New Sony firmware for the Xperia Tablet S [release6]

by XB on 25th October 2012

in Firmware, Sony Tablet

Sony has pushed some new firmware for the Xperia Tablet S. This release6 firmware version updates a couple of applications (Socialife and Reader) and now supports the SGPSPK1 speaker dock. The update file is around the 65-70MB mark and you should receive a notification screen like the one below very soon.

Thanks Ali, Reptile64 and Steve!

  • Rodrags

    what about the sony tablet s, and the issue with the vpn with the last update 4.0.3 r5

  • What about this damned WiFi Thing??? (No Wifi wenn Display off)… THIS is the only reason why i’ll NOT buy the Xperia Tablet…

  • Moe Joe

    the wifi issue was fixed in the previous update

  • Moe Joe

    the wifi issue was fixed in the previous update.

  • D. D. Monti

    Nothing important to me but good. I hope Sony support this tablet. I m really enjoying. Any news about JB update?

  • ofiaich

    There are still issues with unwanted powering off when the unit sleeps. There are many posts about this at XDA and on Sony’s own support site. Wish they would sort that out soon!

  • +1, I’ve got the same problem with the r5 update and I’m sure there will be a lot of people like us, specially companies who needs to use VPN for work, I think this is something that sony should take good care about, and as soon as possible, hopefully fixed in the early next update.

  • M Usman

    Eid Mubarak!

  • k

    khair mubarik :)

  • This is still ICS?

  • Nick

    They fixed the bug in the r5 update. You need to turn it on though under wifi advanced settings.

  • Fraulein

    I’d prefer if we keep religion out of it.

  • M Usman

    no one was talking to you mate. i’d prefer if you kept out of it.

  • D. D. Monti

    Yes, 4.0.3 :-(

  • chunkybeats

    did the tablet s get guest mode or walkman player? im reading updates online for it on google, I havent received it yet just this one

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  • really? because previously it was called a FEATURE to save battery… and it definately stays active when Screen turns off and device is in deep sleep? :O

  • Fraulein

    When commenting here you talk to everyone who’s reading the article.

  • M Usman

    when commenting here, I’m talking to people that actually care. Just because you didn’t find my comment relevant doesn’t mean others didn’t.

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