Xperia TL review roundup

by XB on 3rd November 2012

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The Sony Xperia TL (LT30at) went on sale through AT&T in the United States yesterday, so if you want to know what some of the big US sites think of the handset then check out our review roundup below. Some of the criticisms from the Sony Xperia T (LT30p) remain including lack of Jelly Bean. However, some point to it being Sony’s best effort in the US market. For the full rundown, click through below.

Xperia TL review roundup

Cnet: “The new $99.99 Xperia TL is the phone I’ve been waiting for from Sony for quite a while. Frankly it’s the handset the Xperia Ion should have been. Thanks to a swift 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor and a camera that snaps high-quality images, the Xperia TL is both affordable and very capable. It’s right up there with HTC’s similarly priced One X, and a better deal than Samsung’s Galaxy S3. Of course having Daniel Craig whip the handset out in the latest Bond flick “Skyfall” while doing battle with Britain’s bad guys doesn’t hurt, either. The Sony Xperia TL is a fantastic value and Sony’s best U.S. smartphone yet.”

Engadget: “When you review its specs on paper — 720p display, 1.5GHz dual-core S4, 1GB RAM, 16GB storage and 13.1-megapixel rear camera — the TL would seem to be a high-end phone, a device fit to compete against the Galaxy S III and One X on AT&T’s lineup. But where Samsung’s handset crams in a multitude of sharing functions and HTC’s sports a gorgeous screen and innovative unibody design, the Xperia TL falls a bit short. With a display prone to washout, a derivative chassis and middling battery life, the TL fails to meet the expectations we’d have for phones in this class.”

Gizmodo: “We’ve seen phones with the exact same processor, RAM, and resolution perform extremely well, so there’s nowhere to look for the gaps in performance but that Sony skin. If there were just stock Jelly Bean here with a few augmentations (like Album and Music Unlimited), you’d stand in line for the TL. As is, it’s a great piece of hardware that will probably be largely forgotten. For the DIY geek-types, this sweet hardware for $100 is a great deal if you can get it running the modded software you want (like stock Android 4.2, or CyanogenMod). I have few doubts that such a thing would have make the phone a great device, but we review phones as they come out of the box, so the rating stands.”

Laptop Mag: “The Sony Xperia TL is a very good mid-level Android phone. For $99, consumers get a large HD display, a powerful processor and long battery life. And while the 13-MP isn’t the fastest on the block, it captures plenty of detail. The Xperia TL’s NFC capabilities also help lend some 007 high-tech cred to the device. In this price range we prefer the brighter display offered by the HTC One X, which also has a faster camera than the Sony. And the Motorola Atrix HD has a more colorful screen and better audio. But if you’re looking for a sub-$100 Android phone with swift performance and better endurance than both of the above phones, you’ll find the Xperia TL to be a great value.”

Phone Arena: “Sadly, the same nagging issues that were found with the Sony Xperia T’s call quality are still persistent with this one. Specifically, its earpiece is rather weak, which doesn’t help out when voices are flat and dull sounding. On the other end of the line, our callers mention some hiss to our voice, but at least the speakerphone delivers results that are more audible.”

Phone Dog: Video review

  • sfordesign

    cnet doesn’t talk shit at sony this time, very interesting imo. phone arena mentioned the most important part of any phone so good job, and i won’t buy any more sony phone unless sony fixed the stupid call quality/volume issue. phone dog also does a great and neutral review so also a good job. and then ALL OTHER REVIEWS SUCK DICKS!

  • Ambroos

    That review from Gizmodo is horribly bad. Sony’s skin is (according to the vast majority of reviewers) extremely goodlooking and fast.

  • i think most gets paid by companies like apple and samsung one thing sony isnt good the display they used to be best tv manufacturer in world now look at them Sony used to be great company like trinitron,walkman(old ones) look at them now

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  • Puma Nike

    midrange phone,bad skin,bad sound and camera quality,bad design ….are they really so stupid or they just joking,maybe cheap sams or htc are good for them???,so fucking bullshit reviews,i am using TX,best screen,sond camera desing,and sony ui is fast,smooth and it doesn’t look cheap!)SONY so RULES!!!

  • I was actually appalled by the Gizmodo review.

  • I agree with you about Cnet. I was extremely surprised that they were one of the few sites that gave it a good review.

  • I got my TL last night and I love it :)

  • megane198

    As usual with engadget.

  • megane198

    Subjective as they are. The reviewer does not like the Sony UI. I’ve tried different launchers but I always come back to Xperia Home as my default launcher.

  • APai

    Sony has to go the extra mile in terms of small apps and other nifty features that will need to seperate sony fro mthe rest. i hope sony steps up the game. they really need to improve their camera interface as in add a lot more, like nokia has done.

  • abbas

    are u shure u are xperia blog? why u pick the bad part of phonearena review ?,but it has many good parts and posetive points in their reviews. thats strange to me

  • Oh I got used to reviewers being biased. I mean some would go like : “and the timescape UI is ugly”..and the sub-par 12mp sensor OK job”..and the screen isnt AMOLED like the Samsung Galaxy S3 which usually provides us with more natural colors”…And id be like WTF?!?! How are you people reviewing phones? I mean BRAVIA engine beats the neon unrealistic AMOLED any day because it’s actually a smart technology and isn’t just YAY FOR SATURATION…and if you want to really test cameras FOR GOD’S SAKE STOP TAKING MACRO SHOTS IN PERFECT DAYLIGHT…However I don’t care coz this way I know I won’t see everyone holding a Sony phone..let the masses buy the popular products.

  • Grishm

    How the fuck is this a mid-range phone? Sure, it’s not equipped with cutting-edge hardware, but, one of the high-end devices for sure!

  • Abigel

    Whatever about those reviews, I still fall in love with SONY, SONY is number one for me. Phone Arena always gives bad respon for SONY

  • Abigel

    Right !!! I agee with you …

  • sfordesign

    well actually the 12mp sensor DOES NOT do a good job if those never-have-a-brain reviewers really look into the photos they take. my x10 takes way better photos than my ion in every field except for micro shots and shutter speed

  • truthhurts

    Wow!! Something wrong with Cnet?? But as for Engadget as usual, talking out of their anus lol.

  • It’s called journalism:

    mentioning not just the side you agree with, but also different opinions.

  • Puma Nike

    mid range phone??))))are they really so stupid or paid by someone or just joking??????,TL is much better than S3,metal back,great screen,fast processor,great sound,camera and cost 100 on 2year contract,s3 200$!)

  • savagemurph

    finally got mine i love it.

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