Sony C6603 ‘Yuga’ pictures leak

by XB on 7th November 2012

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Sony will not be happy about this at all, but pictures of the Sony C660X (C6603) handset (codenamed Yuga) have leaked. There are seven pictures in total and everything we have been told by our sources up until now, suggest that these pictures are the real deal.

The site that has leaked the pictures, Android Schweiz, claims Yuga will come with a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, a surprising 12MP camera (we always thought 13MP Exmor RS was pretty much a dead cert) and a 5-inch 1080p display. The camera may be upgraded by the time it comes to launch though.

The Yuga comes in a unibody enclosure, therefore do not expect to be able to replace the battery. It will also be the first Sony Xperia phone to come with a glass back, similar to the iPhone 4/4S. The handset design looks elegant with a boxy shape (no arc or NXT features here) and a very thin bezel either side of the display. It has a striking chrome power button on the right side with volume rocker in the middle. A dedicated camera button is also present where you’d expect it to be.

As can be seen in the pictures below, this prototype is running Android 4.1.1, a new kernel version (3.4) as well as 10.1.A.0.XXX firmware, which we already know is Jelly Bean. It all looks like a very nice package indeed and we can’t wait to see/hear more. So, would you buy it?

Sony C6603 Yuga Xperia

Sony C6603 Yuga Xperia

Sony C6603 Yuga Xperia

Sony C6603 Yuga Xperia

Sony C6603 Yuga Xperia

Sony C6603 Yuga Xperia

Sony C6603 Yuga Xperia

Via Android Schweiz.

Thanks Dacha & Zymo!

  • EHEM

    Awesome! now that what we called as Note II killer and perfect phablets with sexiest design after all. Two thumbs up.! in Sony, we believe.

  • mountain

    Sony is just undoing all their best efforts previously, where is the human curvature we all love?

  • Ref

    What ?
    It’s an LG OPTIMUS G ! My god, exact likeness.

  • Paul Surgenor

    Looooks soo nice.. But i could never own a phone with a glass back, Thought I could, but no. Ive already smashed my Xperia S, my next phone has to be strong, gorilla glass & possibly metal. – Im a cluts!

  • I bet it will be called the Xperia Ts… What an uninspired black slab. There are two reasons why I might buy an Xperia: Unlockable bootloader, and the outstanding design. This thing is just as bulky as the Xperia T.

    Props for the glass back though, the Arc is beautiful but poorly built, and this will be boring but have good build quality.

  • wedjat

    sony this is the worst design ever.
    bad bad bad bad bad bad.
    another brick in the wall

  • They can’t put it on every phone. Diversifying.

  • XYZ

    Design is oh so subjective, but I like the way it looks. You can’t use the Arc shape for everything. Beyond that, this thing will probably be the best build Sony device since the Xperia Ion and Xperia P/V

  • reptile64

    If tomorrow hits the selves, yes I’d love to buy it.. but after 4-6 months… yup yup yup yup… no thanx!

  • must be huge…

  • Mr. Torture

    My thoughts exactly. I just don’t understand SONY logic and strategy sometimes.
    The only thing that kept them alive on market in recent years is now being brutally slaughtered. Are they trying to appeal to people with plain uninspiring bricky design, that Samsung and Apple overused and overproduced till now? Because, if they do, they will fall short I’m sure. XPERIA’s design in general is true trademark, because these phones really stand out from crowd when it comes to design (Arc S user here). But now, that trademark is easily being washed out more and more.
    Regarding this phone… Well, I will never, never ever, buy a phone like this. Just another copy-pasted unoriginal design, with just different brand sticked to housing.
    Get your act together Sony.

  • that was sony-ericsson design. from now on only sony design.

  • XperiaJunkie85

    Hasn’t the Yuga supposed to have a 6inch screen and the Odin the 5inch screen. Makes me wonder if the pics are real or the info is wrong hopefully the latter

  • My thoughts exactly. I just don’t understand SONY logic and strategy sometimes.
    The only thing that kept them alive on market in recent years is now being brutally slaughtered. Are they trying to appeal to people with plain uninspiring bricky design, that Samsung and Apple overused and overproduced till now? Because, if they do, they will fall short I’m sure. XPERIA’s design in general is true trademark, because these phones really stand out from crowd when it comes to design (Arc S user here). But now, that trademark is easily being washed out more and more.
    Regarding this phone… Well, I will never, never ever, buy a phone like this. Just another copy-pasted unoriginal design, with just different brand sticked to housing.
    Get your act together Sony.

  • thefaze

    It looks like a much nicer and larger version of Sony’s X-series walkman. And obviously a phone, rather than an mp3 player. I like it! They just need to make version that works for Verizon Wireless.

  • I see this statement very often. Like, the “old” design created in partnership is now their main enemy, the past they should run away from. Come on… If that’s Sony Ericsson design, then why did they put curvy backs on their NXT series? Or why did they create Arc successor with Xperia T? Their approach to design has nothing to do with “running away from SE design” as many people are stating.

  • Boy its combined design of arc nd nxt series. Pics not clear.
    It will mark a new design series.

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  • Fraulein

    Yuga has 5 inch also

  • Ambroos

    I love the design! It looks like a big version of the lovely Sony Walkman X (pic: ) which also had a glass back: – would be nice if Sony could use the material from the Walkman X on the Yuga. It’s a very nice stone-like material that really feels very solid.

    Can’t wait! Lovely understated design.

  • InuYasha

    So sad this phablet is not Water Resistant. a little bit disappointed.

  • s-emo

    A special larger button would be nice for the camera shutter, but for the On/Off button it’s quite weird, i don’t like it

  • FlowXT

    Judging by the charging contacts and the flap on microusb port it looks like it could also be waterproof.

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  • HALO

    However 5-inch phones look so stupid and simply too oversized to just carry around.

  • o no say it aint so: someone please tell me this has been photoshopped : this can’t be it

  • Nabil

    Am I the only one in here who actually likes simple black rectangular phones ?

  • electrash

    I like them to, but sony overpriced phone i doo NOT like anymore,yet another phone which will they dump it.
    Keep up screwing your loyal fans (me), for now you screw me 4 times. I gave you one more chanse.
    Be smart sony

  • Jan

    Im buying. but curious about concurrent flagship (odin?). Glass back is very nice also.

  • ddd

    Any thoughts about the size of the phone?

  • Brapicoco

    4.6 is already enough and 5 inches in my opinion are overkill, i mean for a smartphone that size.. Smartphones are meant to fit inside the pocket and provide accessibility to the user. not hassle the user carrying it always.. well just my opinion..

  • Coolkid

    Don’t worry… Xperia Dogo is comin for you…:)

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  • Michael Hofmann

    Sony design has always been about creating incredibly simplistic and beautiful products for the end user. The likes of apple took design ideas from Sony:
    Take a look at the current flagship Vaio and Bravia range, you find very angular and precise, monolithic design products. The lower end products from Sony generally feature more curves e.g. Vaio E series and EX televisions to hide the extra bezels and overall thickness to give a premium , thin and ergonomic, feel to their products. As Sony Mobiles hardware arm becomes more proficient they are able to thin down their phones, and create sleeker products.
    So where does that leave the fans of the arc and curvy designs? Well feature phones such as waterproofed devices may still sport the designs, as well as budget handsets. But this is sony mobile design going forward, this is what the mass market consumer wants due to the appleification of the universe.

  • If only the borders on the top and bottom were smaller. With the larger screen size they can put stuff behind the panel instead of under it. Try holding an arc with the battery removed and you’ll see how possible it is.

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  • Arie

    And release it very very very very quickly!!!! Early 2013 would be Excellent!!!

  • Xlash Andraid

    Guys, this or LG Nexus?

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  • Awesome button make me remind my old SE Cybershot.and me hope sony dont use sim type nano.i really disgusting

  • Finally! The stereo speakers are now on the front side.
    Would be nice to watch movies on this phone.

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  • Anotherworld

    Micro SD card= Take my FUCKING MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • APai

    well, that din’t stop samsung from selling close to 10 million note 1/2 now did it ? might be impractical for you, but a lot of people clearly love the large form factor.

  • JJ

    The best part of all these photos? The fact that this guy is using a Samsung phone to take them! :D

  • let me sell my Xperia S first, but this would be selling in Next year Q2 for sure

  • Stephen Raharja

    Had that; I must agree with you that it felt really solid and tough on my hand. Sadly the 3.5 jack is broken and I can’t find any place to fix it in my country (bought it overseas).

  • DrazenDodig

    I like it too… at least from the pic we can see… good for them.

  • Silverwagon

    Finally, a 5″ phablet from Sony! But with a grass back, does that mean it would be as fragile as iPhone 4? (My girl frd has dropped her iPhone 4 a while back and costed me HK$1,1XX to fix it….)

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  • Feanor

    Well, I am pretty sure that up to the T, V and J we are still looking on designs harking back to the Sony Ericsson era. Things need some time to be developed, the are not designed a mere one or two months before they are presented. Odin and Yuka should be the first phones entirely designed after Sony Ericsson acquisition.

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  • Feanor

    It’s hard to tell from these pics but this model can prove a real stunner live. I terribly miss the transparent bar of the NXTs but if you combine simple, understood shapes and premium materials, you have a good design. I hate to admit it but iPhone proves it. This design seems to follow this design philosophy and yet it still looks unmistakably Sony to me. Bring it on!

  • Tom

    There is something wrong with the perspective of the images on the phone display.

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  • Albert Octavianus

    I would really love to have glowing xperia logo on the front part just like the one in TX as well.. without xperia logo in the bottom it just looks too simple..anyway, definitely gonna replace my Ion with this one! was about to get TX, but can’t help to wait for this one

  • sonytop

    The third Picture is taken by SGS3 @@
    But please Exmor RS on Camera ^^
    anywhere stunning :D

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  • shit

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  • Arex

    F*** F*** F***!!!!
    Now i’ll be like an apple smuck. Oh, look how pretty my 1000$ gadget is. except it looks like crap because i have to keep it in a 2$ cover, otherwise the glass will crack.

  • Jam


  • arex

    No xperia logo in the bottom, makes me think there might be an illuminated log there.

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  • Jan

    You are wrong, You don’t have to keep it in cover at all. This is your decision.

    However, i liked designed glass back of iP 4/4S, through im happy of “yuga” design.

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  • Brapicoco

    Specs? just got my TX and i’m satisfied by it :)

  • Jan

    I hope Sony is working on new better UI.. :) with multi-window multi-tasking

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  • Vitamin Z

    YESSSS this!

  • H-R-K

    beautiful sony…..

  • Yey! Pure Sony at last. Wicked design!

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  • In brief..

    Those who have a negative point are blind.

  • Michael nexus

    wow………………………………………….. See this people:..i want it:P:

  • XYZ

    Same as Odin/Yuga. APQ8064 2GB RAM (maybe 1 or 1.5GB, unsure), but otherwise exactly the same, but with 720p display

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  • TjaldidTjaldid

    the glass back on the Nexus 4 was terrible because it cracked for many people

  • roeshak

    All you arc loving chaps should understand that the curve was due to Ericsson.
    Sony designs are always monolithic and bland which is what sells best. The over stylish nonsense we saw with the arc and to a lesser extent the T appeal to a small minority.
    Most high end smart phone users are male and over stylish doesn’t suit for most.
    Evidence can be seen in the strong sales of the x10 and the xperia s while the arc was not really successful and I don’t see the T doing that well either.
    Thank God that arc curvature feminine nonsense is gone and for good I hope.
    Coming back to this phone, if it launches with 4.1, Sony can keep it. The HTC butterfly looks just as impressive (maybe even better) in the design stakes and the global variant of that would be released next year with nothing short of 4.2. Then we have the GS4 to come as well.
    There’s no way I buying a phone next year only to start waiting for software updates again. No chance especially not with Sony.
    Having said that it’s hardware looks good enough but once again I fear Sony have rtm their device too early, there is probably a 1.8 or 2 ghz s4 pro around the corner which will probably make into the HTC’s and others next year.
    1.5 ghz s4 pro is more than enough but that’s not the point. Sony will just look like they are behind again on software and hardware. Perception counts for a lot
    For me personally, the deal breaker would be 4.1 on this phone. I won’t accept that. Sorry Sony

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  • m

    Yuga Fire!! Yuga Flame!!! YuuuuuuGAAAAAAA INFERNOOOOO!!!! :D

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  • Coolkid

    Could U share your experience with TX…???:)

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  • Ambroos

    I still have and use mine almost daily :D

  • So much illogicality to be replied to.
    1. Curves are girly, and bricks are male, in tech world?
    2. Sony’s phone designs were actually not one of their stronger selling points in past, but ultimate hardware supremacy over the concurents instead?
    3. Xperia Arc/S was not successful, and X10 and S are?
    (X10 and S are praised for being one of the most beautiful phone designs ever, while Arc recieved almost no attention from tech sites, blogs, mags. Ha-ha.)
    Well, clicking down arrow on your post will do the job.

  • youidiot

    it isnt even out yet wtf

  • Feanor

    I agree. And I must ask ‘roeshak’ how is Android 4.2 such an important purchasing incentive? It doesn’t improve much from 4.1 and one of its highlights, Swype style keyboard has been available for Xperia handsets since last year. I much more prefer Sony optimizations like their excellent keyboard enhancements rather than making such a fuss for such a minor update. We don’t need the latest version of Android just for the sake of it and just because Google comes up with a new version so often as to have manufacturers running like headless chicken to catch up. Overall experience counts.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    the Verge broke theirs and Google showed of a model that had a broken back to them

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  • Nezar

    Sony, for the white version, please make the front white too; just like the white Xperia X10.

  • Dacha

    IT IS NOT GLASS. It looks like glass but it is not glass :)

  • Dacha


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  • sckonthat
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  • Loken

    hmm there are conecters for a dock.. is it waterproof?

  • mike_b

    In truth, Sony doesn’t throw any of it’s designs away, the human curvature will be back, it will be re-imagined, plus they’re probably gonna launch phones in the second half of the year that look completely different to this, I think what Sony is trying to do is cater to many different taste a preferences, anyway it’s obvious that the design team has a lot of ideas and thats good to see.

  • Fraulein

    That’s an Apple prototype for the iPhone. Jobs liked Sonys design and asked for some mockups.

  • indian

    they till now didn’t release xperia t in indian markets…….. ?

    so i am giving up sony phones and moving on to samsung or htc

  • oh shit,i think it will be a great looking phone with pure white color….

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  • uidesigner_sony

    Silver button – bad idea, tested on xperia neo

  • Roeshak

    What a fool, your reply was just re-enforcing what I was saying. The Arc received no attention because it wasn’t appealing to most. I’ve only ever heard fanboys in here describe the arc design as iconic. Some icon indeed that nobody was interested in.

    If you don’t think the arc was the most feminine looking smartphone ever designed then you’re probably one of the man bag carrying jokers who spend hours in the salon putting highlights in your hair and pruning your nails. Joker!

    That phone was as girlie as girlie could possibly be. The 4s and gs2 were bricks with rounded corners while the arc just had too fucking much going on like a chick spending hours to get ready for a night out.

    I’m not going to waste my time responding to your comment any more because it was confused and jumbled like you didn’t even understand what I was saying.

    How can you attack someone for saying one thing and then repeat the same thing in your counter argument. Stupidity

  • roeshak

    Oh God, here we go again, the same shameless tired fanboy response I’ve heard for years.

    When the x10 was on 1.6, it was 2.1, 2.2 wasn’t that much of an improvement.

    The same from 2.3 to 4.0 and then from 4.0 to 4.1 and now from 4.1 to 4.2, the same tired lazy mindless response.

    Google might as well pack it in and stop developing their baby Android.

    Do you actually realize just how idiotic you fanfools sound. Christ! it’s gone beyond pathetic now.

    I think you Sony fanboys have actually replaced apple fans as being the most mindless drones to be found anywhere on this planet.

  • Roeshak

    Also I forgot to add…Sony are known for their hardware supremacy…that’s got to be funniest joke I’ve ever heard. I literally pissed myself when I read that. looooooool

  • Hahahahahaha… Roeshak, I’m laughing for about 10 minutes, hahahaha…
    Man, really? You haven’t thought, even in little corner of your mind, that these 3 things I mentioned, are actually I R O N Y? Ever heard about that? I wrote this things just to expose your post ridiculousness.
    I swear, I can’t believe, hahahaha…
    Roeshak rulz! :D


    PS: Please don’t edit your post now, hahahahaha…

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    it is

  • Dacha

    Once the phone is officially announced you will see that it is not glass :). It looks like glass but is it not. HINT

  • Ameer Zul

    im loyal customers whose been f*** by sony many times. seriously, i love sony product but until now. they suck. eventhough, Xperia S which i use looks awesome, slick etc. the performance of this phone suck. if you multitask to much. it will blow, lag and freeze. really piss me off and the price isn’t reasonable too -.-

    Last chance sony, give us a high-end premium device with a reasonable price. 4’6 S4 pro, 2gb ram, Newer Camera sensor (Iphone 5 camera sensor is from sony but still the quality of image is better than those Xperia’s camera), price reasonable and its a thumbs up :D

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  • Feanor

    Dude, if you followed my posts, you’d see that most of the time I’m quite critical of Sony, so I don’t think I count as a fanboy. And if you run through the differences between Android 4.1 and 4.2 you’ll recognize that the enhancements are minimal and the most important ones are anyway implemented by Sony since Gingerbread already.
    I would also consider the jump from Gingerbread to ICS, or from ICS to Jelly Bean important but from 4.1 to 4.2?? Big deal…

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  • TjaldidTjaldid

    false advertisement on their part then :)

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  • Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy S III available In UK

  • hiszpanski

    Why it is going to have only 12MPx camera !!!! ???? I hate 4:3 size pictures, it has black borders while watching on the smartphone’s screen! They should give the latest 13MPx sensors they have! 12MPx is older technology, I don’t want it! I don’t want to wait for their next device until 2014 with 16:9 camera in the full size! What a crap! :( :( :(

    At least there is dedicated camera button… What about waterproof and battery size?

  • roeshak

    Talk about pathetic. Not even man enough to stand by your own words.
    seeking refuge instead. Says it all. Joker!

  • “Not even man enough”! “Seeking refuge”! Hahahaha.
    Oh Lord…

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  • InspectorGadget80


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  • Roeshak

    Sorry 4.1 was mainly a performance bump (project butter) on ICS. Apart from google now there weren’t any new fetures in 4.1. 4,2 on the other hand has a revamped notification tray, lock screen and also significant improvements to google now. Not to mention the camera and other performance bumps.

    Your argument is one I’ve heard from fanboys for years and I’m sorry only a fanboy can say something like I prefer sony’s software enhancements that just cause needless lag above googles work. Shot yourself in the foot there mate.

    I put it to you that the vast majority of the tech sites and blogs will care indeed that sony’s 2013 line up are starting with 4.1 and not 4.2.

    Let’s even put aside what improvements there in 4.2, that’s not really the point. What matters is that Sony’s 2013 line will look once again like 2012 phones being released late. Perception counts for a lot and the standard which would be set by other top manufactures will include 4.2 and it’s looking like Sony will fall short of that. HTC are making the kind of comeback with the J butterfly that we’ve been hoping to see from sony now for sometime but to no avail.

    Samsung have an iconic brand which will sell well regardless of how good or poor it really is so let’s forget Samsung for now. They dominate the smartphone game. Rightly or wrongly.

    There is a very inward closed minded attitude which you find anomgst Sony fanboys and as is becoming very clear now, with Sony itself.

    They are going to pursue the same strategy they used this year by flooding the market with phones and then abandoning them shortly after release to move on to the next release. Who the hell wants that apart from a fanboy.

    What I will say to Sony is that this strategy will fail miserably next year. They had some success with the xperia S this year because many gave them the benefit of the doubt which has now been used up completely.

    I predict a very poor trading year for Sony mobile in 2013 just like they had in 2011 which forced the Sony takeover. Trouble is they have no where else to turn, they can’t rebrand again.

    My advice to Sony is , either embrace Android fully and do right by it or just drop it and move on to windows phone 8 which their philosophy and strategy sits more comfortably with. It’s pretty obvious to me that they deliberately stay one or even two OS’s behind to restrain this very rapidly evolving platform.

  • I agree that you can’t use the arc for everything but come on..I want the NXT design back :'(..I mean imagine if they modified the S (make it aluminum unibody and 1080p display and better materials..) would be stunning :/

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  • naathaanS

    The NXT line and the new ‘arc’ line was developed when Sony Ericsson was still around. You can see that from the early prototypes of these phones have Sony Ericsson badge on them. The prototype TX we saw long time ago have SE badge, Xperia S’s early prototype “Nozomi” have SE badge on as well.
    I’m not arguing with you, I’m just pointing things out

  • kurtdean

    It’s confirm that yuga will be water resistance and dustproof

  • Ah. The Chrome power button reminds me of the shutter found on the older Cybershot K810i.

  • Deniss

    Xperia blog use Samsung for taking pictures or Samsung steel this prototype? look in 3rd picture with camera mirroring :D

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  • andriodian

    I hope the UI is changed ! bored with the existing one

  • thats not necessarily true..the IPhone over saturates their pictures and video giving an unnatural look..I’ve owned every single iphone to me Xperia’s camera’s are better giving more detail realistic colours and are always better in low light

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  • Does anyone else think that this design looks very similar to the original iPhone concept? Especially with the large silver side button? Also, this has a glass back, something very uncharacteristic in Sony Design. This could possibly be because it is the first 100% Sony Mobile designed phone, or that this was a rejected Nexus designed phone that is still coming to market.

  • this phone is for gorilla man(big) I don’t know what to do now to buy V or wait and wait and then they gonna say update for android 5 release date Q4…???

  • P9vutha

    I think so!!! @@

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  • Keon Fraites

    I’m someone who is really careful with phones, but I’m not one that favors a nice solid not that easy to break back, unless its removable if its removable then sure be my guess but I’m an OCD person and hate scratches on screens / glass make it a dragontrail all rounder and you have me sold :D. I really like the design makes me wish I didn’t buy my Xperia S so I can buy that I promised myself I’m not buying another phone till late 2013 / 2014.

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  • cherry

    well, i was hoping for non-removable battery, at least 32GB hard drive with no expansion slot at all, quad core (just give me 1.3ghz. that’s adequate), 13mp exmor R camera and waterproof, dust proof, weather proof, maybe if you could, fire proof, storm proof, earthquake proof and bankruptcy-for-buying-another-new-phone proof. i never care about the design. they’re always beautiful anyway. oh, and a good speaker. i’m pretty deaf. i want something that can do what my xperia s could do and more. :)

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