Sony ships 8.8m smartphones in three months to September 2012

by XB on 1st November 2012

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Sony announced its Q2 results this morning, reporting operating income of $388m and a net loss of $198m, an improvement on the same period last year. On the mobile front, Sony revealed that it shipped 8.8 million Xperia smartphones in the second quarter to September 2012. This is up from the 7.4 million units shipped in the first quarter. The company kept its overall forecast for FY13 (twelve months to March 2013) unchanged at 34 million, versus 22.5 million in the same period last year.

This is an impressive result and would place them third in the smartphone rankings for the quarter behind Samsung (56.3m units) and Apple (26.9m units) according to a recent IDC report. It would put Sony Mobile ahead of RIM, HTC and ZTE.

Sony reports its mobile performance within the “Mobile Products & Communications (MP&C)” which also includes personal computers. Sales within this division more than doubled to $3,851m although an operating loss of $296m was reported. Before you get too excited though, the sales bump was mainly down to consolidating the Sony Mobile business during the period.

If you look at it on a pro-forma basis (assuming the Sony Mobile business was in both periods), then sales within the division was broadly flat year-on-year. However, this masks the improvement on the mobile side offsetting the decline in PC sales. On the conference call, Sony said that Sony Mobile revenues were up 16% year-on-year when looking at this division alone on a pro-forma basis. It also confirmed that it expects Sony Mobile to be profitable on a standalone basis during the next fiscal year (twelve months to March 2014).

Sony reiterated that its strategy on the mobile side is to “deliver attractive products to the market more quickly, streamline supply chain management, and to enhance marketing, by strengthening its product development and operational capabilities”. It also warned that growing sales and improving profitability of the smartphone business were “pressing issues for Sony”.

One thing that intrigued us during today’s conference call was that towards the end, CFO Masaru Kato was fielding a question from an analyst asking about the mobile sell-through and Kato replied “the software we are planning to launch towards the end of the year, we are really hopeful that it will be successful.” We’re not entirely sure what this software refers to – could it be Jelly Bean or some other proprietary UI? Something to keep an eye on.

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Thanks Aaron and Max!

  • eDream 9!

  • My Xperia ?

  • acey_zero

    Awesome, Sony is doing a lot of things right with Android. Quite impressive to be number 3 and pass HTC, Moto, etc.

  • DragonClaw

    They simply need to give the users updates in time. No questions about the fact that their software is the best (forgive me users, who had a bad experience with ICS), but they need to lower the time they take to deliver them.

  • theres a new update for sony xperia s here in india , im getting it now !! they havnt shown any serial number though !! y is that ???

  • Sonythetop

    I wish Jelly Bean for Xperia T V TX at the end of this year

  • SonyFan

    the smoothes and most beautiful UI ever.They have worked 3 years on it to make it smoother and faster then vanilla android and ios and of of course stylish. And it’s called UDreamOfiT … please make something like that it would be the best thing you can do right now … please SONY make it belive :D

  • sckonthat

    I hardly doubt it’s JB, most likely it’s a PC/Mac software to sync smartphones, tablets and computers

  • Lunkz

    First they must release the phones quicker after announcement not after 6 months.
    Second the Updates. IMHO.

  • Update system should be fast but then google also has to show intent of giving the SDKs it gave to Samsung and HTC before announcing Android 4.1! So i think it’s not Sony’s fault! It is doing everything right except for giving baseless reason on why not updating the 2011 devices! Xperia J gets one and 2011 Arc S doesn’t? Ridiculous!


    Lolz so what? smart devices with lagdroid are always so boring, tasteles and impersonal, Yeah!! shitty lagdroid is really. really sucks!!!!!! and Windows Phone is much better.

  • Putra

    YAY!! I read an article from techno site, and they didn’t put SONY on their article in The Best 5 Smartphone makers list (Q2-Q3)? Why HTC is the third? and RIM & ZTE is at top 4 & 5 :o


    Lolz so what? smart devices with lagdroid are always so boring, tasteles and impersonal, Yeah!! shitty lagdroid is really. really sucks!!!!!! and Windows Phone is much better.

  • Coolkid

    The result was released today by Sony… But that list was published a week ago… So stay cool… From today onwards Sony’s officially no.3…. Cheers…!!!:)

  • Rune Christiansen

    oh will you go away, you blithering idiot.

  • BiJi

    Please pay your shrink in time, he is doing his best ;)

  • jhhgghjgj

    How about actually getting the promised ICS update…

  • jxPerience

    that’s good news. Sony wish you more luck on 2013. Xperia brand will be the breadwinner of the company.

  • adrian strozier

    very good Sony, your making your mobile footprint after a lot of people was counting you out. look at you still going strong :D

  • Aleksandar Stefanovi?

    I wonder how they still operate with losses every year.

  • Asraful Miah

    Cash reserves I’m presuming

  • DrazenDodig

    Sony’s comment about “Mobile” was about PS Vita and will it able to get 7 million sales they predicted (which looks unlikely now), not about Sony Mobile phones :-).

  • DragonClaw

    Right. Or they should put phones on pre-order along with the announcements.
    Imagine if the Xperia T was put on pre-order the day it was released. The news that it performs better than the “high-on-benchmark” SIII and One X, would get Sony a lots of buyers, I am sure.
    Now, the phone is still not available everywhere, and then, the update being scheduled next year has made things really worsen.

  • Evita

    Windows Phone 8 is tasteless, only 2 pages to flick between home and menu on that’s all and why it look very fast, btw enjoy finding your latest notifications you will never where it coming! BOO…

  • DragonClaw

    And yesterday I learnt that you can not put .mp3’s as ringtones on WP. You need to get them from the Store.
    This is not at all productive and efficient.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Ok, guys you now that the IDC link you linking does not inform us of that information. IDC link still says RiM is on third place.Sorry just ignor this…. Do read now that XPeriablog do tell it was an earlier rapport.

  • alvin

    but the point, is that RIM solds 7.7 million products, Sony Mobile is 8.8 million, even they not lists sony mobile, because they tell it late, but you can compare them…

  • alvin

    yes, you must read it before, so you can comment

    makanya baca dulu, baru komentar…

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  • Chemiclus

    I really hope they are looking into development for the next update of android. They need some kind of exclusive, and being the first company (besides, makers of “Nexus” phones) to use the new OS would be huge for their advertisement.

  • FoxeyGoh

    All they need to do is to announce the new product is whatever events and launch it IMMEDIATELY the next day. Instead of announcing, and launch the product 3-6 months later. By then new products are announced and the cycle goes on.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Though this is a good sign, but here in Sweden I actually been seeing the latter. Sony might not sell that much devices here just because swedes do misstrust Sony as a whole. While the world might not recall this Rootkit incident and other stupid things Sony did to its customers, that swedes have not forgotten wich actually made us really misstrust this company. So when Ericsson vanished from Sony Logo on their phones the swedes actually seems to buy their phone from another manufacturers. This is something that I did actually forseen, but I did believe this actually would be the case in all of Europe. But I seemed to have been wrong. At least when it comes to Germany, France and Spain. So in a Way I think its luck, that Sony still do well in big markets wich means that the Swedes (who is kinda waiting and see if Sony would honour the years with Ericsson and keep on the Sony Ericsson Legacy) might get used to the idea of Sony commandeering the company and come back. Sony is still on the sells reporting in Sweden but usually 1 or 2 phones. It usually is 4 or 5 phones. Actually this observation seems to be a nordic affair in a way Sony seeling worse in the nordic countries.

  • roeshak

    what would be interesting to see is the breakdown of which handsets are actually selling. For me I think these figures are mostly xperia s sales because that’s the most common sony phone you see about. I’ve seen one xperia U but that’s it. Apart from the GS3, the xperia s is the most commonly seen android smartphone. These figures have absolutely nothing to do with the T. We’ll have to wait for q4 figures to see if the T makes an impact but somehow I think most sony customers who are mainly ex blackberry, and feature phone users will opt for the cheaper S instead of the T. Sony is claiming some iPhone users but not enough to make a dent.
    The challenge for Sony going forward is can they close the gap on Samsung and to do that they’ll have to start pleasing traditional and established android users. Their performance this year says they are still some way off that. HTC after two years of very uninspiring devices are making a strong come back with the J butterfly. Once the global variation of that phone with even better specs (e.g a 1.8 or 2.0 ghz s4 pro) hits the market next year, samsung won’t have it so easy.
    Can Sony meet the standard set by the J butterfly next year? I doubt that very much but who knows. All in all 2013 is shaping up to be a very interesting year.

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