Purported teaser images of Sony Yuga leak

by XB on 27th October 2012

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The images below are said to come from the upcoming Sony C660X ‘Yuga’. The original images are tiny and we have just two teaser snippets of the phone. One area shows the top of the handset with the Sony logo and the other image is believed to show the rear.

The images are of such low resolution that it’s hard to make much out, but from what we can tell on front-camera and earpiece placement, this isn’t any Xperia that has been released to date.

On first glance, it looked like an Xperia S to us, but with such a small part of the image to go on, we’re not clear what design language Sony is using with this phone. However, our sources tell us that the phone’s back will be made out of glass, much like the Apple iPhone 4/4S. Currently the phone has an 8mm thickness but Sony is working to make it even thinner apparently. We’ll bring you more details as we have them.

Via IT168.

  • PRo

    Dats Superb….. Just 8mm ri8 Nw and Slimmer Ahead…. “Yuga, Please Show off”

  • Alexander

    WERE DO YOW KNOW,Xperia blog,about glass?????”??

  • Cloud_Connected

    Hell! Can’t await Sony’s new gen phones! Hope they will feature the NXT design and blow the competition out of the water with some bravia goodness!

  • How can I keep hating you Sony, glass back and no locked down OS. <3 *gets tissues*

  • Coolkid

    8mm or even thinner… Bring it on Sony… The King on the way back….:)

  • you can see it on the videoteaser from skyfall… (in the video from sony it shows vaio, tablets ,monitors and smartphones )

  • Michael Hofmann

    I can see a port flap on the left hand side, top image. So maybe it will be water resistant if it is covering a USB/HDMI port, or this is the sim/sd card slot which suggests it won’t have a removable back and therefore, removable battery.

  • XperiaJunkie85

    8mm thin and they want to make it thinner don’t fall into the same trap as Crapple and Shamsung Sony have always been unique in design and don’t follow trends stick to what you do Sony and thats have handsets that stand out from the crowd a break from the norm

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    Put WP 8 on it and you have a bomb.

  • Chelios

    Shut up and take my money.

  • Heh, what kind of “leaks” are these?

  • miki69

    Totally agree. Can’t see Sony go mainstream….

  • Are those… Speakers? :’D

  • naathaanS


  • M Usman

    bought! if its made out of glass its all mine!

  • M Usman

    and SkyFall was amazing!

  • I’d wish for an NXT design as well, but there’s no ‘floating prism’ evident on the picture of the glass back. This might be closer in design to the LG Optimus G.


  • FlowXT

    The NXT design also had a curved, D-shape back, which isn’t going to be possible with glass, it’s going to be an entirely flat back.

  • FlowXT

    The battery obviously won’t be removable since it’s a glass back.

  • Arc

    yes you can create a curve w/ glass, but why would anyone would like the NXT design over the Arc’s design, if you make the Xperia Arc a LOT thinner on the edges and even thinner on the mid point/center, you will have an amazing phone, add some carbon fiber :P or aluminum and voila

  • owl

    I don’t get it. Instead of making devices that 0.5mm thinner, why not make it 1.5mm thicker and and use the extra space to fit a battery twice as large in there? Surely the couple of mm difference will not be as noticeable as the extra day of power…

  • Arie

    We need laaarge battery! 2500mah at least!!

  • BEN10

    Can’t wait!!! Sony is the king.

  • rickiking

    can’t wait to see which will be the next companion of my Xperia S, would it be Yuga or Odin?

  • natt69

    shut the fuck up, asshole!

  • kobainez

    im nt sure if its fake or nt. The bottom rear is nt centered

  • kobainez

    EDIT: I mean the bottom rear SPEAKER GRILL

  • Coolkid

    Have U watched it…???

  • Cloud_Connected

    I like the NXT design because of the clarity of the design’s lines – it follows the Monolith design of the Bravia tvs as well – and these are the finest tvs on the market! Just my personal opinion :)

  • i’m gamer




    xperia play 2 , xperia play 2

  • Amsakanna

    and also Ray 2.

  • M Usman

    Yes watched it on Friday on day of release. Managed to get tickets for the last showing as all of them were sold out! It was really good. In James Bond mode all weekend hehe

  • AsadMulla

    Doesn’t look like a 5″ phone.

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  • hiszpanski

    I expect yuga to be waterproof! And has dedicated camera button. I don’t want it to be thinner, I prefer bigger battery, bigger=better camera lens and better audio speakers. All of it requires more space to bring better quality.

    Quad snapdragon S4 with 2GB of ram and arc/iconic design with transparent bar (or orange like in w980 model). should be awesome.

  • Coolkid

    That’s cool Bro… It’ll will be releasing here on 2nd of Nov only… Really excited to watch it…:)

  • M Usman

    :) are you in the states? I think England was the only place it released last Friday. I think the rest of the world or at least America it will be released on 2nd November. It would be so funny if people complained about movie release dates as they do with mobile phones hahaha! that would be hilarious. You should be excited bro! It was worth a packed out cinema hall. Probably one of the best Bond movies made! Incredible story line. Amazing action scenes. And best of all, Amazing dialogue! it was worth it :)

    edit – oh and it was full of Sony Devices. Made it look away cooler hehe

  • Feanor

    I agree

  • Coolkid

    I’m in India and it releases only on 9th of Nov in states…He he… Like that Avengers was also released in UK & India on 27th April & in US it was 4th May…LMAO
    And yeah, in one comic book website they described Skyfall as the BEST bond movie out of 23 bond movies and also one of the best movies in 2012… I’m madly lookin forward to watch it….
    U will never believe me that only one reason I wanted to watch this movie is, XPERIA T… Nothing else… Even if the movie was crap, I would’ve watched it for T… Now it’s worth a watch it seems….:)

  • Guest

    This thin plague has to stop! It is like they all want to be anorexic like people.

  • M Usman

    i don’t want to disappoint you but the Xperia T hardly features in the film. I was surprised at the lack the Xperia T footage in the film. I thought he’d use it as a cool gadget but nope. But you still have to watch it as it is one of the best Bond movies ever and of course the best one of 2012

  • Nabil

    Xperia SX ?

  • Coolkid

    Oh… That’s not cool… And one fan had stated his opinion that Sony could’ve used V instead of T… Like Bond could’ve shown off by using V in an under-water sequence… If that was done & V was used instead of T, V would’ve stunned many audience… Cos already Skyfall is creating waves everywhere, it’s receiving positives reviews all around the world… That means it’s gonna reach the masses… So if V was used, it would’ve been a free marketing for V… It would’ve reached wider audience… What do U say…???

    PS : But V was not there when movie shooting was goin on… Right…???

  • Dreamer

    Xperia Play 2 will be powered by SONY’s OS, the system is based on vitaOS.

  • truthhurts

    I personally dont care how thin it is, all I want from the new Sony to last long with single charge. Bigger battery plz…
    There is no denying that Sony design and UI is the best but battery sucks hard..

  • surethom

    I dont want the phone to be less than 8mm if it has a typical small Battery I want a batter greater than 2300mAH so if it has to be 8mm or 9mm then that is fine.

  • dude

    Is sony going Anorectick< sony has anorexia! way too
    thin for 1650 mAh battery! 1950 AT LEAST!!!!!!

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