    But they are more visible on white.

  • FireDragon

    So many times I want to get myself an xperia, just not be able to save that much amount. I hope to change it soon. I want to get back to Sony.

  • jacko

    i hope new flagship it’s trully xperia flagship. use best of material than other model and must be all around phone, best music, best camera, best display, best function, best of the best. Glory SONY

  • M Usman

    try reading what I said again

  • jacko

    nice info. thanks

  • Tohar Lalua

    5 inch screen,
    full hd display,
    IPS Panel,
    443 PPI,

    integrated touch function.
    2013 flagship would be some awesome device….let the number of innovations continue :-D

  • What eats the most battery?????
    Display, especially on the Xperia range!
    So with Whitemagic tech Sony will make great savings on the battery. No one ever uses more than 50% brightness so this will be unbelievable! 2013 the year Sony starts to its ascend to the top

  • Ned

    MBE2 stands for Mobile Bravia Engine 2, it’s an image enhancement algorithm, so it’s a software. While WhiteMagic is basically a hardware, but of course it comes with its driver and its own algorithm. So they are not the same thing.

  • jxPerience

    i know what i am saying so dont try to be genius!

    just read this post on wikipedia

    Sony Xperia Technology


    Wet Finger Tracking

    Floating Touch


    Mobile Bravia Engine

    White Magic™ (also known as Mobile Bravia Engine 2)

    Clear Black Panel

    Opti-Contrast Panel

    No-air-gap Screen


    xLoud™ Experience

    Clear Audio™

    Clear Audio+™



    Exmor R for mobile

    Exmor RS for mobile

    Superior Auto™

    3D Sweep Panorama

    Fast Capture




    check this link for proof

  • Jan

    im curious about this :) after this i expect Play 2 2013-2014 .. ;) :)!

  • R4AL

    100% agree !!!

  • I hope 2012 phones are left out of Sony Ericsson, 2013 will be the real SONY, C660X will be the flagship of the year ?

  • Ned

    wew.. easy there, mate! I don’t know that. Do you have any source other than Wikipedia?

  • Juhan Jalutaja

    well, the OPPO Find 5 is the same length and width as Sony V 4.3″ but the Oppo is thinner:
    129x65x6.9mm vs 129x65x10.7mm

  • This is amazing! Been waiting this for ages :))
    Sony take my money already ^^

  • Rune Christiansen

    They could just add GSM to their Vita :p

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  • Feanor

    Awesome! Let’s hope it will expand to the entire lineup!

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  • Bleakvision

    What you said is nonsense.

  • Shubham Mutreja

    Dont underestimate Japanese!!!!!!

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