Which home launcher are you using?

by XB on 7th November 2012

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One of the great things about Android is its customisability. You can shape the phone pretty much to your own needs. One of the easiest ways to do this is by choosing a different home launcher. The Sony one works pretty well, but there is a whole host of options out there including a personal favourite, Nova Launcher and others such as ADW, Apex and Go Launcher Ex.

Anyway, we wanted to get a sense of who was using the stock Sony experience versus a third-party launcher. Please vote in the poll below and let us know what you’re using and why in the comments below.

Which home launcher do you use on your Xperia device?

  • Stock Sony home launcher (72%, 2,006 Votes)
  • Third-party home launcher (28%, 774 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,780

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  • King-James

    Apex Launcher :-)

  • Timmy

    You know I dont like the third party home launcher because it is using more ram!
    so I prefer with stock launcher

  • hansip87

    Stock launcher is good enough, even better than others with unnecessary gimmick. Not to mention no storage needs to be allocated for them ;-)

  • dejo6


  • I’m using Xperia S launcher on my Xperia arc

  • Ex14

    While I prefer having more customizability, My phone doesn;t have enough ROM nor RAM to store those extra apps nowadays…And the Sony UI is actually quite nice too. Not as customizable but still nice =D

  • Till Kruspe
  • dereknobuyuki

    I have no choice but to have 2 sets of launchers and other bits… a horrible one from my carrier (dPalette from NTT Docomo) and the decent one from Sony Mobile.

    It makes me quite like the Sony one.

    The only real problem is that until someone tells you that you have to double tap to highlight text (as opposed to long-press on other systems/devices/roms), then it’s easy for users to struggle with cut/copy and paste.

  • I don’t see the point of using another launcher when you have a sony smartphone, I just bought a sony because stock launcher is so beautiful

  • From launcher I need: 5×4 grid, infinite screens scrolling. Stock launcher doesn’t have that. So, I use Nova Launcher

  • after using stock sony launcher I can’t use another launcher

  • Nova Launcher / Trebuchet ! Because i like vanilla Android experience . And its much faster and smoother . ;)

  • isj

    It simply love the light and simple Stock Sony launcher

  • Tanvir Mahmud

    Go Launcher

  • I’m using Xperia T launcher on my Xperia mini pro :P

  • using xperia GX launcher on xperia neo. definitely the fastest & smoothest ui sony home stock launcher. u can use all of the sony widget goodies when using sony stock launcher. ;)

  • actually i’m using stock sony launcher with 5×4 grid. You can get it at xda-developer. Needs root permission though.

  • I Use stock launcher… iot fits my Needs, i like the Sony Widgets and on other launchers they won’t work…

  • In my Xperia Sola I use Go Laucher but I’d like to try Nova Launcher. Anyway I can’t install it because Nova is only compatible with ICS.

  • Me too.., mini version with 4 corners :D

  • D. D. Monti

    Apex Launcher on my Xperia Tablet S. Looking like a Nexus 7, but with some more features. :-)

  • foxy


  • Enes
  • Apex

  • Yeah, I know. But it doesn’t have infinite desktop scrolling feature that I like so much :)

  • Missing arguments is shit… so WHY is stock launcher shit?

  • jxPerience

    im using Xperia Home Laucher because it stand out among the other android custom UI, Xperia Home makes me feel original and unique compare to others. I am proud Xperia Owner.

  • jxPerience

    me too!

  • Evita

    why do I have to use another, when I have the one that super sleek in my hands already.

  • i always used and loved the sony stock launcher as it is the most beautiful and filled with unique widgets than anything else… …until i have found tsf shell launcher which changed my life! tsf shell is the most unique and amazing thing that ever happened to android!

    a must to check out!


  • i use nova luncher lately on my mini pro because of performance issues

  • Alejandro

    This is the first time in one year since I got my Xperia Pro that I change the Launcher… and it is Apex, a great and light launcher. One reason to do so: I like to have 4 screens, 5 seems too many, and the stock launcher does not allow to change it. Anyway, Apex has a very useful option of keeping the things in memory, what makes it much more responsive between apps.

  • ADW IS BACK since yesterday with a big update !!!! THE BEST

  • Amsakanna

    Nova Launcher with dock and notification disabled giving it a fullscreen look.

  • Amsakanna

    Sola has ICS now

  • Agree (Y)

  • Sony Launcher is the sexiest! But, since I’m on CM. I’ll stay with AOSP Launcher (Holo).

  • Just got home. I mean I just got back to the stock launcher from Nova, just couple of hours ago. xD

  • Sony launcher have some flaws, but in general it’s the most beautiful :)

  • solidpig

    On top of that, stock launcher widgets dont work on third party launchers!

  • ProWeirdo

    I would like to remove my vote for default Sony Homescreen, while I just checked how Nova works, I’m using it from now ;D Nice transitions, fair features for free version, and lots of options, I hope they’ll make a discuont for it, because about $4.333 is bit too much for just more customization options than in free version.

  • narf

    Holo Launcher. Nuff said.

  • Sagar

    I tried many launchers, but then I realized that the stock launcher is the best.

  • mizzou

    Xperia P + Espier Launcher

  • Alex Ferdean

    CM10 all the way!

  • Avery Navas

    I love the stock launcher, but i bought nova launcher few days back when it was on sale and I use it beacouse of that, its pretty fast and I actually can disable those fancy animation when I just want a raw fast experience… Love both of them, when I wake up on a flashy mood and want to show of I leave my xperia home so I can make my friends jealous with those great widgets from sony… :D

  • cachanilla86

    I’m using a modified Sony launcher, It has a lot of options and it’s “original”
    Serajr’s MOAL (“mother of all launchers”) V 4.2 on my SK17 and MK16

  • IMHO Trebuchet is the best. I’m using CM10 :)

  • jag

    stock sony home launcher FTW!!!

  • TSF Shell. (:

  • toche

    love my stock launcher more

  • Teng How Lai

    I am using stock launcher because machine (Xperia S) is not powerful enough for smooth running third parties’.

  • Rei Gallardo

    I like Sony stock launcher but what I need is a really much convenient to use like TSF launcher, if Sony will add more options to make their launcher customizable then I will definitely will use it.

  • I used xperia home launcher and I just hope the launcher can make folder in drawer

  • Ray

    The stock Sony launcher is cool, elegant and yet fully functional. So why should I download a third-party launcher. Am so in love with my Sony :)

  • sonys UI is much better than other phones…Third party launchers are for samsung,htc etc.

  • Xajel

    While Sony UI is the lightest I’ve used, it has many flaws and does not have very basic features found in most other 3rd party launchers and ever competitors launchers, for example the quick settings toggle in the notifications they just added that recently and also just few of them, there’s no GPS or Flash toggles there…

    In the main launcher there’s no way to customize the home screens number, and also you can’t hide any app you doesn’t want it to be shown.. I know if you root you’ll be able to change the number of home screens but this is not a feature, it’s a mod…

    The design it self is so old, it was very good when we were living with 2.2 and 2.3 but now, even the native Android launcher looks more elegant than Sony’s UI !! I know it’s not pure Sony design but Sony Ericsson but Sony should really work hard to do it…

    I used to have Go Launcher Ex, and I like it but duo to my Xperia arc low RAM and ROM, I moved to Holo Launcher as it gives the look and feel of ICS and also light and feature rich… the most features I like are customizable home screens, hiding apps, customizable number of dock screens… but Sony UI is very basic to do these of things…

    I’m looking forward to see 2013 Sony UI, I hope it will be a complete change and feature rich also…

  • SirRolf

    tsf launcher forever! stock is a bit laggy…

  • Arex

    The main reason i use stock, is because i still have an X10, and any other launcher i try, makes my phone as laggy as something that lags a lot.

  • Onion Boy

    Sharp FEEL UX is outstanding and much better than Timescape UI

  • ben

    Nova launcher

  • Here, good sir, take my vote up! :)

  • DragonClaw

    It’s not better, it’s different.

  • Zack

    Using holo launcher.

  • Why Should I use another when My Xperia Neo (4.0.4) Got Awesome Stock Launcher?
    I never liked any 3rd party Launcher cuz they are buggy and sometime hard to to customize.
    Sony Stock Launcher is best cuz its Easy to Customize, Floating Overview Widget (I love this most), can make folder even in GB and many more.
    Also I don’t use any other ROM cuz they don’t support Sony Stock Launcher, xLoud and VRAVIA Engine.
    Sony Stock Launcher FTW.

  • Same here Bro

  • Sony UI is on of Selling point of Sony ;)
    I just love Sony and Android.

  • Me too. After using many launcher I also realize that Stock is the best.

  • kust0r

    a third party one, but identical at the sony xperia s layout.

  • ajie1987

    My Xperia X8 use 360 Launcher & Launcher7

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    I use stock launcher because I love the Walkman widget so much!

  • mountain

    Using the stock launcher for phones becuase its functional and stable, though I wish it could be more customization, ie adding the number of home screens. Really, stock SE home screen looks much more complete than vanilla ICS.

    For tablet, I am using the Cameleon home, much more useful than the stock launcher

  • uidesigner_sony

    Home.apk from XPERIA T(compatible with 2011 line), particularly with small apps – SONY’s UI the best. It is becoming better, look here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/103207945010433772457/103207945010433772457/posts
    P.S. Samsung’s Android looks so bad and uninteresting and with no fantasy, maybe the have no ability to get good designers, but SONY – almost get everybody.

  • soshi

    I used to use nova because I don’t like sony launcher from arc s. But using mod from nxt series is better now

  • Apex here. Wanted the 3d homescreen transitions and the ability to assign secondary actions to swiping docked items. Otherwise I have it looking much like the Sony homescreens and am using a Sony live wallpaper

  • Steven

    Please make folder function in app drawer and I’ll give 5 star for stock ui!

  • AlexBurnout

    Yeah using stock.

  • Venkatx5

    I used SPB Shell 3D. It’s Just Awesome. Multiple Screens, can add/remove screens. Great Widgets. 3D Carousel and Much More. But you need to Buy to use longer.

  • Rijnout Gankema

    I had my xperia u running successfully with GO Launcher EX, that brings quite some nice features, that Sony does not have. When I upgraded to Android 4.0.x I got trouble with performance, it just got very sticky. The Sony launcher does run smoother. A clear sign that Android 4.0 needs more power. Also 4.0 consumes a bit more RAM, so with GO Ex you reach the limit more often

  • I downloaded so many launchers for the change.. Bt all cant touches sony’s neatness and cleareness.. simply beautiful..

  • Akki

    Yet I Used Many 3rd Party Launcher For Some Hours, Oops– Not for Some hours bt for some xtra hours and days nd realize day Sony Stock launcher is far off better dan other 3rd party launchers..
    Since I’m now the fan of latest launcher called Next Launcher from go devs, bt the problem is dat I can’t add any stock widgets like walkman, album widget(best) and timescape as they are much useful and decorative and dere u/i is different dat other which makes it unique….. Nd everybody askin me the mobile company and model number for dat particularly….
    So wat I want to say is that “No Mobike is perfect for our need, nd only wake olit is possible if we ourself are the hardware and software devs… :p
    So stock launcher best till now and let c what sony offer us in jelly beans update for 2013 launch!!! Hope it’ll b best from all dat samsung and even apple also… :D


    I second that thought

  • Natália Fonseca

    Well, I’d say it depends on the launcher you’re talking about. I tried the Nova Launcher on my little Xperia U and it was totally smooth. I like the stock launcher better, though, so I’m back to it now. :)

  • yogesh21

    leaked sony xperia launcher….

  • i put “”go louncher”” as my defoult home screen..
    how can i got my xperia home screen back?? any 1 help plz :/

  • Janith

    I don’t like any third party launcher, i have tried go, nova, next, adw, apex, atom everything nothing attractive or override each other.Stock launcher is simple and light.

  • TheVampLestat3

    I’m a tech addict have them all. I Love all the chaos of changing each icons and themes But Sony’s stock launcher is Heavenly!! I have 2 phones and i look at my go launcher phone it looks like a peasant compared to sony’s stock, the music and video interface holy sh*t ^^,

  • Paul Evans

    Currently using Solo Launcher. Love the Sony Stock Launcher but every now and again I switch just to freshen up my phone a bit…

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