Android 4.2 Jelly Bean now official

by XB on 29th October 2012

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Google has given the first details on what’s new in Android. The next version of Android is version number 4.2 but will still be known as Jelly Bean. This includes the latest version of Google Now (see the video below), a new camera experience
and new swype-like typing experience amongst other features.

Google is introducing photo spheres with Android 4.2. This means that you can take pictures from every direction (up, down, left and right) and the software will stitch these together into a photo sphere that puts you inside the scene. Another new feature is the ability to share media wirelessly to your television set.

Notifications have also been expanded and now you can take certain actions in the notifiocation window such as emailing and snoozing an alarm. On the tablet side of things, Android 4.2 also brings support for multiple users. This means each person can have their own homescreen, background, widgets, apps and games. Google says it is a simple process to switch between users, no need to log in and out. For all the new features click here.

Via Google.

  • Keon Fraites

    Knew they would keep the name JellyBean, and nice update, video didn’t really show much other than Google now and a few map navigational directions, but kudo’s can’t wait to see whats new and please please please sony hurry and bring Jellybean (4.1.2 AT LEAST)

  • Vish

    This also confirms the Nexus 10. Interesting.

  • reptile64

    I wish my Xperia Tablet S goes to 4.2 and skip 4.1! …And SOON!

  • David Li

    I am guessing the 2014 Xperias will get a taste of 4.2 one day. Anything before that probably won’t given Sony’s history.

  • Someone

    check here for what’s new ;)

  • multiple user on Jelly Bean 4.2? Sony does with Xperia Tablet, every user has their homescreen privately. Nice job Sony.

  • Amsakanna

    when google is researching on something like this, other companies might launch the technology and patent it. That’s why google choose such small updates.

  • MarkG

    OMG, that’s some amazing stuff there.. Can’t wait to get 4.2 on my Nexus7 next week, and in 2014 on my Xperia S.

  • Ignorant people

    ^ This can easily be proved wrong tbh. 1) By 2014, Google will be releasing the newer version. by then, at worst, q3 xperia will be shipping with 4.2. 2) Xperia updates arent that bad compared to motorola and lg. 3) If you are still moaning about 2011 xperias not getting JB, get a life, it’s soon 2013, the phones been almost 2 years old. You are bound to upgrade. Also, if you are not, there is XDA, the reason why android is better than ios. 4) Its not Sony’s software department’s fault for not pushing updates, it’s the hardware limitations that they have to go round.

  • Keon Fraites

    Thanks for the link :)

  • Sony have all of this since last year! hahahha

  • If you live that long =)))))))

  • You DO are ignorant..Pfff, “hardware limitations”.. Get your facts together, dude…

  • Ignorant people

    “You Do are ignorant” <- What does that mean?

    The Hardware limitation I'm talking about its the single core that Sony used for their 2011 flag. Do you even know what limitation means? Dude… -_-'

  • LMFAO : it’s not Sony who is “responsible” for the multi-account option. It’s Google, dude!!

  • bkh

    We’ve already debunked this “hardware limitation” issue – if the xperia j, with its inferior single core, can cope with jelly bean then so can the arc. Clearly, the real reason, rightly or wrongly, is that Sony want you to buy a new phone and they don’t want to divert resources to updating ageing devices.

    As always, if having the latest version of Android is important to any user, then a nexus device is always the way to go:

  • Dude, take a look at Xperia J when you talk about limitations.It has lower specs than my Arc S. And the “DO” in my sentence is for emphasis. If your knowledge of English is poor, go to school and then we’ll have another chat, ok, mate? :)

  • Sad but true, bkh!!!

  • owl

    I think what he means to say is Sony beat Google in introducing this feature. This is a repeat of the panorama feature in Android 2.3

  • GzA777

    Sony had it prior to 4.2 LMFAO

  • BlaZe

    Sony had it before 4.2 on their tablets ! Know something before commenting !

  • Spyros

    great one more update the 2012 devices will never get! I’ll sell my sola and get lg nexus 4! :)

  • nothing new

  • jxPerience

    also add Sony is the first to put folders on homescreen on GB while android officially add this feature on ICS.

  • DJMashup

    Sony phones won’t officially get this update anyway until about 2014 seeing as they suck ass.

  • Stuie

    Arc S Black: seriously dude, if you think “You DO are ignorant” is english then i think you need to go back to school.

  • DJMashup

    You really are an ignorant fuck aren’t you, single core bullshit again being touted as the reason 2011 phones can’t run JB, quit spouting bullshit you’ve read on the net because it has fuck all credibility … Also, XDA makes Android better than iOS? is that a joke, I think it must be because the fact Android as an OS needs a multitude of developers to correct all the bugs and errors that they put out there suggests otherwise.

    Maybe if you stopped trolling the blogs and actually educated yourself you might not make such a cock of yourself on here. Also, why should people get a life that want JB on a phone that is less than 2 years old? I guess because a prick of a fanboy with no knowledge at all says it it must be true, forget the fact that people bought Sony phones in good faith with the promise of updates yet they have seen a half baked ICS with numerous bugs that Sony didn’t even fix in 4.0.4 … Now if you think they are the best thing sinced sliced bread then you keep on sucking that dick but some people see it how it really is and that is that Sony have potential to be very big but pathetic marketing and a whole host of average, outdated phones with no support is the reason why they’ll always be one of the small fish in a big pond !!!

  • DJMashup

    Don’t say that dude, the guy might cry if you prove him wrong … Fact is though you are right, Sony don’t want to support any phone that isn’t the latest and greatest and are quite happy to dump everybody else and they will keep on doing it. I love my Ray but I for one won’t be buying Sony again when it comes to phones because they have no idea nor do they listen to what their customers say … If they were half good they would have addressed the missed call/sms notification in 4.0.4 yet they didn’t and it was left upto XDA devs to sort it, months after and they still haven’t been bothered to address it so pretty much fuck you Sony !!

  • hahahahaahahaaaaaaazzzzz. true!!! Truer than the existence of our lord, Jesus Christ!!!

  • believe_it

    you’re mom will see this before 2014. i’ll be taking pictures of your mom with me in the bed with my xperia s running JB on dec 2012.. what up!!!

  • DJMashup

    You are saying updates aren’t as bad as Motorola and LG? WTF are you smoking, I’d hope they weren’t seeing as the 2 companies you mentioned pretty much suck ass, try compare them to any decent manufacturer and see how shit they are then !!! … Just because you compare something to shit and it comes out on top does not make it good !!

  • k

    hahahahahahahah :D

    here’s Google’s Nexus 4 & 10 demoed by Google officials :)

  • sony’boy loosers wait 4.2 in 2013 Q4 not earlier

  • believe_it

    your opinion is shit! then according to your comparison theory even if i compare your opinion to shit your opinion is still shitty! stop smoking shit, shit head!!!!

  • It’s genuine academic BE. STFU!!!

  • Ignorant people

    What?!? I am speechless… ^ This statement is wrong in many ways.

    And I did not say they are good in anyway, I said “they aren’t that bad”…

  • Ignorant people

    Tbh, net blogs have better credibility than you, so… You might be right about IOS though

    Me, trollng blogs? I am actually writing proper. and I am in no way making a cock out of myself, cause most of what I write are facts. This -> “I am guessing the 2014 Xperias will get a taste of 4.2 one day. Anything before that probably won’t given Sony’s history.” is trolling.

    I think there are more things in life than andriod updates… so yes get a life.

    Where did I say Sony is ” the best thing sinced sliced bread”… lol Sony is crap, but there updates aren’t that bad, I will say it again.

  • ignorant people

    Lol, ok. What is “BE”?

  • British English.. You really need to go to school, m8!!!

  • Stop feeding the troll, DJ! He’s just another moron amongst millions.. There’s nothing you can do about it.. Sadly Adolf H.doesn’t live anymore :D

  • M Usman

    Nexus 10 release date Nov 13! 16GB £329 and 32GB £389! Getting 32GB :D

  • Doesnt sony give their code updates and new feature codes back to the open source android project or whatever more than any other oem? Id like to think these improvements were made possible on 4.2 bc of sonys contribution

  • Aleksandar Stefanovi?

    In 4.2 you also have separated app data.

  • Aleksandar Stefanovi?

    I doubt someone who’s running late on updates is doing good for Android community :P

  • Sony: “JB 4.2 only for Xperia phone 2013/14 due to hardware compability”

    Thanks God I’m done with Sony.

  • And it’s still not pushed out as an update..

  • sufyan

    Xperia PLAY ??????

  • DJMashup

    That was a really mature rant, It fills me with hope to know that such inbreds like yourself still exist. I love how the web is filled with lonely losers like you lol, believe that !!

  • DJMashup

    I’m glad my mom gets you so hard, shame this little tete a tete is the closest thing you’ll ever get to real sex, by real I mean without the use of your hand, vaseline and binoculars … Oh and some fantasies about strangers mothers of course.

  • Sony gonna take another 6 months to release to release for all Xperia 2012! :D

  • Goofy

    All you moaning about the 2011 xperias, have you considered the lack of internal memory on the whole 2011 lineup? they got updated to 4.0 which is near as no different to Jellybean. stop moaning

  • David Li

    Once upon a time there was loyal defender of Sony who has served for 3 generations of phones. Alas, he was betrayed and the bugs in ICS got to him in the end. Since then, he turned into a troll, that’s until his contract ends (2014). After that he will move on to another land called Nexus.

  • DragonClaw

    But so badly wish that the Nexus 10 and (or) Nexus 4 was from Sony. :(

  • InspectorGadget80

    Whats the point of this article when none of the Xperia wont have Jelly Bean till next year

  • rickiking

    It seems developers are still looking up to Sony. Most of ICS and JB features are already being enjoyed by Sony users before their ‘big’ launch. Panorama, camera quick launch, swype typing, multi-user…

  • This is just sick. I’m feeling like iOS is playing major catchup now.

  • absolete

    I’d quite like a mini app for the xperia line with pop up sms?

  • Macab

    When is it coming to Xperia S and P? Will the Camera get an upgrade. The phone take great pictures in daylight but has some problem during concerts etc. (Dark room with bright lights) Some autofocus issues as well.

  • You guys misspelled “notification” xD
    (Last paragraph, middle of the first sentence)

  • Rune Christiansen

    I really don’t get all the moaning; With the features added by Sony, JellyBean 4.1 will have roughly the same features as JellyBean 4.2.
    To me (and most Sony users I’d guess) JB4.2 seems a bit boring, compared to 4.0 and 4.1 that had/have alot of new functions and/or under-the-hood improvements.

  • sonyusergalaxynexusowner

    wow look at those two proud Aholes very proud of what sony had provided like folders on 2.3 and multiple users on xperia tablet. wake up dumbasses! yeah sony did provided those before stock android did but the reality is the OS ver it self! 4.2 will be released in a couple of days and sony is still stuck with ics. need to wait 6 more months for a jb 4.1 update. other users are enjoying jb on their phones will sony users are still whining for a jb update. when will sony devices get 4.2? wait for 5.x then youll get the update! sony didnt change since the x10 days. always delayed! try and use a phone that runs jb and feel the diff on high end xperia running ics. so dont say that it is smooth on ics. xperias are powerful phones and hope sony changes their way of updating. xperia + jb would be very awesome.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Many makers contribute back code to Android including Sony Ericsson/Sony.
    I think the Sony Developer channel has published at article about that at some point in the past year or two.

    A lot of makers make new software ideas to differentiate them.
    The Android project indeed does take a lot of these ideas and incorporate them into Android so the entire platform benefits but they are not always incorporated through the maker’s actual code… in many cases, the Android project just gets the ideas and runs with them.

    In the end, thanks to the ideas and code contributions of Sony/Sony Ericsson and other makers, the platform is always moving forward and improving.

    Whether SMC/SEMC contributes MORE than others, I’d be hesitant about though.

  • getaNEXUSandstopwhining

    it will come to those devices…. uuuuhhhmmmm.. let me think….

    2014 !! grow up kid, if better make some reviews on how sony provide updates! maybe youll get it sooner if google realeses android 5.x then youll get 4.2 on ur toy. so 5.x to google, 4.2 to your toy. ok? clear?

  • OK scratch that -I just saw the intro of it: I WANT THAT CAM UI! Damn that’s sweet. And that lock screen widget functionality is just soo freaking cool :-P

  • absolete

    They do have seperate app data, on the nexus 10, different users will have different progression on different games etc

  • s-emo

    Again and aigain I hear the same, but If you look at the new features of 4.2 you will see many of them already in SE phones from 2011 and 2012 – swype typing (I have it on my arc), wireless media sharing to TVs (check this one:, multiple users (Xperia tablet s)

  • Mohammad jamous

    Guys you don’t want to be any bug in your phone because of that Sony is slow , they don’t want any bug in the update and what’s the problem if you wait all the people who says that Sony is bad or slow STFU you are just a bunch of cheaters.
    I have Xperia Sola and its still GB , honestly, every day I love it more and more.
    So please guys just wait they work hard for us.

  • we need to wait because we still don’t have Google Now

  • we need to wait because we still don’t have Google Now

  • we need to wait because we still don’t have Google Now

  • we need to wait because we still don’t have Google Now

  • Sadly, Nexus 4 or Nexus 10 not Sony’s. I hope, Sony will make next Nexus lineup.

  • anonymous

    Hurry up sony with jelly bean hate the bugs that are in 4.0.3

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