This concept render is NOT the Sony C650X ‘Odin’

by XB on 1st November 2012

in Rumours

It really irks us when some sections of the media don’t do their homework on certain ‘leaks’. The one doing the rounds at the moment is the render you see below. It is from Concept-Phones, which most sites have failed to attribute correctly and as the website name suggests, it is a concept only.

We weren’t even going to put a post on this, but then we needed to correct the mis-information in the blogosphere. The render was submitted by Jsus, the same guy that produced the live model of the previous Odin concept we saw. So we’re sorry to let anyone down, but we’ll be waiting a bit longer for the real deal to appear.

Via Concept-Phones.

  • Dududee

    I know this, not real, visti My concept its real, XDA and Pruikkis threads.

    Pruikki dev made REAL concept of Xperia S the 2nd.

  • AsadMulla

    Defo xperia X2

  • Denie46

    That render reminds me of W9 concept

  • GSMArena got the news from, which also had no clue it was a concept phone. It’s a shame their blog carries the name of this beloved company.

  • Oh!bama

    glad to hear this!

  • btw nice design )

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  • Sami

    too bad, its goodlooking

  • Sami

    it seems like its the same guy,

  • Fraulein

    I guess english is not your 1st language. But it’s almost impossible to understand what you mean?

  • ?? ?

    Its moto razr xt910 -w-

  • ThilinaC

    If this was real I’d ditch my S3 and buy this the first day its released,too bad its only a concept :/

  • Rex

    Release the V!!!!!! Come on Sony. Your taking to long. Slowdown with your up coming phones and get your NEW phones out on the market. NOOOOOOW

  • Denie46

    So far W9 is the best concept for me, it’s awesome

  • Just looks like a nokia n8 with xperia written on it

  • RAM

    nokia n8? ahaha!

  • Fraulein

    Good spot!

  • Rhapsody

    Bummer. That is one very gorgeous phone. They better make the real Odin sexier.

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