Xperia TL available from AT&T today

by XB on 2nd November 2012

in Xperia T

Just a quick heads-up to remind our US readers that the Xperia TL (LT30at) is now in stock through AT&T. The handset is available for $99.99 on a two-year contract and can be purchased through stores or the online site. The phone is almost identical to the Xperia T (LT30p) but adds LTE support. The phone comes preloaded with behind the scenes footage of the new James Bond film Skyfall, interviews, clips, wallpapers and ring tones.

The Sony Xperia TL has a 4.55-inch 720p display, MSM8960 chipset with 1.5GHz dual-core processor and Adreno 225 GPU, 1GB RAM, 13MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, MHL, NFC, 16GB of internal memory plus microSD card support and an 1850mAh battery.

  • nfs2010

    Nice! Picked up an Ion couple months back on contract. Can’t wait to get this baby from eBay very soon :D

  • nah

    I just went to the store and they said they don’t have it yet. such retarded AT&T PR.

  • tyler

    Won’t be available at stores until sunday…

  • Purchased on eBay with best offer for $415. Hope Nexus 4 doesn’t feel too good to ditch my 10 year love with SE phones.

  • High_End_SX_Collector

    my friends collects Jordan shoes, I collect high end sony xperia phones..this one is going to be mine!

  • Aleksandar Stefanovi?

    It’s bringing sexy back, yeah!

  • I was gonna buy this today but apparently none of the stores have it yet? How is that allowed to happen? How are you gonna sell an item if you don’t have it? -________-

  • APai

    415? was it a used one ? I scanned ebay high and low there’s nothing that cheap. unless you mean 415 pounds.

  • Sold out now. Listed for 449 but took offers.

  • APai

    even 449 is pretty darn cheap!

  • hansip87

    Based on anandtech’s review, nah Nexus 4 is not as good as it seems, the CPU is just too much for a small phone, dual core is still the ideal way, so enjoy your Xperia mate :)

  • Radu

    Xperia TL will it be available in europe also, right? i mean it’s not gonna be available only for the us market or something like that… just asking

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  • savagemurph

    All the ATT stores and resellers ive been to have ether never heard of the TL or they say they wont order it cause sony phones have alot of problems. WTF ATT. Only my areas main ATT store had a few on launch GRRR.

  • savagemurph

    went to the biggest ATT store in the area and they had it. So far it blows my My Droid X2 out of the water. Just have to get a tablet S to go with it.

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