What the new Nexus devices mean for Sony Mobile

by XB on 31st October 2012

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Most of you will be aware that Google announced a new family of Nexus devices on Monday and with it changed the landscape for Android OEMs including Sony. The Nexus 4 smartphone and Nexus 10 tablet are priced so aggressively with cutting edge specs that it will make it very difficult for other Android manufacturers to compete in our view.

However, one of the most attractive features of the new Nexus devices addresses one of the biggest gripes we hear about on this blog, the Android update schedule. The Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 will both launch with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and then will see vanilla Android updates as and when they are released.

As a quick reminder on the specs, the Nexus 4 has a 4.7-inch (1280 x 768) display, quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset, 8MP camera, 2GB RAM, 2100mAh battery, NFC, HDMI and wireless charging. It will come with 8GB or 16GB internal storage and no memory card slot. However, you get all of the above for just £239 and £279 respectively. That pricing is frankly astonishing.

Case in point, let’s take the Amazon UK price points of new Sony Xperia devices such as the Xperia T. It is currently on pre-order for £394.99. Now considering that price premium, why would Average Joe consider buying the Xperia T? Yes you get a better camera, design and memory card support, but is that really worth over £150 to the basic consumer? Especially when you consider what advantages the Nexus 4 offers over the Xperia T including quad-core chipset and software support.

Sony will have to look at pricing just to remain competitive, but with margins as paper-thin as they already are, can the company afford to bring its prices down further? If not, it will have to try even harder to differentiate its offering from other OEMs through design, hardware (Cybershot?) and software UI. Sony will announce its Q2 FY13 results tomorrow morning so we’ll get a sense of how much progress the company has made on the mobile front.

So over to you, how dire do you think the situation is for Android OEMs such as Sony? Does the Nexus pricing set a new precedent for flagship smartphone pricing? Has it convinced you to buy a Nexus over any other OEM and if so how big a part does the Android updates play in your decision? We’d love to hear your views in the comments below.

  • Bellends

    Brought a Xperia Go 2 weeks ago, sent it back, no ICS, shocking bugs, Sony brought it on themselves, not having the resources and abilities to bring out updates quickly enough. Now the news of Nexus4 just been release, that is going to be my new phone. Good bye Sony , it’s your own mess.

  • electrash

    No more sony.

    They dump my satio 2months after relasing it, i bought xperia arc, and they relase arc s for the same price.
    I bought xperia s, they release xperia sl for same price.

    They dump me 3 times, and now they dump me about xperia arc jelly bean. Only xperia which i like now is xperia V, but is overpriced.
    I will sold my xperia s, and buys nexus 4 phone, and nexus 7 tablet.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    Vita OS?

  • Ted

    Anyone willing to buy a second hand sim free xperia s for 349$?

  • Simão Lúcio

    I was planning buying a tx or maybe a T.
    But now considering the price of the nexus 4, no more.
    Sony I’m done!

  • Janus

    Sorry guys, Sony is so doomed.

  • FlowXT

    The Nexus 4 has a Sony BSI CMOS, so Sony still profits on components of every Nexus sold.

  • adrian strozier

    Don’t really care about JB or ICS for that matter. Yes the price for the nexus is impressive but it wouldn’t make me wanna buy an LG nexus. That being said I know Sony price for phones are becoming way to pricey maybe if anything this helps push for Sony to take another look on how expensive their product really is.

  • I am a Sony fan.. I currently have Xperia Pro and was thinking of getting Xperia V or wait for next year’s phones.. But at this price point.. The Nexus 4 has so much more value in it.. I will wait till Feb to make a decision after seeing what Sony and others will offer at CES & MWC..

  • JDM

    being an outdoor activity person i am, i’m still going to go for the xperia v only because it’s the best phone out there that is water resistant and elegantly stylish. the xperia V is overpriced considering sony has a poor customer support and slow software update and as much as i want to stay with Sony and their phones their management team is stupid! they are releasing way too many phones with almost the same specs every year instead on working on software bugs and glitches. i own an xperia S and it seems to me that sony already forgot to support and update its bugs. I’m sure other manufacturers are working on their next water resistant/proof phones and as much as i hate to leave sony.. they might not give me a choice but to move to another brand. too bad i’ve been sony high end phone owner eversince SE P1i era.

  • crazy chef

    my thoughts are that gogle teamed up with Lg to be able to make a possibly less expensive phone in regards to cost for google in order for them t make more money. because how many of us ever heard of LG maing top of the line phones? The only reason why we feel that sony phones are over priced is because some of us as comsumers do not want to renew our current phone contract or we are in the middle of our contract. then these makes us pay ful price for the phone. others wich is my case have to pay possibly ful price becasue our carrier does not have sony phones and we must pay full price for an unlocked version.
    then we have those that do not want their phone preloded with a bunch of useless stuff from their phone carrier so they also have to pay full price.
    I think of a phone as it where a car you get what you pay for. in this case you get a top of the line phone (technicaly). but you have to see that alot of the reviews done for sony phones critisize every single thing about it and find every single defect. you dont see them doing that to other brands like Apple, HTC, samsung, Motorola because these are their comfort brands they are hapy with what they offer and anyone willing to give them something better kindda breaks down their world. all of those senior editors and reviewers that write the posts and blogs ask them what brand phone they carry maybe it’s an Iphone, maybe its a galaxy and so on.

  • exSonyfanboy

    dumped my xperia arc because of lame sony updates. um enjoying my Galaxy Nexus and it will be updated to 4.2 right now apps that i have from 4.2 are gmail, new keyboard and the awesome new camera with photosphere. (will only work on a phone with gyroscope) next phone will be the Nexus 4! i agree to what the dev on xda said (Gnex forum) “Once you go Nexus, you never go back!”

  • Mariano

    I´m gonna buy nexus 4 and sell my XS, ics sucks

  • The Truth Must Be said

    Sony has been competing only poor companies like Sharp, Acer, Panasonic and Motorola. I don’t know when will it start to compete the beasts Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, Nokia and Apple ! Maybe in 2013… or maybe No….

  • Rob

    These prices should force every Android manufacturer including Sony, to stop wasting time modifying core Android, multiple devices with skinned Androids add more to the cost, and I don’t see much advantage over the Holo theme. Use base Android and add every custom application you want, Walkman music player for example, but stop wasting money on changes nobody want to the core OS. I still will pay for the premium if Sony give me their style but faster updates (only if they drop their customizations)

  • They should differentiate in hardware, not in software. (not meaning skins should be gone).

    I don’t care that phones don’t get updates, but why don’t they make it possible to release all necessary sources? Joe Average doesn’t know what Android 4.2 really is, an I and many other will unlock our bootloaders anyway.

    I won’t buy the nexus. Why? Because Google is forcing you their principle: huge screens, low storage, boring design. I’m keeping my neo until a good looking small powerhouse comes along without a fruit logo on the back, not Japan only, and with developer support.

  • Loken

    sorry i wanted the v but made me wait too long… im going for nexus 4

  • BadEng

    It’s not always android, sony no need to wait only android. u know? I mean sony unlike LG or hTC or Samsung. Sony had a strong advantage, had better ecosystem. Sony just needs a unique software and integrated hardware/software and ecosystem for their products.

    So, i hopfully in the near future Sony will make their own operating system as well !!!

  • Curio

    Fuck Yeah! Vita OS …Awesome!!!

  • AsadMulla

    LG cant afford to sell the device at that price. Its only because google are “sortin it out” so Sony need to get in googles good books and make a nexus phone sell it for dirt cheap and people will see how good sony really are.

  • I bought my first android phone when Xperia X10 came out and tried and owned most of Sony phones from that point till now ( X10, arc, Xperia S, Xperia TX[current]). For me, I always thoughts and saw Sony’s amazing design which will lead the company in the right direction but company’s poor software development (not only phones) has brought them down even further.

    Owning many Sony’ products I know that buying Sony has a premium price with it (design and name) but many of their products are really well-built with premium material but in Comparison, even tho Sony’s phone construction and quality is not as bad as many other companies but unfortunately you can feel that none of the phones made by Sony are top notch.(Yes, Xperia X1 was in better shape) but we have often paid a premium price to own one.

    The fact, all of my Sony android phone in time of release were not using the high-end technology available of their time but I would say that they were reasonable.

    2012 so far has been the champion of phone production for Sony and each came with one to few feature specialized for that model.If they would have consolidated all the idea in less few models then consumer could say that Sony has a bigger step of change in a new model. Some of the features were to advertise their product but not fully developed or more release like lab-phone.

    As we all know X10 era was poor management towards a big nightmare for all of X10 users but then with release of Xperia arc many thought that Sony has learned a lesson with releasing it with android 2.3 OS. Then Sony that thought the catching up with arc was a successful and reachable project, we start to see flood of devices coming out of Sony and in middle of Sony Ericsson becoming Sony many things changed possibly the structure of development team to some point and working on many more devices at the same time put them way behind to the point Xperia S started to become outdated in terms of OS and Hardware and Sony producing more phones in second half of 2012 ie, Xperia T,TL,TX, V, J did postpone their initial thought of Android 4.1 from “right after release” to Q1 of 2013

    Now the conclusion for me and maybe many others after being an android users comes to two major points: update of OS and better hardware. Nexus has all that for a much cheaper price which Sony gives you a much lower end phone for the same price which probably won’t ever see any other versions of android.

    For me price has never been an issue to pay for what I like but not having updates on time and being put down by Sony for so many times is tiring me up/.

    At the end, I think Sony could do something for price and material to make it more appealing but OS update is something that has been lacking for so many years yet very important for most of users following tech and clearly by now we all know that Sony doesn’t give a damn about it.

  • Sony you fukin up the game i love sony but you are dragging your feet way to hard. Catch up if u want to stay relavent

  • Fer

    I’ve been using Sony Ericsson/SONY since W810i. I had several SE phones, then my first Android (Xperia Arc), and now I’m carrying an Xperia S since it came out. When Google announced they were going to give AOSP support to S, I thought I was going to stay with this phone, but time passed by, and nothing. I decided I’m going to change from Sony to another brand for the first time, actually, the LG Nexus 4. I must recognize the price is really attractive, but my decision has a lot to do with the updates issue. Even though Sony has an amazing design department, their IT/developers departments is not the best. It takes them like forever to roll out updates, while the competition, like Samsung, always do it faster. This is not a goodbye, but a see you later, if they decide to put the pants on and do things a little better.

  • Rene

    Sony is the best out there. If you stay on course you will be rewarded. Patients.

  • D. D. Monti

    I was looking for an Xperia Go, close to the $300.- and maybe make an effort (money and time!) for the lovely Xperia V, but it’s really hard to pass a smartphone with THAT hardware at THAT price point. And even if you don’t think about the updates. SONY try harder I never choose LG over you.

  • Jerry Berglund

    To be honest The NEXUS 4 has some nifty features, but I think the design is hidious. And to use glass like iPhone 4/4s is just bad. No, this isnt the phone for me…. despite I do like its features.

  • Yes, it’s all about the updates. Sony produces great phones (too many I guess), but has not realized that users not only want phones, we want a good experience in software also. That’s why the phones were called Xperia, isn’t it?

  • Avery Navas

    Now I’m certain… my next phone will be a Nexus! tired of waiting jelly bean on my Xperia S… and a 4 core procesor for that pricing… makes me look stupid with this expensive phone (back in february)… sorry for my english…

  • daishi424

    Since when did LG become a beast? I must have missed something important in my life…

  • Steven

    This is how Android jeopardize their partners! It’s a game that Sony (and other manufacturers) won’t win. Competing on price and hardware like commodity is the stupid idea, that drags everyone into vicious cycle.

    Or it’s time to move on… making their own OS is a too big as a step… but there’s still space in user experience and content.

    Aliyun OS is already one such attempt… not so well delivered, but worth trying better

  • paul4id

    Don’t get me wrong, the Nexus 4 is great value for the consumer in the short-term. However, long-term selling it at a loss/break-even point is not sustainable behaviour nor something that makes the Android ecosystem particularly viable or a worthy platform for anyone other than Google, and essentially nullifies Google’s commitment to an open interoperable platform.

    Remember people, less competition is NEVER good for the consumer, no matter what short-term gain you may get from it. It’s stuff like this that makes me wish Meego was successful and not Android.

  • paul4id

    Most of the time is probably spent on porting to the different low-level hardware.

    I see skins as a positive thing that encourage innovation. Remember Californian Google Geek Kids rarely think in a way that looks outside California — not all the innovation should be left to them.

  • Crystal

    Definitely not good for Sony in the long run.

  • I have very special love for Sony products but nexus 4 is too good to be ignored over Sony phones. Frankly, Sony phones have great style and ui is sleek and classy. But, hardware is always 6 months behind completion and software about four. But, they always priced well to compete with Samsung and HTC but the new nexus 4 kills them all. Only people who want LTE will look at OEMs.

  • Akira

    Ah finally! like Apple… Google also want to be in the hardware business not just software or web-based products, Microsoft too. Now they’re just waiting for the right time…

    Wake Up!!!!!! it sounds like all manufacturers have been deceived !!!

  • About time for Sony to get on Windows Phone train.

  • 675terry

    I have two Arcs for the kids and a xperia S for myself. Like the phones and their light overlay makes them easy to navigate. However updates are just too slow for me. Thought my S would at least have been updated to JB but who knows when that will happen. Moving on to the Nexus 4. At 300 Canadian unlocked is a no brainer. Ordering one on the 13th for my girlfriend as well to replace her crappy glitchy Motorola Atrix.

  • Brapicoco

    Gonna get the Nexus 4 instead. tired of waiting for 2012 devices, very pricey but crappy software support from Sony. Marketing always gets in the way. I’ll go for Nexus even though I dislike the design. True Xperia has better design and UI bui Software support matters to me so I think it’s a goodbye Sony for now.

  • dereknobuyuki

    What are Sony Mobile’s core competencies supposed to be?

    1.) Industrial Design

    We’ve seen a lot of great design from SMC and SEMC but we’ve also seen a lot of less than stellar industrial design. SMC is definitely very capable in this area but may be too risk adverse to be truly innovative in hardware industrial design. Should they go crazy and try out new form factors like Kyocera did with the echo? Perhaps not. SMC should do the industrial design they do best and not compromise that design for the sake of the mid-end market. (make great design efforts for all ends of the market).

    SMC/SEMC’s industrial design is the single greatest reason I purchased an Xperia GX over competing products with bigger batteries or more RAM.

    2.) Service Integration

    This is another key focus for SMC. Sony Group has a lot of different service offerings from music to movies to backup solutions to playstation mobile etc. This seems to be something they do well although they have a lot of opportunity to further their “playstation” eco-system by doing some very creative and innovative things here to rival what Microsoft might want to do with their XBox Live integrations with Windows Phone… but I have yet to see anything creative and interesting come from Playstation Mobile. I think SMC will continue with service integration for their services in addition to carrier services. My Xperia GX has a huge amount of carrier service integration.

    3.) Developer Friendly

    Sony Ericsson was always quite friendly to app developers always providing a lot of support. SMC/SEMC continues to do this with things like the tools released and device lending program for app testing. SMC devices are really the greatest dev devices in the world but SMC has a very positive supportive attitude towards app developers to give us the incentive to use their device for dev.

    4.) Cameras

    A division within the Sony Group is responsible for some very good camera modules and sensors. I’d say they are a leading company in these mobile camera units for consumer devices. SMC may need to spend a lot of time optimizing and tuning these plus making a lot of difficult decision over how to best optimize for their customers. We all know that you can’t please everyone with the decisions made over optimizing but I think SMC has done a pretty good job.

    If SMC wants to differentiate themselves, camera units is one of the opportunities we would expect them to have. Sony NEX cameras and Sony Mobile Xperia phones. A NEXperia (more likely an Xperia NEX) camera phone could be interesting. I’ve owned several Casio Exilim Camera Phones in Japan and quite enjoyed them. Sony Ericsson used to also have Cybershot camera phones domestically in Japan as well.

    The Nexus Phone:

    I don’t think the price of a nexus phone is more relevant than how much marketing is going to accompany it. It’s very difficult to compare pricing from region to region also because it is subject to a lot of market and carrier forces.

    The Xperia T is $99 US I’ve heard.
    The Xperia GX was essentially $150.

    The Nexus 4 will be something like $200-350.

    The Xperia T should be a lot cheaper than the Nexus 4 in the USA plus if google subsidizes the price of the Nexus, it makes it even more to really compare them. However, the Nexus 4 is considered a high-end premium market device and according to the media, the Xperia T is not. They say that it’s a mid-range device and is priced as such as $99. (The Xperia T may be a great device that should be a high-end device but if carriers don’t position it as such, it’s definitely for the better that it is priced as a mid-range device)


    I really don’t mind SMC’s Ice Cream Sandwich skin. It’s really not heavy at all. The carrier integration is probably a lot “heavier” than Sony’s skinning and integration. (That being said, there are two completely separate skins on my device — the other being dPalette from the carrier. Play with that for a few days and you’ll see how great Sony Mobile’s skin is)


    People seem to think it is trivial to port from one major release of android to the next but Sony Ericsson released a length blog post as well as the team from Cynogen Mod has talked in depth about it as well but it is far from trivial. They both talk about having to rewrite major parts of the HAL each time. SMC/SEMC has been contributed a lot in this area by release source code under license for cameras, the sensor HAL etc. But, it still means that porting to a new version of Android is very time consuming.

    So, while I like updates, I can understand if they are not always feasible as a business unit. Plus I’ve previously expressed several months ago that I rather Android 4.2 be released than 4.1 if they are committed to basically only 1 major release per generation of device.

    All that being said, there is a vocal including the tech media that demand all updates and demand them to be quick and effective. This is not an unreasonable demand from a sub-section of consumers but the bulk of “mainstream” consumers may not really care either way.


    Sony Mobile has been labelled by tech journalists as no longer in the top-tier of smartphone device makers for a myriad of reasons including having too many completely different devices (as opposed to having small localized variants of the same device like the Galaxy S III). I get that a lot of that has to do with the relationships with carriers and how that difficult that can be with various brands competing for carrier attention yet trying to strongly establish their independence as a brand.

    Sony Mobile has some serious core competencies they can focus on but they will need to make up in other areas like marketing, product lineup streamlining, calming customers screaming for upgrades, increasing cooperation with other business units within the Sony Group, and being more on top with the newer technologies so that they release new technology products in the same generation as their rivals (for example, this Christmas shopping season, one would expect that every major smartphone maker would have devices to compete decently with S4Pro devices).

    Sony Mobile can increase their position but it will be road fraught with challenges but not because of the Nexus 4 or any Nexus device.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Just a few weeks ago with the Optimus G (although tech media has been saying that LG’s highest-end product have been quite good for past couple generations… but they had the opposite to say about devices that are not the highest-end devices from LG)

  • sckonthat

    What is Sony going to do, as the new Xperias are NOT better than the new Nexus, in fact, the nexus 4 it’s a LOT better in many areas than those 2 new flagships, and half the price.

    I think it’s good for US, users, perhaps sony will stop releasing 15-18 xperias per year and concentrate on 3 phones and truly release software updates and use the latest technology of the year they are released not a year old hardware and year old software.

    Android 4.0.4 was released more than a year ago, October 19, code released and it’s just getting on the 2012 (10months for the 2012 Xperia) and 2011 Xperias 6 months for 3 xperias and 8-9-10 months for the rest of the 2011 Xperias.

    Android 4.1 Jelly Bean July 2012 and Sony is NOT going to release it but until March 2013 that’s 9 months

  • sckonthat

    2 new flagships: xperia v and xperia t

  • paul4id

    The profits that are made on semiconductor components is miniscule.

  • paul4id

    If they released an Xperia Pro II with big battery and edge-to-edge display like RAZR M/I then I’d take it over the Nexus 4 any day.

    If only…

  • Devil

    first of all i bough xperia smartphone bcus i love sony not bcus it is android device and i’m very agree with you i want sony to move on… make your own os sony, your Vita OS is very awesome.

  • paul4id

    Excellent comment.

  • paul4id

    I see the update problem as primarily one of Google’s creation. By favouring Nexus partners, allowing only Nexus partners to see the source-code before release, and once released the source code will only work on Nexus devices, without some serious modifications to port to other hardware.

    Nexus is the problem, not the solution. Get rid of the Nexus devices and make the released source code more modular so that it will instantly work on a wide range of hardware like desktop Windows does. If Google were fair then this would be what they would do.

  • paul4id

    Very well said. If all the phone manufacturers don’t get together soon and make a dominant Android fork that kicks the evil Google out of the loop then I’m afraid they are going to all go bankrupt (perhaps except Samsung, but one competitor is NOT good for consumers). They really need to do this FAST and before it is too late. Probably would be a good idea for Nokia to get in on the act too, as Microsoft are screwing over Nokia just as much as Google are screwing over the Android phone manufacturers.

  • paul4id

    Tech journalists, especially American tech journalists, do talk dung.

  • While I do agree with you but from Google’s last event and releasing its own branded hardware they may really go towards production their very own phone. Another option could be dedicating a phone from each manufacturer to be a Nexus phone.

    iPhone user don’t face such thing since there is no other phone running iOS and you basically have an option of one highend phone in marker running it and they all get updates at once.

    If companies listen to their users and as users have wished for so many years (since the first Nexus came out) to have their favorite phone maker dedicated a device to Vanilla android so it can get updates fast they problem could potentially go away. Of course each solution brings out its own problems.

  • Two years ago the fast paced hardware refreshes were annoying, but it made sense due to the poor and rapidly changing hardware/software. Now the processing power, screens, cameras, OS, etc. on phones is quite exceptional and could last someone the entirety of their two-year contract without them feeling like they have obsolete hardware. IHMO it is now all about the software and customer satisfaction, and not the hardware. Sony is being incredibly short-sighted by releasing so many models this year, if you look at their forum it is full of users complaining about software being full of bugs, and worse yet none of their support staff actually reply, instead you just get a mod telling you to use the software reset tool and if that fails take it into servicing. I would personally be happy with bug fix updates rather than Android 4.2. Sony needs to focus on bug fixes and value adding software e.g. do something interesting with the Playstation Brand, PS3 SmartGlass anyone? Continuing to flood the market with “samey” phones might make them a few bucks now, but will just drive fed up customers to Nexus devices.

  • BryanMacKenzie

    many people seem to miss that nexus 4 is an LG device. Google subcontracts LG to make them, in other words google goes to LG says we like your optimus G. Make us the same thing we buy it from you, we sell it.

    Unless google is losing money on every sale much like sony lost money on PS3, then prices can be dropped. At the end of the day if LG AND google can make money selling it for 299, then other companies selling it for 599 are ripping us off.

    Or Google could be selling it at cost, with the strategy that android companies need to stop selling 40 phones a year with custom layouts. Force them to have to sell 3-5 with mostly stock and see the consumer be happy again with fast updates and their phone not being outdated in a week.

  • DragonClaw

    No. It’s the manufacturers to blame. Look at the slow updates given by the OEMs. It hurts Android’s reputation and Google can not really do anything about it.

    With Google now wanting to play a part in the hardware, it can be hoped that OEMs will now try to make sure that their phones are complete. Both from Software and Hardware point.

    It’s the customers who wins any ways. :)

  • I see it as very bad for Sony because even though I’m Sony all the way I’m seriously considering replacing my xperia s with the nexis 4, Sony’s t etc range just not that exciting and cbfed waiting for next years phones from Sony. Also now vanilla has swipe input which is somethingI love on Sony

  • acey_zero

    I wonder if Google would provide Nexus like software support for a Sony (or other manufacturer) phone if they paid for it.

    It could include some of the basic features people want like SD cards and removable batteries in order to differentiate itself from the Nexus, and the Google software support would be a major differentiator from other manufacturers.

    There was that Sony/AOSP thing going on, so maybe there is some hope for something like this.

  • Alexander

    one prominent Russian analyst said that the Nexus is being developed by Sony and is expected in December-January 2012

  • Feanor

    Personally I believe that this could prove fatal to Sony, if they don’t react rapidly to a business that changes so drastically. Already until now Nexus phones were more popular than Xperias, so now the situation can only get worse for Sony, if they don’t manage to release a phone which is really amazing. I believe that people would accept to pay a premium price for a Sony phone only if it really excels in every aspect, be it top specs, expensive design or good software optimizations. Otherwise, the game has changed dramatically with the introduction of the new Nexus lineup and the strategies of last years (like this year’s flooding of the market with irrelevant budget handsets “just because we can”) can really prove fatal and finish off Sony Mobile.
    I am also worried that Sony Ericsson, which was a purely mobile phone business company could keep up with the changing environment faster. Now that the business is entirely Sony, I am afraid that the process can slow down. Eg. what do we think it is more important to the vast majority of customers? An amazingly specced, beautiful phone in a competitive price or an ok, expensive phone with seamless integration to a Sony ecosystem? I think the first. Sony needs to keep up with the changing times first and then focus on its own business, otherwise it will lose both games.

  • I’m looking at this point: When I read something about Samsung Galaxy Nexus, all Samsung users are thinking and vying SGN as the best Samsung phone in the Galaxy family so far.

    Looking today, LG, having the worst customer support in the Optimus family, vies to have it’s own Nexus phone. Thinking that LG would probably have the best Android phone among its current lineup.

    So for Sony, even though I’m still eager waiting for the Xperia Nexus or something, it’s better that the company does not have one, because all of those Xperias launched were, for me, the best. Even my heart breaks for the 2011 lineup not having Jelly Bean (as far as I’m concerned, my .537 ICS has a standby RAM left of only 29%).

  • i think the solution for this issue is :
    1. Give the best OS updates … for Sony Phones ( im still sad that My Sony ericsson xperia ray will not get 4.1 or 4.2 JB). Sony must quickly rollout the updates same time when google launch their new android OS series.

    2. They must thinking about the specs such as core ; although all manufactures use quad core and only Sony and Nokia still use dual core. Even Sony think that quad core more draining battery, people thinking for the high end with quad core

    3. They must begin thinking another OS option such as Windows phone and PS Vita OS or maybe OS Blackberry 10 ( i hate said that pathetic RIM OS ) if will be release to all manufacture

  • kapilkandhare

    I think it is high time OEMs (including our beloved Sony) start making sensible mobiles cause hardware race is getting stagnated now.
    Sensible mobile means..
    1. decent processor speed so that UI and games runs smooth, I mean common even Xperia S runs everything without hitch. I don’t give @#$ whether my mobile is dual core or quad core till it runs smooth.
    2. optical stabilizer like Lumia 920. 8MP is more than enough..but give me _better_ picture and video.
    3. dedicated chip to handle audio (like htc One 8X)..even old walkman series of Sony has better audio quality.
    4. make it tough..water resistance..dust resistance and all like Xperia V.
    It is hard to believe that even after last decade of soo much mobile advancement not a single mobile has it all.. and Sony is fully capable of doing this thing.

  • Walkman

    The hardware is definitely ‘dated’ when compared to what other OEMs are offering, but the user experience it provides is definitely not inferior. My mini pro runs ICS as smoothly as it ran gingerbread. One can either blindly bump up specs or try to optimize the software to make the most of the hardware, to deliver a good performance. As long as the experience is smooth, it doesnt matter to me which one they choose.. And they have the best rugged phones now . ( Acro S :) )
    They have done really good in the software compared to the other OEMs in terms of updates. I got the mini pro in august, was promised an update to 2.3.4 in november and to ICS in May-June, and i got all of them on time (I am from India, no carrier intervention at all here). And not just that, they have updated their entire 2011 line up ( except the Play, blame google for that ! ). Compare this to other OEMs, where most, if not all the non-flagship phones have been left in the dust. For non-root users who depend on OEMs for updates, Sony has definitely lead the pack in terms of updates. As for JB, its only an incremental update, and as such is not a deal breaker for me. I’d stick with sony now, as looking at their track record for the 2011 line-up, i am confident that any phone i buy now, won’t be left behind with a minor incremental update and will be assured of atleast one Major update.
    On the prices side, in India, in the Mid-range phones, sony has the best design and specs compared to others, while it definitely feels a bit overpriced in the high end range ( The S, acro S are priced similar to the nexus 4 ). I think its time they bring out their cybershot/ walkman series back (and start a Smart Feature phone series or something :P) with different form factors if possible, or the market will be flooded with boring phones with likes of the galaxy, nexus series. Large screens (only) and the same design in every damn phone they release !

  • Ash

    Definitely Nexus……………….

  • tiktok

    I was waiting for the V, but now I can’t ignore the price of the Nexus 4 and will take one of those instead – despite no sd card and non-replaceable battery, not ideal for me, but I’m willing to compromise for the price and software custom roms which will become available for this phone.

  • hiszpanski

    Yes, it is great news, now I am considering buying Nexus 4! Quad + 2GB of ram and first on the market with updates is what I need. And remember that google is updating its devices far longer than sony! Sony gives you now 6 months or max 1 year of updates, after that is saying bye bye to you. Look at the 2011 models, even Arc S, the device from end of 2011 is not going to receive Jelly Bean. Currently I own Xperia S and I think that Jelly Bean will be last update for me. I will wait and see, if that will happen I am selling S and buying Nexus device. No more Sony bullshit about “experience”. They left 2011 models with buggy and slow ICS stating it is better “experience” than 4.1. Bullshit. And the price of nexus is awesome! Probably my 1 Nexus device.

  • i would like to buy nexus than xperia. dont get me wrong, i really love sony. sony is just a little bit insane now. sony should learn from samsung and apple. sony has the chance to rock the smartphone bussiness, just like samsung and apple. but they just make the same specification smartphones everytime which is bad strategy. i mean, sony is really really good, but not good enough to beat apple and samsung. they should make a “real” flagship phone rather than low end smartphone. they seems like playing around by making the same phone

  • fried_egg

    Sony needs to understand it is “slow” to market. Its hardware is “out of date” when the phone hits the market, badly so with the x10 and did they learn? Marketing promised us they had, but out came the S with GB, ICS was months and glitchy, even after 2 attempts, and the next update is next year! So firmware needs to be more vanila – and this is something Sony needs to make the networks understand too, who add a month to the roll out if they bother to do one at all… Sony has the components, it has a brand that is still strong, it has great sell through potential but there is a bottleneck in its design to release process, which should not still be happening

  • Google sent source code of android versions to all partners three months before realeasing it to the public, Sony and others have enough time to update their phones.

  • Coolkid

    @xperiablog http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/IR/financial/fr/index.html
    Sony’s officially no.3 in smartphone sales now with 8.8million units sold between June-Sep… And it’s jus after Sammy & fruit…. Spread the news ASAP….:)

  • reptile64

    Can we finally see a Sony Nexus???

  • m#rk

    As a Xperia S owner I think it will be very hard for Sony to maintain a strong position in the (Android) smartphone market. They bring too little extras. Hardware is outdated and the software isn’t up to standart. The reason that I bought a Sony device was that I wanted someting different. And now… I think buying as Xperia S was a mistake.
    Especially in the software department. For example the focus problem. They still didn’t fix it. They have pick up the pace in software updates.


  • Keon Fraites

    Aggressive market = better customer support and more generally faster phone updates and iverall more work and time, lets hope sony learns to now listen to what customers want and change their strategy up.

  • DrazenDodig

    Things need to be seen in perspective. LG’s Nexus 4 is $299 unlocked BUT it is $199 on contract (T-Mobile only). Sony Xperia T in US is $99 on contract on largest carrier – AT&T.

    Same goes for UK’s O2 – over 2 years, Sony Xperia T is $200 cheaper than Nexus 4.

    This basically means it is not end of the world, as most people buy phones on contract. Google is obviously subsidizing the cost of Nexus. Carriers are subsidising Xperia T MORE.

    Whats the big deal? I would suggest in the future you research a bit better and provide better facts to the readers. Everything should be seen with critical eye. Thanks!

  • rickiking

    The reason Android became a hit is because it allows consumers to have a choice. It rescued us from being a planet of iOS users. For me, freedom of choice is more important than prompt update, price tag, or fancy specs. I bought my Xperia S on its initial price despite being on GB because of its added features and bold design. It has ICS now (JB next year?). Its not a quadcore phone but still running smoothly.

    I remember an article here about “smartphone being good enough already?”. Specs hungry consumers will never get satisfied, but time will come when difference in specs would be barely discernible, then design and individuality would deliver the goods. I would not buy the Nexus because the design and experience is monotonous, the very reason why I’m not an iOS user.

  • i’m gamer

    i just will buy xperia play 2 for any price .


  • Fabio Krauss Stabel

    Well… its really complicated, but maybe sony could focus on deevice integration, which looks to be the trend on android. Integrate with tvs and other home entertainment systems…that may cause google to approach sony for the next nexus family.

    Another thing to consider is that not only sony has a better camera, but it has the only high end water resistant devices and the only With the playstation store.

    The water resistance might be only able to leverage this line of phones,for Other oems can get that too. Playstation should be released worldwide and maybe that could subsidize The phones for a better price…. Its very clear that games are thebest selling apps in google play and there is aN urge for high end games there….

    Doing that would put sony more in the position of a content creator than an oem, but today, content is king, and thats how nexus devices can get so cheap

    Sorry for the typos… im on the bus :)

  • For Sony’s Future

    Now! Sony should simultaneously develop Vita OS as its own OS and Android as main OS.

  • For Sony’s Future

    Now! Sony should simultaneously develop the Vita OS as its own OS and Android as its main OS.

  • poutina

    Always waiting for the 2012 models…. which is a pain the ass (Canada). I was getting the Xperia T but they screwed up with the release of the new James Bond movie. Why the ****should I wait for getting it in america ?

  • BlaZe

    Waiting for Sony Nexus :)

  • people from xda port stable, fast android much faster
    why we should wait for Samsung, HTC Sony etc laggy updates for months?

  • jinga

    sony should consider developing its own os now before it will be too late. Google has a very clear agenda. Google is still waiting for the os to be fully ready and when that time will come manufacturer using android will be shut out.

  • varmak

    I just bougth ION when my one x broken down with ATT. The ION is just not upto the mark. I love the design and the build quality but the software even after updating to ICS is no good. Too much lag. The camera is not comparable to one x. I dont understand this at all, how can sony make such an average camera. Now this makes me rethink to buy the TL.

  • Faizal Mohd

    weirdly, a lot of bashing statement I heard bout sony has brrn proven wrong as they are now the third biggest smartphone maker.

    and it seems like everyone is doing a sony. google just say screw you CDMA, other has just released multiple flagship in a year. apple just released 2 ipad and a minipad( with last year spek) just this year. Samsung meanwhile just kill it s3 with note 2, tab 10.1 with note 10.1, Asus has just released padfone 2. HTC meanwhile has released hox+ and butterfly j.

    and we all know that HTC one series strategy of 3 devices had just proven a failure.

    so my guess is, sony should do what they do and just ignore those “I know better” crowds.

  • Atlas

    I know so many people buying the Xperia T because of the new James Bond film

  • paul4id

    No proprietary OS can be successful in the long-term. We need a truly open interoperable OS whereby no one large software company can screw over its partners.

  • M Usman

    My first phone android phone was the X10. And I loved it. It really was something truly special. But with new devices being announced every month. I think Sony has and will find it even harder to play catch up. Especially since they are losing out on profit for years now. They need to revise their strategy. Forget revision of devices and similar products. Focus on one. Just like Google and LG have done with the LG Nexus 4. What a device! May not be the prettiest device around but its not exactly embarrassing either! I think I may just own one as a second phone to my Xperia S. At 279? you can’t go wrong. even if it decides to explode on me, I’d be happy. Not only Sony, but other manufacturer’s should take Google and LG as an example of what they have done with the Nexus 4. Results and sales will speak for themselves. Again, also the Nexus 10 tablet. A job well done and a very respective price. If Sony can follow Google’s strategy, it will turn the company round in 1 year most definitely! One device, the mass will buy. Nexus 4 will be a big success. I just wish Sony could do something like this. I’d be very proud of the company I fell in love with.

  • APai

    better pc companion
    more free bundled software
    reduced crapware
    lighter UI
    decent hardware wih great design – they already do that.

    sony should really beat nokia in the camera game as a differentiator.

  • Khiem Diep

    My personal gripe is the delay in updates. At first with ICS, I thought it was reasonable to wait 6 months as they walked us through all the steps necessary to upgrade from GB to ICS. Additionally, when compared to other manufacturers they were pretty much equal (in terms of timing of their updates)

    However, after the Sony purchase, it seems updates has come to a crawl. Phones like Xperia S, U, P, ion etc were released with ICS, something that shouldn’t really be happening. Now with Jelly Bean not even present on ANY Sony phone until next year, I’m thoroughly disappointed, especially when competitors such as Samsung and HTC have already released JB updates for their phones. It’s extremely disappointing.

    My other big gripe is their constant upgrades. It’s annoying to buy an Xperia S and then hear Xperia SL be announced right after, It’s annoying to think you’re holding onto a flagship model and then a few months later a new flagship is released. Overall, it’s just discouraging to buy Sony phones. I’m thinking of switching but I do love the style and design of Sony phones. My Xperia Arc is my favorite phone of all time.

  • Guest

    Battery, battery, and… battery

  • george

    great thanks!

  • PVV

    As I understand Google sees the future development for Android as all the devices running this OS will have a vanilla Android which will be updated by Google itself and above that we will have a brand specific features that will (or will not) be updated by their manufactures. It suppose to begin next year possibly with the release of Android 5.0.

    As for Sony, I would agree with those people who point out the great design and acceptable hardware of Sony phones, which sadly compliments with terrible outdated software with lots of bugs which remain unfixed by many months.

  • I’m not getting a LG anything

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  • Sony_Forever

    Awesome screen- check
    Awesome camera-check
    Awesome music player-check
    Slow but Assured OS upgrades-Check
    I still don’t see why the Xperias are not a better buy over the others!!!

  • Aleksandar Stefanovi?

    To summarize the comments, all Sony has to do is to bring competitive software and hardware – in time. They are always great but always six months behind the others, both hardware and software-wise.

  • Chris

    I would have bought a TX, but it was Not in stores in october here in germany! So why should I buy IT now? Lower specs and higher price. I go for Nexus 4. Sony lost a long years customer:-(

  • ffh2303

    Yeah,make a fork and lose the Play Store and other Google services….

  • ffh2303

    Sony needs to stop wasting money with custom UI skins ,instead do it
    like Nokia ie; make exclusive apps that people would actually want but
    don’t dick around with the UI. Jelly Bean looks great as it is and
    there’s no use making a new UI just for the sake of differentiation.
    After that reduce the number of devices they make because this makes
    updating them a nightmare. Push out ~ 6 devices per year,with 2 for high
    end, mid end and low end. Finally, use the latest SoCs available.
    Something like the S4 Pro or the OMAP 5. Contrary to what some people
    might say, smartphone CPUs and GPUs aren’t fast enough yet.,at least not
    until they can reach the performance of a 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo. If they can play 1080p Hi10p videos smoothly on software decoding then it is fast enough.

  • poutina

    It doesn’t matter if Google subcontracts LG or not. We, the customers, will have a beautiful and powerful phone for cheap. I love Sony but this is getting ridiculous. All we do with Sony is waiting.

  • coolgids

    I still think what should i buy next to replace my current Xperia Arc…
    in a few months I will buy new phones..
    i really want bigger screen (than arc) and water+dust proof
    but Xperia V got the same screen with my Arc… and Xperia TX isn’t water+dust proof

    the new Nexus popped! and I really confuse..
    I like sony phones, but i hate its software always left behind by others..
    I think my next phone is Nexus 4..

  • .cj

    *** Android 4.1 from “right after release” to Q1 of 2013 ***

    This killed the xperia spirit again. We all thought lesson learned and sony-updates will come in 3 month timeframes. Now we are back on a 6-9 month timeframe shedule … fu sony

  • Yudha

    Sony can make 2 ver. of their Nexus…
    Xperia Nexus and Xperia Nexus Pro….


    Just make Xperia Pro 2 (wanna upgrade my XMP)…

    Dont make the screen bigger than 4″…
    Just make it great and unique Smartphone..
    Yea… Phone…

  • Jaywalker

    The mobile market is a very tough market, Nokia and RIMM know that the best. Sony is way behind the leaders even though they came up with 10 new models. The problem with Sony is the camera and the software. If they want to remain in this market they should change either those or the price. ZTE and Huawei are more and more closer to the top. Sony spent a lot for promoting their new Xperias and the results are far from ok. Many bugs, huge delays in updates, bad cameras and high prices. They can’t resist on longer term with this policy. They will always have their fans who will buy whatever Sony will sell but they are fewer. And I used to be a Sony fan. Once.

  • APai

    they should do it in weeks, not months. frankly, this has pissed me off completely. mid Q1 almost certainly will translate to end of Q1 by the time everyone has the update available. half the lifetime of the product would have been over by that time. is that sony’s idea of quick update ? if they make it 4.2 by that time – it would be some sort of a pacifier. if not, 4.2 will come to us by what time ? mid q3 ? that makes it a year after it’s release almost.

    not acceptable.

  • APai

    agreed, that there’s always a better phone in the market at any given time.

    but the software cycle is something sony has to target aggressively. 4.1 promised 4 months from now is frankly not acceptable by any standard, especially they had promised soon after release.

  • APai

    you’ve got it wrong. the manufacturers like sony can keep binary blobs ready and slap it on android the moment they can lay their hands on it. why change the android experience so greatly that it takes 5 months to deliver an update after release ?

  • Google’s Business Strategy

    Another big problem that may hurt all manufacturers, you must read this

  • APai

    I agree, I’m frankly dumbfounded by google’s decision to bring out nexus 4 at such a low price. however, due credit to them – they are ensuring that there are major drawbacks at every reelase with their flagship device – nexus 4 does not have LTE, nor does it have a sd slot – 2 things that define the highest end customers. however, those specs at the mid range will mean a bloodbath for other vendors. but the vendors also have one major thing going for them – that is support in every city, while with the nexus 4 you’ll have to depend on limited support.

    but if this is a game of capitalism, the other manufacturers have nothing to complain about. google too, has to weigh its options for the long run.

  • James Earley

    I have the Sony Xperia miro at the moment but if I was looking for a top end phone then I would definitely pay extra for the Xperia T over the Nexus 4.

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