Xperia TL available from AT&T on November 2 for $99.99 on contract

by XB on 25th October 2012

in Xperia T

The Sony Xperia TL (LT30at), which is the US version of the Xperia T (LT30p), will arrive on AT&T from November 2. The handset will be available for an upfront cost of $99.99 and a two-year contract. This is the official James Bond Skyfall version of the phone that will come preloaded with “exclusive” James Bond content including behind the scenes footage, interviews, clips, wallpapers and ring tones.

The Xperia TL is basically the same as the Xperia T but will come with LTE support. It has a 4.55-inch 720p display, MSM8960 chipset with 1.5GHz dual-core processor and Adreno 225 GPU, 1GB RAM, 13MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, MHL, NFC, 16GB of internal memory plus microSD card support and an 1850mAh battery.

Via AT&T.

  • Sucky design! I don’t think its gonna sell alot looking at the kind of update procedure Sony has! 4.1 is minor update! Not a major one! 4.2 is never gonna come on my XS! :/

  • jxPerience

    do you have problem? i think you should talk to your parents. Dont cry out loud in xperia blog.

  • Rene

    AWESOME, but I still want the GX

  • crazychef

    What i don’t understand is why did att wait until november 2nd to sell the phone. ahh wait yes I know to sell sgnote 2 and all the other brands that possibly pay att more to promote their phones. I knew this was going to happen. sony needs to get in bed with other carriers like tmobile, sprint, verizon. cause att is trying to be like security guard saying you can come in and you cant.

  • drunknmunky797

    Does the Xperia TL come with Swype?

    Also, any word on the US release of the Xperia V?

  • TomCos

    If it had bluetooth 4.0 I would have been sold. Quality control isn’t that hard…I don’t understand why companies like Sony are still cutting corners!

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  • How often do you use bluetooth to care about such a thing? I rarely use bluetooth to send files, I always connect it through a USB or use WiFi. Both are much faster than any bluetooth version…

    The only thing I use bluetooth with, is when I connect my bluetooth earphones, and they do not need BT 4.0 to work, so who cares?

  • rafi

    If it just a minor update.. no need to over acting on that issue… the design has its on identity .. rarely no other manufacture has need to read more about xps being selected for new android project os by google guru. So its very promising xps have a good pontetial to kept it releven till next upcoming xperia.

  • Wolf0491

    I they sell it in white ill buy it off contract

  • This phone would stand a better chance if it had a quad-core processor and a bigger battery. The 1,850 mAh battery is pathetic. Smaller battery than the Ion and the Ion’s battery life isn’t exactly impressive. They can’t say the phone would be heavy and bulky just because of a bigger battery. Just look at the S3, thin as hell and light as a feather. Sony always seems to be about 6 months behind everyone. Which is a shame since they have some of the most beautiful devices.

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