Sony promotion brings “Xperia exclusive” in-game content

by XB on 28th October 2012

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Sony Mobile has launched a new promotion for game developers called ‘Xperia exclusive’. The idea behind the channel is to showcase games that creates unique in-game content exclusive to Sony Xperia smartphones and tablets. What the developers get out of it is visibility across Xperia devices.

So for example, one of the games on the list is Mini Motor Racing has exclusive in game content in form of an Xperia supercar. Another game, Gunman Clive, introduces a new playable character, whilst MegaCity HD gives Xperia users access to 2X power ups and six additional challenges. So far the above games are the only ones on the ‘Xperia exclusive’ list but more are promised in the future. Keep an eye out on this list for further details.

Mini Motor Racing

Gunman Clive

Megacity HD

Thanks Joe!

  • absolete

    I hope sony releases modnation for android sometime in the future when the quad core s4 hits the xperia line!!

  • roeshak

    Bring us cutting edge hardware and sophisticated up to date software first before you start offering extra characters and more power ups in games.
    This ain’t going to sell you any more phones than would otherwise be.
    If they are going to grow as a player then they’ll have to tempt consumers away from their rivals. This isn’t exactly going to do that now is it?
    You seldom read or hear anything that suggests they are going in the right direction. It’s always more of the same nonsense or a move onto some tangential and rather inconsequential path. Jokers!!!!

  • Marek Dvo?├ík

    What’s exclusive about it? It cost same as for everyone… it would be exclusive for xperia for free or 0,5 USD or EUR but this? Just another ridiculous thing in sonymobile..

  • Nice market stratergy promotion Sony :) -sent from my Xperia mini pro and next time,make 50% discount Minecraft game for Sony Xperia user xD

  • Aleksandar Stefanovi?

    Waste of time and money. Nobody’s gonna buy a new phone just because you have special in-game character.

  • Andy

    I’m really dissapointed! I already had Mini Motor bought for my phone, now I’m supposed to buy the game again for the exlusive content? No thank you!
    There should be some kind of upgrade for us!

  • that brand fragmentation, should be marketed as PS mobile exclusive Sony. Unify system is what kept a lot of iOS users happy and keep going back.

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    won’t help sell this plastic POS :D

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    Nobody is gonna buy this plastic shit anyway, so why not? ;D

  • Would love to see PS3 mini games from PSN show up on android!


    Boring in needed Stuff, Straight to trash! useless games! make some GTA Vice City then u have something EXCLUSIVE! not like this

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  • Hakan

    I love you “Sony Xperia S” :)

  • Aleksandar Stefanovi?

    Their design is top notch, or it was anyway. The still have Sony Ericsson’s loyal following, so as long the stay out of big misses they will have their phones sold.

  • Basharca

    Oh come on pal don’t you think you are exaggerating a little bit here? Do you think the Xperia T and V offer outdated hardware? How about Sony’s new flagships in 2013.
    I understand that you are angry with Sony because of the recent updates but it’s nice to also be fair and reasonable.

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